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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Indian Car, Kaw on, ennit?

Just finished my green tea/coffeh with half and half, and a bowl of fibr cereal.  You know I need a nap....will edit later.  it's ibabble...  and I'm just sleepy.

The bullet hole in my '99 Stratus (thanks Atlanta Georgia) wasn't NDN
enuff.  NEVER buy a gommint fleet car ...just...  don't roll up in NDN
It's a Blackwell, OK thing, you wouldn't understand.
But he taught me some good lessons out of his Eagle Scout book and a Bible
and we could probably agree with why Dad taught me how to be a GOOD pirate.
"I Grandma had one, she'd use it"
"You gotta pay your dues, BEFORE you can sing the blues"
I'm from an old skool of "shut up and listen".
So it was a mistake to call me "Whitney" when I was barely humming along with my two Kiowa Mom's, Dorita and Shirley!

So apparently, my Kiowa Name is "Oprah", who still doesn't know we lost
a father a day after I'd sent hugs during his afternoon nap.
I found out we lost Dad while I was whining about Robin Williams!
I'm sorry for how they lied to folks, but there is no death for these people.
Only for people who love them like my KCA folks.
People apologize for stuff that happened back in Dodge, but I really was lost.
I didn't know who I was then.....but I kept working on it, as I promised.
"muzebl" is pretty old on
but my sleep is so jacked up from all the people trying to HELP me,
It's almost 5am, I just ate a bowl of fibre cereal with pasteurized milk,
cuz you can't hardly find powdered milk nowhere nearby I can still walk to.
I walked off 80 pounds of cheese and edema and people want my
disability check as if fatass was my actual physical disability!
getting evicted because I'm a real Lexington Blackwell and I don't hate
the Jewish guy who honored our legacy until we figured out who we
were....on some paper.
By marriage or whatever, I'm pulling up little
reminders our entire Levy-town understood.  We got rooked since some
wingnut invaded what was supposed to UNITE the Americas.... 
We've been arguing the space race and line of site crap for um....  since
let's just say they brought on the Spanish Inquisition and everybody's
still doing the "who me?" thing instead of being who we were created to
I'm just a cliche'...  but if the world is our ship, we'd better keep the daggone thing afloat! 
I pretty much beyond the prove me wrong ....or show me why I missed
something, and I did that on a higher level... We should be at least
employers by now.
Keeping this world educated and aware of it's impact on each other and the world.
And I ask, how is this helpful and why do I go through so much physical pain over it?
fibromyalgia is pretty much a blanket term that gives people an excuse to make a bunch of poison to kill it off.
The needs of the many....  These come from great truths.
That's why they're so popular.
And the douche of the era is usually some landlord.
I'm getting evicted because I'm backlogged for a bajillion things that
pretty much amount to..   my body wore out and it hurts too much and has
for a long time.
Somebody can kiss my pre-existing conditionssssssssssssssssssss
but colonialism was never the plan, so lying about it now is nothing but evil.
no matter how you slice it.
or how many pearls you hang on it.....
I measure my pain against hard labor induced by pitocin before an emergency C-section. 
when I knew her arm was hurt, maybe broken, do NOT take the child to
that hospital in Chicago.  21 years go, it was considered child abuse to
NOT avoid taking a child there. I know I was appalled when those
"doctors" kept yanking on her arm until she screamed, and said she was
tired and spoiled.  NO, she was fine grabbing keys with her arm bent,
but when they pulled on it, it was like they were having a good time. 
and no, they ATE that bill, even if we were too broke to qualify. 
Everybody knows that if you ever paid taxes, THAT covers it in the ER.
It's worse than Anadarko's hospital.....where I wish they'd just put me down like the dog they thought I was.  yikes!
I was bursting my appendix and puking even after drinking that crap,
they asked ME if I thought I had appendicitis, while complaining bout
all that moaning I was doing. 

Keith Secola's Indian Car
I've been driving in my Indian Car,
To the pound of the wheels drumming in my brain,
My dash is dusty, my plates are expired,
Please Mr. Officer, let me explain,
I've got to make it to a Pow-Wow tonight,
I'll be singing 49, down by the river side,
Looking for a sugar, riding in my Indian Car,
Got my T-Bird in the glove-box,
I ain't got no spare,
Got a feather from an eagle,
I ain't got no care,
The road is empty,
As my bottle of desire,
Daylight is breaking,
The sun touches fire,
I've got to make another Pow-Wow tonight,
I'll be singing 49, down by the river side,
Looking for a sugar, riding in my Indian Car,
My car is dented,
The radiator steams,
One headlight don't work,
But the radio can scream,
I got a sticker,
It say's "Indian Power",
I stuck it on my bumper,
That's what holds my car together,
Were on the circuit of an Indian dream,
We don't get old,
We just get younger,
When were flying down the highway,
Riding in our Indian Cars,
Were on the circuit of an Indian dream,
We don't get old,
We just get younger,
When were flying down the highway,
Riding in our Indian Cars,
Riding in our Indian Cars,
Riding in our Indian Cars

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