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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Amazing Japanese Precision (posted by Sanitaryum | Clean Humor)

My Navy days was a 4-year gaslight

but there were fun times...  just not enough to have had my investment wasted since the actual Spanish Inquisition...

RTC Orlando boot camp and Cracker Jack training. Marching like this was much more effective and it caught on before Gulf Mess part one. They were realizing the weight requirements and some regulations of uniformity were ridiculous. especially if they expected a shot putter only 5'5" yanking 150 pound receiver transmitters to planes headed for CHINA! I was born a woman, and hoped to get to space as a WOMAN. Then I found out Elizabeth Blackwell didn't want to be a doctor any more than I wanted to be abused on tech support calls by trumpist jerks who think everything a woman can do is easy. "Hidden Figures' .. part of my timeline. I know my moves tho... and 8:51 is "Bulshit position........HUT!" and if your butt wasn't on the deck, you got push-ups or something. Chances are a move like that would only be useful to keep you out of hot water. *Watergate*? all over it BS position - It's how we had casual discussions, received news or lengthy instructions about whatever. There's a few other bloopers there that go to regular routines and insider jokes. I know some of my crews went to Japan, but I wasn't EVEN interested in that kind of OCD crap. Unless called for and possible. Hair was another issue for women of color. I had to splain that, and it was cool my CC was understanding. My brother was in Army Bootcamp at the same time... 7 years older and I was STILL kicking his butt. one point on the ASVAB and he can't quit whining about my Christmas list. He was there when they got Noreiga and I was collecing sea stories about why we watched the USS Forrestal burn for every safety stand-down.

Morris Day - Over That Rainbow

Sunday, June 18, 2017

H2O Gate Blues

Levittown impressions outta mah crib
age two
Dad with index cards
Comparing notes with King's Speech. record
debating... Malcolm/Farrakhan/
Astro-Turf, etc etc etc
Daddy - 
Horn-Rimmed glasses
Pipe of Prince Albert and Old Spice
a THICK 3rd Grade teacher
"WHO in the HELL are THEY callin' 

so THIS is what all that other hoopla was about.
outside ground zero, I was born woke.

And Scene... I told ya so. Hidden Figures?

The Social Experiment's Prove Me Wrong is Barack Obama. They forgot what happens when the Founder's Daughters check their work. This is the best of our best... of who was available at the time. The LATEST cheats are explained on Nobody's helped since I posted it, so it's just a rant dump at this point. Because Comixwriter kickstarter didn't delivered and won't refund us. after FOUR YEARS And since I'm the one who verbed SPAM in the first place....well. ya know... Twitter is like a stock ticker to troubleshooters like me. Blackwellian Abolitionists.. full circle and running into cousins. finally, only to be ripped apart by slander...again. Gulf War part one boarder patrol hung out around NAS Jax. Explained a lot of rules and regs above what I did as VP-30's night watch supervisor. TAD for Hangar 1000. ================== Third term was NOT a new idea since people forgot about the Civil War's COLD WAR witch-hunt and gamergate Gaslighting is utter bullshit no one has the right to commit. The more ya Freud and make womanhood think for men, the more we kick your egos to the curb. Yes, Joe, Christendom pardoned your clean, well-spoken (negro) gaf. We have to consider how people see us. USDA Choice = Black Maylasians. We look this way on purpose, ... and environmentals make our melanin mess with our Vitamin D levels. Then Laws of Newtonian physics can't be denied, so fuzzy logic is US. Intelligence is profitable. Nobody ever payed me to do things poorly. Bubonic Derp is the result . The next logical PROGRESSION was an AMERICAN WOMAN OF COLOR.. so... I was held up by the VA.... LITERALLY and you don't want my big brother going down there.. ooooohhh. He tolerated Black Thug targets when McCain looked 'normal'. I'm the daughter that sings HMS Pinafore to back up the guys, because a mezzo soprano got cut off by my HMO.....when I lost my garage. *AHEM* Hey, Q/A happens and talent goes for the biggest buck, or the biggest laugh. even I didn't know I was missing....and I was just informed that my own daughter... married an .... END USER!! down graded to the BS equivelent of an AMEOBA (literally when you put my ex's name and mine together after I'd already rejected the famous one. Hidden Figures? Yo blind asses in these ticket farms, nearly ran over my FAT ASS in too many crosswalks to count! IJS... get used to it, if you missed it before now. "RAGINE MODERATE" and I'm fin' ta have myself a human emotion, boy howdy. ....fear my indifference..... Happy "Father's Day" and dot dot dit dit dot dot DASH I'll probably stream myself destroying HMS Pinafore today.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Missing Blackwells? I had no idea

Gee, I didn't know we were missing.
When Grandad passed, people thought it was Dad and that was rather disconcerting.

He was fighting prostate cancer at the time and it was in remission.
Then I wasn't told when it returned while I was stuck being paper-shredded in Fargo.

They let him die.... 2/19/2010
So, I'd LOVE to know when the hell MY life counts.   Right to maintain a pulse against bigotry is all you got for the HELL male egos put us through in #STEM?

You Tube Machinima Portfolio

Virtual Outworlding: 2013 EDU: Virtual ability - Disabilities left behi...

Virtual Outworlding: 2013 EDU: Virtual ability - Disabilities left behi...: You aren't disabled in a virtual world - Virtual Ability Virtual Ability, Inc "Virtual Ability helps enable people with ...

Friday, May 26, 2017

Key & Peele - A Cappella - Uncensored

In your dreams..

People think we DO that! No... we really really don't... not even a little > > > > > > > > > > not on purpose, anyway Presume we didn't add melanin for it's health and beauty benefits.... and you're dissing our mothers Presuming our mothers were unloved, disses our GRANDMOTHERS Wisdom fears it's own grandmothers. Abolitionists God and science hard. timestamps matter so what was the net before that American African NEGRO showed up? and what was to happen after his term ended? Say the A word... A-U-D-I-T Oooh, in the world of me.. Mommy was ever so badass.. this is why I hated Econ class.. People Keynes at me and it's disgusting! Yes, I verbed SPAM, back in the dialup days. Tapped the Legal Eagles to make AOhell run over DSL (Bubonic Derp) So how many Telecom services do we need for THREE networks we really need. Apple (Education's boat-anchor for style), Android (Andrew hoid everythang and UNIX for Eunuchs...cuz.....dayamn...) and IBM (no shit?), bullshit, EVERYBODY POOPS And everybody expected the Spanish Inquisition. The rewind is that the Shrub bailout was the equivelant of 40K per US Citizen and then when we finally started to catch up from Reagan sucking up our survival benefits, ala Nixon/Johnson etc etc etc FDA lost it's mission. I'm the polar opposite of that Lex Luthor wannabe. anyway, we're gonna need a bigger boat, y'all. And my geneology links to folks named "Moses" during the Revolution. Britannica won't rule... about the cheats on the waves?? and QE-II won the long race. I was a track team Quarter Horse pretty sick of this pedigree crap, Twwweeeeeettttttt with grandma's hog-callin' skills and Daddy's Mufasa laugh bulshit equivalent of Nala to a scar. Class of '83, Bowie High....still kickin'. Oh, and i beat the snot out of Duke Ellington with one little Scott Joplin hit. and their card puts me next door to a fucking Uncle Ruckus as you negro..... from CHICAGOland where I nearly called out "Uncle Jesse" with a Little Miss Detroit leap that Thanksgiving. Mark Kirk was gonna gloat at the "Safe Haven" on Roosevelt and heyall no'd myself over to Operation Push. and if EA Games thinks a Sims' "Life is Strange" Try being a Blackwell seeing their Blackwell Academy after Oregon's Disabelief-a-thon trolled me out of the state after FRAUDULENT AS FUCK Stolen Valor accusations! ADA violations Willful malpractice... = I really need a lawyer....before my stepmother drinks up the estate or donates the rest to charities. she shouldn't be supporting with an actual busted up veteran busted up from the inside out. IJS

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Violin Concerto in G major, O...

*kashnortles* That's adorbs! The comment said
"bssnplayer1 year ago
He wasn't "The Black Mozart", Mozart was "The White St. Georges".
Before we lost him, Prince was my Mozart-oven. He was my first break from classical music training in bands around the DC area. We faced heavy competition after losing survival benefits and there were two kinds of bands ... those who could cover Prince, and those who couldn't! Historically, I connect him to Horatio Nelson, who's heroism launched a CLASS of sailing vessels. My Blackwell family arrived on the Nelson Class fleet from UK, but we also had German Blackwells (Carlyle Sr and Jr) I had no idea Harvard held an interest until recently. We brought the first female MD's in the US and UK. Elizabeth Blackwell's story is why I'm a second generation systems analyst... Arcadians build Arcades for many, NON-PORNOGRAPHIC reasons. (the rant) I was motivated by the ever-illusive Space Race, but got #GamerGate d by gaslighting newbs. I found the Blackwell family arriving on the 1635 True Love fleet to Barbados, but Elizabeth Blackwell's abolitionist family arrived about 1835 on "The Cosmo" along side "The Beagle" (Darwin) She talks about the music and languages of the time and her frustration with both sides of slavery. That puts the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series in a whole different category for me. I'm getting some conflicting info, but was working out the timeline during a local performance of HMS Pinafore. THAT was my first language, as it turns out. It was my parents prom opera and I didn't get to do it until AFTER we lost Dad. We lost Mom in 1969. Her cousin was in New York's "Hell's Kitchen" when Gotham's Arkham was called "Blackwell's Island". (I sang in the chorus and had fun doing it while BROWN) We picked up a little BBQ in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS ,so I have to say my peak was playing Joplin, not all the Bach inventions and such being judged by the Smithsonian crowd. How Goth? pretty darned ;-) recent shock... = finding THIS and learning it's been active since 2003! I'd only found information helping women into the medical field, not the technologies bringing it online!
Oh, the "what if's" and why didn't my family help me find it?!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Everything GREAT About Tron: Legacy!

I'll flesh this out later...  carpal ARM in effect.
Dagnabbit, you made my GEEK kick in. Because pollitical wingnuts have been gaslighting me since I was born on Father's Day, 1965 and Mom passed 1/2/1969 (She taught 3rd Grade and Dad had a master's in Poly Sci - 1956) "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" The Marian Jesuit years (Dad was Knighted in 1999) Remember "The Year of the Comet", movie in 1984? You'll see Voyager's Chakotey playing a trucker. and The Peace Ninjas in "Men Who Stare At Goats" We were already fed up with Disney by then and of course there were a few 1984's before the book was written. The timeline IS significant! Think about the evolution of the net and it's purpose. and #GamerGate Notice the year he said he thought about Wi-Fi and surprise that there was an "ENRON Tower"? er, ENCOM whatev. You mentioned Apple/IBM and we have a BS bipolar Congress where two parties is price fixing, not really a democracy. Parliament has a pulse, but they've been sorely mistaken. Think of how many times we've missed having a Cis-negro president. ==== Chain reaction wise, Prince George's County Schools had a campus network on UNIX by about 80-81. and it was pricey because they used it for the stock market....back in teh stuff all your moneh in Swiss Bank account days. We were already chatting with kids all over the county, but for a small state like MD, it was ridiculous that we had toll charges to talk to Ann Arundel and Baltimore counties.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Transformers - Electric Power transmission

just had some pot pie and this was fun to watch.

I came from P-3 Orion avionics '87-91 during the conversion from analog to digital. So it's been awhile. Arcadians Build Arcades I guess I needed little more than Ohms Law instead of a life sentence of jerkitude Space Race Blues I've been missing since they started in 1981 but didn't go online until 2003 NAFTA The color coding has me thrown a bit. why pink and red? for red and green color-blindness, this field was off limits. The Prove Me Wrong issue pings since we built the web for it. (Elizabeth Blackwell foundations think I'm extinct, due to #STEM and #GamerGate cheats) I'm more A/V anyway, but this would have been REALLY handy saving some careers at ATT in Chicago. This would have made teaching my class so much easier for some of the concepts. Meanwhile, I'm a missing Petri Dish for Harvard, they're figuring out how much they owe me right now. (I'm considered extinct) educators shouldn't gaslight each other so hard,

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Urban Dictionary: relative futility

Urban Dictionary: relative futility

People have been saying,
"I have absolutely NO more fucks to GIVE!"
and closed shop

while our parents brag how much they donate to charities like
DAV, AMVETS, Smithsonian, American University,

Mt. Holyoke Summermath...  blah
and call me an Uncle Tom
and a bunch of other shit gaslighters do.

Guess why I didn't call teen hotlines growing up?
TWO MINUTES in the game "Seven Minutes to Heaven"

I'm really tired, but um...  if I say where it hurts, the method is to kick me there.
no thanks

Friday, March 10, 2017

Naming Conventions MATTER -

Quit rebranding me?
The brand is "Blackwell", OK?

My Word Is My Bond, A Documentary on the Chicago Board of Trade

My Word Is My Bond, A Documentary on the Chicago Board of Trade

BACK to this video
(new info since this, but my feet hurt, soooo..  edit later)

"My Word Is My Bond"
Chicago Board of Trade
STARING, George Seals
Kidding, I'm clearly biased, but I'll bet SOMEBODY didn't know the Latin translation before he stole that speech?

I got a crash course on Chicago finance from one of the biggest pitt bulls.
But he's really just the nicest Teddy Bear, you ever wanna know, and laughs like Mufasa, just like Dad.
Called Mommy, "the Boss" tho.
They went to the same high school.
And he joked about City vs Country boy nerd-bashing.
Danny was only 14 when we first met.
20 years later, he was all growed up and running for CONGRESS!
His cheeks were MINE, when I saw him again.
I don't think George really knew how much he taught me in such a short time.  (He's my great aunt Nadine's son)
After the Navy, we had a talk about sleep disorders.

The walking paycheck/per active brain-cell ratio crashed tremendously, while the VA was gaslighting me out of any kind of recovery.
I've been boom, bust, boomed from coast to coast, and the wear and tear
is comparable to air traffic controllers.
They have quite a high suicide rate because lives are on the line.  But even since the 70s, FAA was a hot topic.
It would be lovely if people would quit using geek and nerd terminologies for pron and nastiness.  The net was built to EVEN the playing field, not PORN and all kind of other filthiness.  It really borks up the Boolean!
Now his older brother Howard, he's an entirely different perspective.
After Korea, where Daddy'd birthed too many babies on Guam, he was the first Executive Director at the Southside Community Art Center.  GI Bill in their day, allowed them to open a business.  My generation didn't have that...and quite a bit else was lacking because....
Greemspan went too far with that not new neo-Calvinist crap. The Simple math is that Arcadians build ARCADES!
We don't expect to have places of healing turned into BROTHELS!
I'm no prude, but come on now... guys....EW!

Meanwhile, I have an aunt on the other side who was funded with a gov't grant in Kentucky.
THEN we have relatives NAMED "Grant" on the other side.
And some named George Washington.
I figured it was going to schools in DC that had people mocking GW's Moorishside-eye, especially when learning something stupid.
One can build most anything on a solid foundation, but tools matter.

So, THIS is the United States OF (the) Americas, and it's best to work and play well with others.
I never learned to play poke, but I know some high-ranking poker faces.  They're the hardest ones to crack up.
and there is no way this blip I wrote in my conversational vernacular would translate on the tools we use in virtual worlds, where we talk to people all over the world, on the regular.
Arcadians are IMMORTALS on the grids...according to OUR agreements when they started up.  My EX was supposed to be an architect, because technically, the grids are made of mesh-based, networked CAD grids that some people role play on.  We got physics now, so the virtual reality bits will translate into real life.  And the characters I build can finally get to 3D Printer of my OWN.
A systems analyst knows the full-cycle-analysis on such things, so if I invest in our own crowdfunding efforts within our communities, it would be nice NOT to be trolled as a fraud, when I've been building this before I knew the term "Art Therapist".
As a Reiki Master, I'm a teacher, but my FIRST student is Mini-ME!
but she leap frogged to Yoga.  I really need her now.
*eye strain, gotta edit later*  DSL really TRASHES my workflow!
This is a Project Management NIGHTMARE no etch-a-sketch can blow off with, "It's a NEW" day, when it's so NOT.and no, I am not sure where this will end up.  It SAYS it will post to the blog, but I think I'm doing it wrong.
I'm NOT an end user!

Monday, March 6, 2017

DWARFAGEDDON , it's real

The Dwarfins game has closed down....

This Dwarfins have been made "Eternal" so they no longer need to be fed, etc.
They are still animated.

Monday, February 27, 2017

For Mini-Me. Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

I found it funny how guys were put off by women who weren't really interested in being around men, beyond the need to know stuff. Being the Phenomenal Woman generation reaganed out of college, the DADT mentality was ridiculous. They tried to sell the Navy as an alt-carrot to our life's missions.
I belonged to the fringe, as it turns out. Why would a legacy troubleshooter bother with the mainstream?
Well, I got my SOUND, proof of concept that could have happened with a nice refurb option.
And it's just RUDE accusing people of RUDE things because they don't understand
a particular technology, so you couldn't possibly possess the MARKETABLE talent.

Campus Design

Opensim Campus

I simply have no idea how to get THERE from HERE, without dealing with the roadblocks to The Road Less Traveled.
G'head.. platitude at me while I'm becoming yet ANOTHER cliche'.

Why inflict toxic people on our pre-existing conditions?
What would Elizabeth Blackwell sound like today?
Yeaaah... thought so. The woman would be spitting BRASS TACKS!

(nope, that's not our mute button, fellas)

Brand new will do tho.
I'm not picky.
I'm sure Prince needs more than one school.

I was RPO for K-108 during a gorgeous 1987 Indian Summer.
And justifiable cynicism was at an all time HIGH because we had to Erma Bombeck
something to survive the RECESSION that would not end. About that Gaslighting... so unnecessary.
Most knew Maya Angelou's work by then,
We literally have NTOZAKE in the "PUBLISH OR DIE" family.
Her book arrived and blew the roof off our Levittown Rambler
and "stuff" was all we talked about for a minute.
But we could do NO WRONG for awhile.
I was set on figuring out how to be as free as she.

We were Boudreaux and Keiffer's "Mad Dogs", when that cartoon was a thing, The Church Lady's female dead ringer was our comedy relief. I had a little fun in that capacity myself.
Trons were funniest on the flight line.

(these are just some notes I had on the video awhile back ...pasted them here)

...when "The Lady" can't stand to see any more pain, or has suffered pain too much to endure, SHE LEAVES, or dies somewhere. (seriously, nobody's paying me to be Nanny McPhee) She can't follow if you won't lead Our brother companies were so proud of us, they had NO problem following our shorter legs? There was no need ...they had trouble keeping up with us on the grinder anyway. This RPO yelling "Make a HOLE!" barfing outside got you ...NOTHING GOOD! And they made one laughing, "Thar she BLOWS!" just like Mama did when gravity loaded my diaper if she picked me up too fast rushing out the door for Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart in 1965. I never heard the end of it, but mostly I was complimented on how fascinated they were by my good behavior. They met Mommy's eyes and figured it out. She was a 3rd grade teacher in DC with only a BA degree. She needed a master's to teach in Levittown schools. I believe I was pinched in protest to a conservative remark by the pastor *cough* She played hard with me because I was a really tough kid wearing a really HUGE diaper. didn't hurt...neener... I knew when it wasn't a game. How to cut my losses answering the mighty call of latch-key kids... "Won't you play with me please?" .......I could hop the heck out of a chain-link fence! but it wasn't until PRESCHOOL when that chain reaction reached us on a REAL playground! I suppose they knew it was CLOBBERIN' TIME!!! The Class of '83 was made of PHENOMENAL men and women. .....many derps, but most caught on fast enough. which googles to... The fate of the Blue Jacket rather saddens me when I got A+++++ on a Business Law paper that defied Keynes as I did before the obvious became so apparent. ...I was asked to cite my own quotes, but they were my own words. I was like, "who's teaching this class anyway?" We laughed and I went on to shame the Stats teacher. Mini-me was apparently allergic to that Ayn Rand crap and pitched a fit during the exam upon which I was to wreak bloody annihilation upon. He'd been on Carter's watch from China, so I shamed him with the proper respect. We had a drink over it and he was like.. fuzzy logic.. we're in deep ca-ca LONG before Y2K was already an old joke. On the social networks where my BS-o-Meter draws the most righteous chagrins, I type the word LITERALLY because I LITERALLY have trouble saying that word in real life. I prefer my talent for fighting the PTB when it is egregiously off it's very last NUT! Mothers who love their children discipline them or WWJD, Get Joseph off his butt to deal with little Lord I AM. Womanhood has far too many Caligulas and too few doggies into that kind of thing.
Yes, his base is THAT BAD
Hey.. in my defense,
as if I needed sea stories recycle themselves...... I grew up in a house they called a "RAMBLER"! But "Blackwell, DROP!" was heard often by K-108 The worst thing about NOT going to Fold-N-Stow U, or Intensive Traning was being the ONE that made it through having AVOIDED IT! That should be on my own page....but hey. social networking...happens