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Friday, July 28, 2017

Silent Parade of 1917 | 5 facts about Silent Parade 1917 Need to Know

only music, with subtitles so that bosses can't hear what you're watching...
clever....and sad.

I'm now pretty sure that guy who hired me in WAHPETON, still gloats
over how much he crashed my market value when I'd called the Obama election.
Gee, was I the first to call him "President Obama" to his face by the itty bitty rally
Fargo had?  1500 because it started out as a meeting for 300 hand-picked veterans.
John McCain said Barry hated veterans!

How much he did NOT outrank Daddy in ANYWAY.
the punchline is

And they went on about how they didn't "Need no help getting through a snowstorm, but Katrina (flash flood, where the Apache Nation Fire Fighter's were the first responders and Forestry showed up with a CREDIT CARD....  THAT KATRINA?)
ok  I still didn't play NOLA
the likeness almost got me killed in mid 80s, Milwaukee.
Killing fields movie at UW
All he had in 2008, was a 2-yr degree in animal husbandry and a Microsuck cert, a huge, mostly empty campus...pimping diversity...
I was running cable.
and he wouldn't allow the crew to watch Obama's internet busting epic Inaugural address.
He was into Reagan and the comments of some of the instructors around me....HIDEOUS!
Good Grief, North Dakota...   "The Wiz"?????

So..  It's Blackwell of the Clan GRANT.  and the genealogy community is fighting over two of my grandmothers...

still listing our MERITOCRACY while that assclown checks out Boy Scouts to see which ones match his wife from the back.

Greyhound, Unicorn, Griffin, Lion, Goose,

Snake, Gemini/Cancer 11-22-33

Bulldog, Kangaroo, Bison, Key

Bears, Chiefs, Giants,  - Big G only IDK about the kids...

currently sorting out West Point Grants.......

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Castle Grant Part 1 Home, Sweet Home...woah

Castle Grant Part 1

So, Trump was out selling off our castles during the Gulf War...and after while we were trying to recover...