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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tangible Intangibles

The US Navy set the rules according to the UK's Royal Navy.  Colonization had rules that were broken while zealots justified all the evils committed, while justifying the worst atrocities.
The deal was SEVEN years.  Not a lifetime of serving the trollatariot as it raised and lowered the value of life at it's monetary whim.  HMS Pinafore was a "Prove me Wrong" tour, where the motley crew was committed to proving equality and achievement was the actual God-driven mission.
Themes in HMS Pinafore brought back all of the nautical cliche's I was either raised on in Bowie, MD (pronounced like the bobber, not the knife) and legacy of excellence, quality and tradition.
The social experiment that was the United States OF America, was intended to UNITE the Americas, not turn it into 50 shades of fascist reasons NOT to know things!

Catching up organizing years of genealogy research.
Blackwell, Seals, Grant, Lee, Ethridge,
(Grant and Lee "Col" were probably Osage and Choctaw, respectively...working on it)
Ramsey, Anderson, Rickman, Grant, Hairston, Porter,

ah HA!  There it is!  This painting is of a band our folks played in.  Elmer Radd's Cotton Club Orchestra!  I'm waiting on a higher rez photo and names of the Blackwells in the picture.  Is there more than one?  IDK, but I can't wait to find out.  Howard wrote about it, but my notes aren't right here, handy.  I called about it years ago, but no one had the technology then.  Someone will take a picture of it and send a higher rez digital copy next week sometime!  What a lovely find for the patchwork of our family quilt.  Hmm, maybe I'll do that sometime.
Note to self: Figure out how to make a digital quilt.

Newton's Ruthabel Rickman Shares the Page With Bogart and Bacall

by Jane Jones, HCHM Archivist

Today's post is by guest blogger and HCHM Archivist, Jane Jones.  Thank you Jane for researching and writing about a Newtonian who "made it" in New York as an opera singer.

OK, now I have to organize more information coming from both sides of the fence.  I found some Missouri death certs from Dad's side.  We have mostly folks in St. Louis, Lexington, Kansas City and the Seals in Higginsville.