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Sunday, August 10, 2014

It's Still Rock and Roll To Me Billy Joel-Lyrics

Beau Brummell?  In Prince George's County, (Levittown cough), I was a pretty pissed off BLACKWELL! 
..yeah, we were all teenaged diplomats, so what's with all the NIMBY....AGAIN?
100% PHYSICALLY disabled and these bitches think I don't see what I'm
looking at?  I had the best time at the mall with an autistic kid a few
years younger than my daughter!

This is Art Therapy today as it
was when we were hiking up our Catholic Schools that had me wearing the
WRONG plaids!  I didn't know which ones, but I knew they weren't mine.
When they asked me who I thought I was....  I was being TOLD to tell them nicely when I wanted to scream,

Especially to those nasty little cross-burners....  They weren't even HOUSEBROKEN!

And they wonder why we're thinking like a pirate after hacking everything we built?
Even when we play by all the legalities they keep smacking us around with?
Muze Ackland Productions is 100% Bona-Fide 3D FREE studio space on the cloud.
When I get something back on my investment
(every dime I've ever spent for the past 30 years is a good start)
several patents pending, but I'm STILL a Lexington Blackwell, BIOTCHES!
Dinos rule the net
and genius is sexy as hell!
And freedom of speech still goes BOTH ways!
Nobody was bitchin' when I was chained to Beethoven for the conservatives to enjoy.....  
For fuck's sake!  The man was so MOROSE!
What kind of sick fuck expects a kid playing Beethoven, reading 1984,
with a familiy that went back to Oxford,
to be happy about losing Loyola AFTER kicking the curve at Mt. Holyoke's Summermath?  And ending up with a lousy BS from DeVRY!?

I'll let you know when I'm the EMPLOYER I'm supposed to be and that means a HARD-CORE tax payer...

Oh yeah...  believe you me, I'm TAXED!

And evicted in 6 days because people can't see how much pain they caused when I was and still am 100% PHYSICALLY disabled.  I've been networking this project for decades, backlogged since about '04. Oklahoma refused to help when I was 40, claiming I was too young.
by then, I was already breaking teeth from grinding them....IN MY SLEEP, so I didn't realize it and the dentist didn't catch it in time.

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