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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Double Dutch Bus (Say WHAT?)

Since Mommy was the president of Daddy's class *ahem
She named me after DaVinci's Teacher
I really wanted to call mini-me "Raven, but her initials didn't work for me.
I needed to prepare in case this guy's ego ran amok upon thinking he'd outranked me cuz I went a little I love Lusy on him....yeah, well.  He was out to see and missed Christmas, so I kept the tree up until he pulled in that spring.
When I came out of whatever put me out after the C-section...
There were all these "Huzzah's" going on and the scuttlebutt said,
"It's over"
I asked, "What'd I miss?  Did we get him?  Where's the BB1?"
(I'd made her a patch in teh parachute shop on light duty where for Yoda knows why...
((I knew why)) Officers were calling me "Ma'am".
After many corrections, in the spirit of "No, I WORK for a living", I just put up with it.  They were Ma'am-ing Daddy.
((someone mentioned you don't call your dad "father", but I kind of think he deserved it.  He did go "far-ther" than anyone I know....except ...."  Ew, I just remembered that joke!  EW!
DADDY told me a lot of stuff that had me checking my pockets AS IF!
Listening to Beethoven and NTOZAKE's book I couldn't have read even if I weren't raised, Black-curious.
Forget the big big "D", when it came to words,
words words....
But I wasn't allowed to hear certain things before I tried them.
kinda fux up what I learned.
I feel like I was always playing it wrong....doing it wrong, fucking it up....
remorse, remorse....
But what the hell were my options?
"Play the Game"
When it pisses them off that I know the rules, but it's not in my nature to cheat?
I always did a 360 check on myself before presenting my FUGLY ass in front of people.
Our Counselor Ben Husch saw me with my nails chipped and basically ever so done.

I was sad to hear of his passing and then remembered he told me to check back with him if need be.
(a mortal sin in my family  (platitude tbd at my fucking conveeeeeeeinence)
Listening to Beethoven from Amedeus Sound Track.
I always had to wonder who was challenging me.
Someone could have saved me a lot of blood, sweat and tears had they told me Mommy2 was the highest functional alcoholic that ever BFF'd a much too early "Michelle Obama".
She drove a "Corolla", but was she Creole?
IDK, but she was the luckiest woman who ever won a degree at a K-mart Blue Light Special.
Now the net gives "Homies' more culturally accurate information than the Diploma Mills we figured would come out of that MLM for guns.
Yeah, Meeroos Punnette's squares do that to a bitch.
...frustrated beyond the telling of it.
Oh.. pulease, hedonists.,....nobody heard Daddy until he used the big BIG "G" to the "D"

Yeah, I figured out more of the whole OZ thing.
I'm only ONCE removed from Dorthy-ville so yeah, I have a right to SMDH when I roll into FARGO...  which I knew on SIGHT it was a place from which I needed to go FAR...
Billboard I'd posted somewhere, maybe, IDK...but
I'm like....da FUQ?!
Oh wait...  was THAT the guy from the La Salle Call Center?  Hanging out of that van, blocking the handicapped spot like a gorilla?
IDK, but after a rant about "Guitar Hero",
He was kind of a dick...
Invited me to check out Fargo and ....Chicago rose up and I got busy, I don't know.
according to my friend where they INVENTED fiber, but still don't run it to the house near
....pause for live chat with a Bobby from the Bayou