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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Highland Christian Center Easter Gospel Explosion -HCC Choir "I Come To ...

Standard metaverse rant...

[03:36] Muze Ackland: AAAAUUUGGGHHH!!  I can't freaking believe this bullshit eviction process!  WTF part of DISABLED do these people NOT understand?  These bloviating ignorami thought I was FOS and a fraud, so launched the dumbest, most obvious, sting operation you ever saw lampooned on Comedy Central!

All of this shit was because they thought I was NOT Andrea Maria Monica Blackwell, daughter of a grand pooh pah?  I always knew we went back to Battle of Hastings and that we were probably related to Elizabeth Blackwell ...

I never got around to reading much about her except that she was a suffragette and the pirate thing?  Yeah, they had more ethics than the corporate doucherati running this place into the ground.  So all of this was ....OMG..  All these years?  across state lines and crossing over to um..  whatever...  he's an asshole and I lost contact with mini-me when she was NOT in places near me related to "Washington".
She was in freaking BOGOTA, Colombia and yeah, I had myself a fucking panic and these jackasses interrupted my comm with HER while they were kidnapping kids in Africa and killing teens in Gaza!  (the rant)  My dad also told me how to fake out the low-effort thinkers by thinking like a pirate!  Shoot, but the time I got to the navy, they were so suck at it, I had no interest and went in with the mind to get OUT!  They screwed my school up and made sure I wasn't I-level (circuit board level)..ended up O-level which meant pulling black boxes on the flight line.

 Congress cheated first, so they can kiss every inch of my mocha latte ass, the fact is...NOBODY joins the Never Again Volunteer Yourself, for it's FINE, PHYNE, Navy Health care benefits.  If you do, you might wanna re-evaluate your priorities....and fix something. about CONGRESS?
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[03:37] Muze Ackland: the rant...
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Helen Wright of Detroit used to say,
"Lawd, I'm scared of the children!"

Now I have a good idea what people are afraid of...

anyway, I'm beyond exhausted..  will edit later.
In Spanish Knights of Columbus is "Caballeros de Columbus" or something like that....
I needed to know...but your mileage may it should.

42 all day....yay GOD