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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Unexpected Results

OK, OK.... Good Grief  

As it turns out, we'd been fighting RW Tories and Dixicrats on BOTH sides of the pond at the same time.

My dearest cheaters, gaslighters and bigots.

this isn't a game of "Finders Keepers"

(btw, I'm a geek, NOT an end user!)
PMW  I've been giving my best effort, but object impermanence is as rampant as opioid addiction.

(I'll flesh this out later.... exhausted)

This came around about the same time as George Carlin's rant.  "stuff"....sheesh

Kinda funny what "AF" stands for THESE days, huh?

I wonder what part of "NEVER" this world doesn't understand?

Don't panic, CALL A BLACKWELL!

My favorite bird. "Lima-Lima THREE THREE"!!"
I wanted to gut the gear (except for the radios and V-Sat), and paint it like 
the Partridge Family Lego bus.  
OF COURSE, I wanted to fly it!
KNOWING that, the gaslighters who couldn't retain talent, decided to put me in Nav-Comm C-school and THEN tell me that locked me as a landlubber, for the rest of my Naval career.

E4 paid 10k/year where the same private sector gig had a 40/hour market value...which was what Texas offered before I got my degree!  

(so my market value would stay nice and LOW where jerks like it)

before I left, honorably discharged, it was clear they were trying to feed female Trons and ground crew into geisha and whores.   The Tailhook scandal took place 6 months after I was gone.  As gaslighting goes....morons suck at IT fiercely.

and no family is complete without one of these!


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Prince - Baltimore (feat. Eryn Allen Kane)

It'd been building for awhile

Kid President meets the President of the United States of America

Dad and my brother gave that same advice when I left Levittown.
"Don't cause an international incident!"
at 18 yrs old, my flight was already delayed.  I had no idea a kid could divorce their parents!
Dad wouldn't divorce his 2nd wife, soooo

I went to PG Community College, NOT LOYOLA, thanks to the S&L, and all the Reaganomic crap that pushed us out of our homes.  We were taxed so high, Dad was paying to work at Ft. Meade.  Those Levittown social experiments were not equalizers, they neutralized professional, upper-middle class families!  Gerrymandering had my siblings bused from one Levittown jr. high to the other, just when they were making friends.
Our house had our own DEFCON status. The neighborhood was built on an old tobacco farm in Bowie, MD.  My folks were Hidden Figures and somehow, I got deleted completely!  Born 100 yr anniversary of Juneteenth.  Father's Day.  SOME people noticed.
not in a good way

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Glasgow Campbell - Macpherson-Grant

Glasgow City Crest, for Provosts of Glasgow
Submitted by 1_becky13
Description From: Here is the bird that never flew Here is the tree that never grew Here is the bell that never rang Here is the fish that never swam. The City of Glasgow had no single official armorial bearings until the 19 th century. There were at least three official seals in use and a patent was granted by the Lord Lyon in 1866. The emblems had been used in various forms and can be traced back to the seals of the Bishop of Glasgow. The fish was the first to appear, on the seal of Bishop William Wyschard in 1270, to be joined by the bird in 1271, on the seal of Bishop Robert Wyschard. On a later seal of the prelate the tree, or at least a branch, is shown along with the fish and bird. The bell first appears in 1321 on the privy seal of the Chapter of Glasgow. The first seal on which all the emblems are represented together is that of the Chapter of Glasgow used from 1488-1540, but it was not until 1647 that they appeared in something like their present combination on a seal. There were several subsequent variations, the latest being in April 1996, when the present Lord Lyon granted a patent to the city following Local Government reorganisation.

He's a bit removed, but this name cracked me up.

Mungo Nutter Campbell, of Belvidere, and afterwards of Ballimore, Dean of Guild 1823, Provost 1824, born circa 1785, died 1862. (13) He was son of Alexander Campbell of Dallingburn, Collector of Customs at Port Glasgow. Collector Campbell was a cousin of John Campbell senior, to begin, and married his sister Elizabeth. Mungo Nutter Campbell, their son, married (as we have seen), first, his first cousin, Helen, daughter of his uncle and partner, John Campbell senior; second, a sister of his brother-in-law, Possil's wife, viz., Amelia MacLachlan, who was a daughter of Donald MacLachlan of MacLachlan, and Susanna Campbell of Park, and was, therefore, like her sister, Harriet, her husband's first cousin once removed. So that Mungo Nutter, besides being John Campbell senior's partner, was his nephew, and his cousin's son, and his son-in-law, and his niece's son-in-law, and his son's brother-in-law, which is abusing the liberty of the subject. To make some amends, his godfathers and godmothers (or some one for them) had equipped him at starting with kenspeckle agnomen, drawn from Miss Nutter, the wife of Uncle Mungo of Kailzie.

(13) Ballimore (who was a strong Tory), for some reason or other, at one keenly contested election for Argyll, refused to take part with either side. They said then he should have been called Mungo Neuter.
Glasgow City Crest, for Provosts of Glasgow
Attached toMungo N Campbell
Birthabt 1785
Death28 Jul 1862

Oregon's Fascist u tell me?