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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Violin Concerto in G major, O...

*kashnortles* That's adorbs! The comment said
"bssnplayer1 year ago
He wasn't "The Black Mozart", Mozart was "The White St. Georges".
Before we lost him, Prince was my Mozart-oven. He was my first break from classical music training in bands around the DC area. We faced heavy competition after losing survival benefits and there were two kinds of bands ... those who could cover Prince, and those who couldn't! Historically, I connect him to Horatio Nelson, who's heroism launched a CLASS of sailing vessels. My Blackwell family arrived on the Nelson Class fleet from UK, but we also had German Blackwells (Carlyle Sr and Jr) I had no idea Harvard held an interest until recently. We brought the first female MD's in the US and UK. Elizabeth Blackwell's story is why I'm a second generation systems analyst... Arcadians build Arcades for many, NON-PORNOGRAPHIC reasons. (the rant) I was motivated by the ever-illusive Space Race, but got #GamerGate d by gaslighting newbs. I found the Blackwell family arriving on the 1635 True Love fleet to Barbados, but Elizabeth Blackwell's abolitionist family arrived about 1835 on "The Cosmo" along side "The Beagle" (Darwin) She talks about the music and languages of the time and her frustration with both sides of slavery. That puts the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series in a whole different category for me. I'm getting some conflicting info, but was working out the timeline during a local performance of HMS Pinafore. THAT was my first language, as it turns out. It was my parents prom opera and I didn't get to do it until AFTER we lost Dad. We lost Mom in 1969. Her cousin was in New York's "Hell's Kitchen" when Gotham's Arkham was called "Blackwell's Island". (I sang in the chorus and had fun doing it while BROWN) We picked up a little BBQ in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS ,so I have to say my peak was playing Joplin, not all the Bach inventions and such being judged by the Smithsonian crowd. How Goth? pretty darned ;-) recent shock... = finding THIS and learning it's been active since 2003! I'd only found information helping women into the medical field, not the technologies bringing it online!
Oh, the "what if's" and why didn't my family help me find it?!