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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Melania Trump Is Being Abused By Donald Trump (PROOF)

Here's the fuzzy logic where that trump card poisoned OUR social networks/digital homestead/great equalizer with upper middle class envy I aced the crap out of Statistics (taught by a Chinese Carter adviser) And I lived it in STALAG Levittown. Trump has no use for his kids until they can make money for him. Too Much Caligula Role Play in Second Life??' SL was a social experiment just like Second Life. The ToS allows for uber realistic role play, that doesn't stay on the grids SL trolls are INSANELY obsessive once they get a hate on. This is just another case of rich people taking advantage of out great equalizers (digital frontiers while hoarding the real estate) Other Americans jealous of the Obama family, Let's say because hater radio cried NIMBY NIMBY NIMBY like they did to me back in Levittown 64-89, it's ez math if you know a little abnormal psych. Everybody BELOW upper middle class... and then those trying to keep the glass ceiling low Kids like the ones in class of '83, thought they had a third option but if you can't pull the primary, you go with the better TEAM GOP was built to be FOR the PEOPLE Democrats for Business Now it's all business and the MLM ran its course Rich jerk exploits the nerds on Twitter, which came as a whistle-blower social network where you could talk harder than on Huffpo/Aol because he thinks he's a minority. LOL but "Word is my Bond" came from a video about Chicago Board of Trade with George Seals. I put it on my T/L after one of the kids at a reunion didn't know we had a Bear in the family.

Illiteracy is a heckuva thing to cover up.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Woman's March around the USNAVY built Grids

Being that  I'm NOT an end-user, this formatting my sucks.. this is a BLOG after all.

This also did NOT occur on a sandbox, but in a public space high-end geeks go for troubleshooting and such.

Subject: Frank Fontaine IP address. - Illinois
claims he is spoofing his IP

and has pulled a lot of crap claiming to have been on a contract with UNESCO, my intended goal.  
There was also a long pause where he was AFK and the avatar claims to have forgotten the garbage he spewed before.  In the end, the guy claiming to be homosexual bro's down with the fascist instigator.

Now, this is where we learn how many ways there are to "KILL" a bloodthirsty murderous fuckwit....
He's not smart enough to die of embarrassment or chagrin
I'm thinking he'll go beat it out on his wife....smdh
Seems she's expecting it after that ... ascension of Zod

We have the "Let him win and see how long he lasts" vote
With "NOT Team McCain" vote, you got Eggroll.. I mean Team Obama
With "NOT Kaptain Krunchy Kombover", I mean.. Mr. "I'm down with The Blacks".. vote
you got Pauled with the split and rocked the undesirable we flocked to the web to bitch about AS WOMEN.
Good Grief...
So ya thought you had a third option?
No, NSM... as we TOLD you... if you can't pull the primary, it's JUMP ON THE BLUE until the Dixiecrats fall over the edge!
The Universe works THE OTHER WAY, kids...
If your goal is A WOMAN
Don't go stealing, and taking credit for a 5 -year old's business plan I used to get scolded for in the early 1970s if not sooner.  

Guys on the grids pretending to be women rather borks up the plan for real women dealing with real issues of womanhood.
Motherhood ads a completely different tier.

[13:30] LadyArtist Avi is online.
[13:30] Random Gridlingtwo is online.
[13:32] Grid: Teleport completed from hop://
[13:32] Grid: The region you have entered is running a different simulator version.
Current simulator: OpenSim Dev 90dee2f: 2017-01-08 12:30:50 +0000 (Unix/Mono)
Previous simulator: OpenSim Dev af7c002d52469e12cf37fe09454c59141db35e83 (Unix/Mono)
[13:32] Snicker Doodle: mattie!
[13:32] Frank Fontaine: Shills can't face the facts
[13:32] AlexRime SiLiSiLi is offline.
[13:32] Wanda OutterGridling: Hi everybody :-)))))))))))
[13:32] Lisa Garbanzo is offline.
[13:32] Random Avi five is offline.
[13:32] Snicker Doodle: hiya way hun
[13:32] Andrea Blackwell: you're what happens when boys have too much pixel sex with other boys. run
[13:33] Lisa Garbanzo: amazingly good twitter tweet here... Donald Trump is the kind of person who goes to the Super Bowl and thinks the people in the huddle are talking about him.
[13:33] Andrea Blackwell: dropping the stock of American Male Inc with a cheap drumpf label made in a country that does NOT rhyme with VAGINA!
[13:33] Snicker Doodle: hi avia
[13:33] Avia Bonne: hey Sniks
[13:34] majnoon.john wow peoples AWAKE here :D
[13:34] LadyArtist Avi: hi hi
[13:34] Snicker Doodle: hi louise
[13:34] Lisa Garbanzo: hi Avia
[13:34] Avia Bonne: hi Lisa
[13:34] LadyArtist Avi: we are a tiny branch of the women's march on washington
[13:34] Frank Fontaine: That's a nice balloon
[13:34] Andrea Blackwell: I was born woke.. that's why they named me after DaVinchi's teacher
[13:34] Total Sorbet: hi snik
[13:36] Andrea Blackwell: they talk about the 5% not knowing they're the wannabe squirrels just tryna gold-dig their way into their itty bitty shriveled up libido thingies...
[13:36] LadyArtist Avi: Hi Tot
[13:36] Andrea Blackwell: no nads...
[13:36] Jessie Campbell is offline.
[13:36] Lucy Rosadisharon: hi
[13:36] Lucy Rosadisharon (it>en): Hi
[13:36] Total Sorbet: hitrue
[13:36] Lisa Garbanzo: pass around the PussyHats

[13:36] Andrea Blackwell: for ovarian warrior unicorn, lion, griffins...
[13:37] Grid: Lisa Garbanzo gave you PussyHat 2017! [wear].
[13:37] Frank Fontaine: You know it's unfortunate when Lbsa gets invaded by trannies trying to RP as a feminists
[13:37] Avia Bonne: hi Hicks
[13:37] hicks adder: hello
[13:37] marine land: salut
[13:37] marine land (fr -> en): Hello
[13:37] Snicker Doodle: bonjour hicks
[13:38] Snicker Doodle: hi laurys
[13:38] Frank Fontaine: Hi Hicks
[13:38] Avia Bonne: whats the meaning of this women thing here?
[13:38] Frank Fontaine: Its for women who support Trump
[13:38] Frank Fontaine: We are uniting the country
[13:38] Kimi Miami: oh, just some anti-trump thing
[13:38] LadyArtist Avi: standing up to the bullies!
[13:38] Nellie Ceridwen: hi snik :0
[13:38] Lisa Garbanzo shouts: Not My President!
[13:39] LadyArtist Avi: Hi hicks, hi Nellie
[13:39] Frank Fontaine: /shout Commie cucks get out
[13:39] Grid: Lisa Garbanzo gave you WOMENS MARCH 2017 sign [wear].
[13:39] LadyArtist Avi: Hi Wayda
[13:39] Avia Bonne: yeah but what can you do? you are stuck with him for at least 4 years, so face it lol
[13:39] hicks adder: c est serieux ce soir
[13:39] Lisa Garbanzo: Putin Pet!
[13:39] LadyArtist Avi: hi laurys
[13:39] Frank Fontaine: Libcucks get out
[13:39] Lisa Garbanzo: Impeach!
[13:39] Total Sorbet: lol avia
[13:39] Frank Fontaine: Trump will make America great again
[13:39] Lisa Garbanzo: Impeach Impeach!
[13:39] Andrea Blackwell: YES!!
[13:40] Frank Fontaine: Trump has already saved U.S. jobs
[13:40] Lisa Garbanzo: huge march today in all the cities
[13:40] LadyArtist Avi: hundreds of marches happening worldwide, says CNN
[13:40] Frank Fontaine: CNN
[13:40] Frank Fontaine: Clinton News Network
[13:40] Frank Fontaine: Nice
[13:40] Lisa Garbanzo: It is wonderful to have a mute button

[13:40] Avia Bonne: omg lol
[13:40] marine land: bonjour JerkyBoy
[13:40] marine land (fr -> en): Hello JerkyBoy
[13:40] Lisa Garbanzo: simply mute any hecklers and haters. wonderful!
[13:40] Frank Fontaine: MSM=Liberal cuck haven
[13:40] Avia Bonne: hi JerkyBoy ;-)
[13:40] Total Sorbet: is this group pro trump?
[13:40] Frank Fontaine: Commies mute those who speak the truth
[13:40] Frank Fontaine: Yes
[13:41] Frank Fontaine: We are for Trump
[13:41] Avia Bonne: lol
[13:41] Total Sorbet: ah kk
[13:41] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: hello
[13:41] LadyArtist Avi: in NYC, in front of Trump Tower... but the streets are filled for many blocks around... hundreds of thousands there, more in DC
[13:41] Andrea Blackwell: those jobs were scheduled to be back anyway and other jobs were for stuff being phased out.
[13:41] Frank Fontaine: Nice MSM source
[13:41] Kimi Miami: absolutely not,, total. anti-trump
[13:41] LadyArtist Avi: pro impeaching Trump for treason
[13:41] Lisa Garbanzo: Right Click on an Avatar: Mute.
[13:41] Lisa Garbanzo: Treasonous Trump.
[13:41] LadyArtist Avi: Hi JerkyBoy
[13:41] Frank Fontaine: Chevy actually stated that Trump's policies were a reason for keeping the jobs
[13:41] Frank Fontaine: Of course, CNN reports otherwise
[13:41] Snicker Doodle: hi JerkyBoy
[13:41] Lisa Garbanzo: impeach and imprison.
[13:41] Total Sorbet: oh! a mix of opinions from 1 group then
[13:42] Lisa Garbanzo: Impeach and Imprison!
[13:42] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: ugh I come here to get away from the real world, but I guess its your right
[13:42] Lisa Garbanzo: Rah Rah Rah. Impeach and Imprison!
[13:42] Andrea Blackwell: as soon as Microsuck got it's own news, I LIVED the rest. job hoarding creeps.. I've seen what you boys do so really.. take your microsuck cert and blow it out your persqueeter
[13:42] Frank Fontaine: SUPPORT TRUMP
[13:42] Snicker Doodle: lol Muxe
[13:42] Avia Bonne: well ladies. have fun, I go back to work ;-)
[13:43] Andrea Blackwell: DEPORT, EXILE and TAX retroactive to where his so called fam arrived!
[13:43] Snicker Doodle: tc avia
[13:43] Andrea Blackwell: cheers Avia
[13:43] LadyArtist Avi: bye Avia
[13:43] Kimi Miami: take care avia
[13:43] Frank Fontaine: DEPORT ALL COMMUNISTS
[13:43] Andrea Blackwell: shut UP commie
[13:43] Snicker Doodle: hi austin
[13:43] Grid: You have been added to the group.
[13:43] Frank Fontaine: ut Trump outperformed Clinton among white women, winning 53 percent of voters in that demographic
[13:43] Lisa Garbanzo: inviting members to WOMENS MARCH group
[13:43] marine land: bonjour tannoy
[13:43] marine land (fr -> en): <Fault xmlns=""><Code><Value>Sender</Value></Code><Reason><Text xml:lang="en-US">AppId is over the quota</Text></Reason></Fault>
[13:43] Frank Fontaine: Daily reminder that more women supported Trump
[13:44] Frank Fontaine: Trump supporters join my group
[13:44] Andrea Blackwell: Military is Marxist. go ahead and start paying my GoFundMe and thank ME for my service on P-3 Orion aircraft.
[13:44] Tannoy OSgrider: hi marine
[13:44] Andrea Blackwell: just shut up an pay what you owe.
[13:44] Frank Fontaine: This might be a liberal cuckhold but we will take it back
[13:44] Snicker Doodle: hi tannoy
[13:44] Tannoy OSgrider: hey Snik
[13:44] Andrea Blackwell: Cosign him to the Briney DEEP
[13:44] Andrea Blackwell: in syberia
[13:45] Austin Kaine: hi everyone
[13:45] Frank Fontaine: Hi Austin
[13:45] Lucy Rosadisharon: hi austin
[13:45] Lucy Rosadisharon (it>en): Hi austin
[13:45] Andrea Blackwell: wait.. are you one of those diaper fetish guys?
[13:45] Andrea Blackwell: posing as cops and stuff? I tend bar sometimes.. LOL
[13:46] Lisa Garbanzo: Rah RAh Rah Shish Boom Bah! Impeach and Imprison!
[13:46] Andrea Blackwell: I love that Barack Obama who lived on Brookstone down the street from my cousin .....first Afram on the BoC, mind you....
[13:46] Austin Kaine: someone available that I can talk regions with? pls.
[13:46] Andrea Blackwell: Drumpf is your EF Hutton? go insert yourself deeply, DEEPLY inside yourself
[13:46] Snicker Doodle: whats the matter austin?
[13:46] hicks adder: ...
[13:47] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: guys, please keep things civil. this is OSGrid not the streets
[13:47] Andrea Blackwell: or some bot waiting for you back in that failed social project Second Lie....
[13:47] Lisa Garbanzo: 750,000 now at the Womens March in Washington.
[13:47] Frank Fontaine: Ban the Commie cucks
[13:47] Andrea Blackwell: BOOYAAA
[13:47] Snicker Doodle: i've not been uncivil JerkyBoy
[13:47] Lisa Garbanzo: Los Angelese
[13:47] Andrea Blackwell: OMG
[13:47] Lisa Garbanzo: about same number in L.A.
[13:48] Andrea Blackwell: The Marches with Stevie Wonder in the 80s... those were like 500k? right?
[13:48] Lisa Garbanzo: three quarters of a million showing up in L.A. today
[13:48] Andrea Blackwell: Oh, where's sexy boy...
[13:48] Kimi Miami: hell, there was even quite a turnout today in helsinki finland. and thsi place is not even on the same continent as trump
[13:48] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: not singling anyone out. just asking everyone to keep it civil
[13:48] Andrea Blackwell: NTOZAKE Shange is my step cousin...
[13:48] Snicker Doodle: noted JerkyBoy
[13:48] Lisa Garbanzo: there was a Womens March in friggin Anarctica today!
[13:48] Andrea Blackwell: whatever Jackson. I'm Blackwell. LOL
[13:48] Andrea Blackwell: Elizabeth Blackwell
[13:48] Frank Fontaine: More women support Trump than Shillary
[13:48] Frank Fontaine: Especially white women
[13:49] Andrea Blackwell: sack up, will you deaer?
[13:49] Frank Fontaine: 62%
[13:49] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: *sigh*
[13:49] Andrea Blackwell: nope. you're a towel
[13:49] Austin Kaine: not me, wanted Hilary in, better choice then Trump
[13:49] Andrea Blackwell: truth isn't soft, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.
[13:49] Frank Fontaine: Commies can't support the president
[13:49] Frank Fontaine: Deport all Commies
[13:50] Kimi Miami: as i said previously, i hope we will not have too interesting times ahead of us
[13:50] Austin Kaine: shoulda nominated Micky Mouse
[13:50] Andrea Blackwell: your boy Reagan imported a bunch of immigrants to flood the cities and drumpf cashed in o n the miserable conditions after the 79 heat wave
[13:50] Lisa Garbanzo: Make America Impeach Again!
[13:50] Frank Fontaine shouts: Trump is Making America Great Again
[13:50] Andrea Blackwell: 11 million$ floors.....when thousands were dying in the heat
[13:50] Frank Fontaine shouts: Commie cucks get out
[13:50] Andrea Blackwell: rent was 650 and that was like 4 apartments and when Reagan was inventing the homeless
[13:51] Total Sorbet: well get u lot with your post-election-canvassing lol.. im outta here
[13:51] Lisa Garbanzo: so funny to see a muted avi trying to say something.
[13:51] Andrea Blackwell: Drumpf was inventing the CONDO
[13:51] Andrea Blackwell: disco is dead fool
[13:51] Snicker Doodle: ok louise tc hun
[13:51] Frank Fontaine shouts: Support Trump against the unwashed Commie hoards
[13:51] Frank Fontaine shouts: Boycott Lisa Systems
[13:51] Andrea Blackwell: familiarize yourself with the real math ,.. what's that thing.. about demise..
[13:52] Lisa Garbanzo: when a muted avi is trying to say something, all you see is a few " ... " in the bubble above where they once were.
[13:52] Snicker Doodle: hi macolyis
[13:52] Andrea Blackwell: LAWS of diminishing returns. and your boy made MY country an international tourist trap ...slave wage braggard market
[13:52] Frank Fontaine shouts: Boycott Lisa Systems Lisa=Anti free speech
[13:52] Andrea Blackwell: a slaved mind is not a game son
[13:52] Lisa Garbanzo: right click on avi. press the MUTE button. easy
[13:52] Andrea Blackwell: awww, you don't like what you hear from people who built the technology?
[13:53] Austin Kaine: sorry frank only one I see being anti free speach is you
[13:53] Kimi Miami: nnaaahhh... he's entertaining
[13:53] Frank Fontaine: Boycott Lisa Systems for banning those with different opinions
[13:53] Andrea Blackwell: well, Lumberg.. you might go ahead and.....think about closing your account, dearest
[13:53] Lisa Garbanzo: wonderful, a muted heckler.
[13:53] Frank Fontaine: Commie incarnate
[13:53] Andrea Blackwell: you ain't sexy
[13:53] Andrea Blackwell: and you certainly ain't half the man yo mama wuz
[13:54] Snicker Doodle chuckles
[13:54] Kimi Miami: nasty :)
[13:54] Frank Fontaine: #Allopinionsmatter
[13:54] Andrea Blackwell: and nobody envies you or that asshat loser, FRAUD, tax evading skank-dealer
[13:54] Lisa Garbanzo: Rah Rah Rah! Shish Boom Bump. Impeach and Imprison the Bitty Baby Drump.
[13:54] Frank Fontaine shouts: Send Commies to Mexico!
[13:54] Andrea Blackwell: not in my job description to do this but I made this Army Major CRY one day in mediation .... for an EEoC complaint
[13:55] Andrea Blackwell: oh my.. I think he's gonna cry rape
[13:55] Andrea Blackwell: Lisa? Is he going to cry rape now, Sweetie?
[13:55] Frank Fontaine: What a cuck
[13:55] Frank Fontaine: Tumblr even in the ranks
[13:55] Andrea Blackwell: wtf is a cuck?
[13:55] Lisa Garbanzo: Fake President
[13:55] Andrea Blackwell: Im a grid hopper. I'm there too
[13:56] Andrea Blackwell: and your BOY got Stillettoed
[13:56] Frank Fontaine: Someone who supports cuckholdery
[13:56] Lisa Garbanzo: I think a cuck is what they call the Fake President these days, or something.
[13:56] Frank Fontaine: Esp. the interracial kind
[13:56] Andrea Blackwell: how do those things feel anyway? don't they hurt getting shoved up so high?
[13:56] Kimi Miami: nice circular logic frrankie. now, please tell us: wtf *is* a cuck
[13:56] Lisa Garbanzo: Rah Rah Rah! Shish Boom Bump. Impeach and Imprison the Bitty Baby Drump.
[13:57] Frank Fontaine: Mostly it's just a derragotory term against Commies, feminazis, Tumberlistas, etc.
[13:57] Andrea Blackwell: oh, you're one of those thinking a woman of color is marrying up when she tacks on a guy's name?
[13:57] Andrea Blackwell: nope
[13:57] Andrea Blackwell: Barry's mom was born in the same town as my Grandma
[13:57] Andrea Blackwell: next
[13:57] Lisa Garbanzo: who are you talking with Muxe?
[13:57] Andrea Blackwell: you're a derogatory term
[13:57] Andrea Blackwell: FF
[13:57] Andrea Blackwell: is that a bot?
[13:57] Frank Fontaine: Nice comeback
[13:57] Lisa Garbanzo: who?
[13:57] Frank Fontaine: 10/10
[13:58] LadyArtist Avi: the muted one, Lisa
[13:58] Lisa Garbanzo: oh, the muted one.
[13:58] Andrea Blackwell: Frank fontaine... yah. he's like of those subs that likes to get flamed
[13:58] Frank Fontaine: Commies mute those who disagree with their precious opinions
[13:58] Kimi Miami: he is tertaining. desperately trying to be a troll, but failling miserably
[13:58] Frank Fontaine: Because they cry whenever someone tells them they are not special
[13:58] Lisa Garbanzo: oh i muted that guy an hour ago
[13:58] Andrea Blackwell: I'm having lunch anyway
[13:59] Andrea Blackwell: pizza
[13:59] Kimi Miami: entertaining, even. bad keyboard
[13:59] Lisa Garbanzo: i eat trolls for lunch.
[13:59] Andrea Blackwell: ROFLMAO
[13:59] Snicker Doodle: hello super
[13:59] LadyArtist Avi: hi Super
[13:59] Lisa Garbanzo: Join the march
[13:59] hicks adder: bonsoir
[13:59] Frank Fontaine: I won't mute anyone because I support free speech
[13:59] Andrea Blackwell: this one isnt even crunchy tho... ooo.. brb.. sriracha deficit
[13:59] Snicker Doodle: just checking, men can join too, right
[13:59] Super Mario: hi what is going here?
[13:59] Lisa Garbanzo: anyone need a WOMENS MARCH tag?
[13:59] Andrea Blackwell: no you don't. you exploit it
[13:59] marine land: bonjour super mario
[13:59] marine land (fr -> en): <Fault xmlns=""><Code><Value>Sender</Value></Code><Reason><Text xml:lang="en-US">AppId is over the quota</Text></Reason></Fault>
[14:00] Andrea Blackwell: NO LYING ON GODs AIR
[14:00] Frank Fontaine: Unlike commies or fascists
[14:00] Andrea Blackwell: that was the deal
[14:00] LadyArtist Avi: be a super Man with us... we are a tiny branch of the Womens' March on Washington
[14:00] Andrea Blackwell: don't be a big big D
[14:00] Frank Fontaine: Women for Trump march
[14:00] LadyArtist Avi: Hi Conner
[14:00] Lisa Garbanzo: yes, we don't oppress gender
[14:00] Snicker Doodle: hello connor
[14:00] Super Mario: women for trump o my god
[14:00] Andrea Blackwell: You don't know your Pinafore? You don't know Britannia Rules the Waves? and Muzes repair the coasts?
[14:00] LadyArtist Avi: hi macolysis, welcome
[14:00] marine land: bonjour connor
[14:00] marine land (fr -> en): <Fault xmlns=""><Code><Value>Sender</Value></Code><Reason><Text xml:lang="en-US">AppId is over the quota</Text></Reason></Fault>
[14:00] Connor lee: hi
[14:00] Connor lee: (en-es) Hola
[14:00] Snicker Doodle: i think you'll find we're against trump :)
[14:00] hicks adder: hola
[14:00] Lisa Garbanzo: marine, your translator is dead
[14:01] Andrea Blackwell: go away poser and your ex KGB fetish issues
[14:01] Snicker Doodle: generally speaking
[14:01] Frank Fontaine: They are actually for Trump but are trolling hard
[14:01] Super Mario: hola a quienes hablais mi idioma
[14:01] Andrea Blackwell: you can't argue with lies, and you can't be a president by losing debates. honestly, what WAS that?
[14:01] hicks adder: marine ton translator prend l eau
[14:01] Andrea Blackwell: Hola, un poco
[14:01] Frank Fontaine: Trump es muy buen
[14:01] Andrea Blackwell: Spanglish
[14:01] Lisa Garbanzo: you can tell who the russian trolls are. they are 2 days old and spout idiocy
[14:02] Frank Fontaine: Commie cucks can't understand those with differing opinions
[14:02] Connor lee: is there a up date going on today here in osgrid
[14:02] Connor lee: (en-es) ¿Hay una fecha hasta hoy aquí en osgrid
[14:02] Frank Fontaine: Mindblowing for them
[14:02] Kimi Miami: i think he is homegrewn or he has learned some real good english in moscow
[14:02] Andrea Blackwell: yeah. and talk about Mexico like it doesn't have a middle and uppder middle class.... honestly
[14:02] Lisa Garbanzo: Oh I love this protest sign... it says "NOPE NOPE NOPE"
[14:02] Andrea Blackwell: the beggig for Pity sex is beyond pathetic and that book... burn it in all languages....
[14:02] Frank Fontaine: Free helicopter rides for commies
[14:02] Andrea Blackwell: AND I was plagiarized.
[14:03] Super Mario: when trump build that wall there will be no tacos in eeuu
[14:03] Frank Fontaine: Taco Bell is 100% American
[14:03] Andrea Blackwell: in 1970 I hired my friends .... IF I needed what they wanted to be ...
[14:03] Frank Fontaine: And will remain so
[14:03] Lisa Garbanzo: Build a wall around Trump. I will pay for it.
[14:03] Andrea Blackwell: as long as they wanted to do it in Space
[14:03] Andrea Blackwell: KNEEL before Zod
[14:04] Andrea Blackwell: Kaptain Krunchy Komb-over
[14:04] Kimi Miami: ill pay for the floor and the roof, Lisa. just seal him up real good
[14:04] Lisa Garbanzo: Elizabeth Warren 2 hours ago
Happy to march with 125k+ women (& friends of women) in Boston. We can whimper, we can whine, or we can fight back. #WomensMarch
[14:04] Super Mario: puaj, north american tacos, worst than russian beer
[14:04] Andrea Blackwell: I wouldn't pay another person to dirty their boot on his filthy butt..
[14:04] Snicker Doodle: chopsy!
[14:04] Cheops Forlife7 is offline.
[14:04] Andrea Blackwell: Vbinnia tho... bet she's got a mousetrap for that
[14:04] Chopsy Bode: ooh hallo
[14:04] Chopsy Bode: back ehre again.. grr crashed
[14:04] Frank Fontaine: What did you say about American tacos?
[14:05] Chopsy Bode: here*
[14:05] marine land: bonjour
[14:05] Snicker Doodle: hiya chopsy
[14:05] marine land (fr -> en): <Fault xmlns=""><Code><Value>Sender</Value></Code><Reason><Text xml:lang="en-US">AppId is over the quota</Text></Reason></Fault>
[14:05] Lisa Garbanzo: Hillary Clinton @HillaryClinton 2 hours ago I stand w/ Nora Harren, a 17-year from Boise, ID, & every person marching for our values today. Onward! #WomensMarch
[14:05] Snicker Doodle: would you like a hat chopsy?
[14:05] Chopsy Bode: no thanks :)
[14:05] LadyArtist Avi: hi Chopsy
[14:05] Super Mario: north american, the south ones are ok
[14:05] Chopsy Bode: heya :)
[14:05] Snicker Doodle: fairy nuff
[14:05] Andrea Blackwell: Twitter was the trap.. he jumped in it with BOTH feet
[14:05] Frank Fontaine: Time to go home
[14:05] Andrea Blackwell: yes, go do that.. and wear lots of condoms ...cuz ....dayamn
[14:06] Cheops Forlife7 is online.
[14:06] LadyArtist Avi: CNN is playing some good quotes
[14:06] Kimi Miami: he does not need a condom to play with his hand
[14:06] Lisa Garbanzo: Massive marches.... largest anyone has seen in many years
[14:06] Frank Fontaine: CNN=Commie News Network
[14:06] Andrea Blackwell: IDKY my gear is jacking up ...
[14:06] Lisa Garbanzo:
[14:06] Snicker Doodle: afk a mo, brb
[14:07] Andrea Blackwell: it was my source during the war.. but did you see Drumpfs rent-a-negro? OMG, that Pastor
[14:07] Andrea Blackwell: and it was a Blackwell tht busted him out too
[14:07] Kimi Miami: frankie, you misquote yourself. you just sid it was clinton news network, how can it be the commie news network
[14:07] Frank Fontaine: Why I Do Not Support The Women’s March On Washington
[14:07] Frank Fontaine: Clinton, Commie; same thing
[14:07] Andrea Blackwell: why no one should ever have sex or babies with you?
[14:08] Frank Fontaine: As a Black woman, I am once again let down by people who call themselves feminists. I have been marginalized by the movement and now, my guard is up.

Despite my posts being deleted from the national Facebook event page, I’ve continued to be very vocal in my disappointment in the political co-optation of the “One Million Women,” now known as the “March on Washington” which is scheduled for January 21, 2017 at Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
[14:08] Lisa Garbanzo: Who started the march? One woman. Teresa Shook. The Women's March on Washington all started with a Facebook invite. And Shook, a resident of Hawaii who goes by "Maui cooper slim" online, is the women who started it all with the click of a button.

Frustrated by the 2016 election results, Shook invited 40 of her friends to a March on Washington. When she awoke the next morning 10,000 additional names had joined the group and there were 10,000 interested in coming.
[14:08] Andrea Blackwell: cry to sombody else. your Goth didn't get renamed by a Roosevelt.
[14:08] Lance Fang: hi everyone
[14:08] Lucy Rosadisharon: hii lance
[14:08] Andrea Blackwell: I'm Batman's Daughter... OLIGARCHY! Pay UP
[14:08] Lucy Rosadisharon (it>en): HII lance
[14:08] Tannoy OSgrider: hi Lance
[14:08] Lisa Garbanzo: I have pussy hats. Anyone want one?
[14:08] Kimi Miami: hi lance. want a hat? ;)
[14:09] Lance Fang: I haven't rezzed yet
[14:09] Lisa Garbanzo: i have signs.
[14:09] Lance Fang: but sure Kimiko
[14:09] Lisa Garbanzo: gotta have a sign!
[14:09] Lisa Garbanzo: it's a friggin march!
[14:09] Andrea Blackwell: Lion, Griffin, Unicorn, Bear, Eagle, Bison, Bulldog, Greyhound... pretty full boat for a Nobody who by default actually got elected, but nobody knew
[14:09] Andrea Blackwell: Nemo votes matter
[14:09] Andrea Blackwell: the vote was NOT trump
[14:09] Lisa Garbanzo: more than 600 marches in USA today.
[14:10] Tannoy OSgrider: hi lavander
[14:10] Andrea Blackwell: if you hated Hilldawg, because you didn't know who roofied who first...
[14:10] Andrea Blackwell: ooooh....that's adorbs
[14:10] lavender -pretty: Hello Tan :)
[14:10] lavender -pretty: hello eveyrone here
[14:10] Lance Fang: wow
[14:10] Andrea Blackwell: I miss Prince
[14:10] lavender -pretty: Muwah
[14:10] Lance Fang: a very own march in world
[14:10] marine land: bonjour lance
[14:10] marine land (fr -> en): Hello launches
[14:10] Lisa Garbanzo: both Washington DC and Los Angeles estimated at around 750,000 each
[14:10] Frank Fontaine: This is what privilege looks like. Law enforcement providing security for the @womensmarch. Do they do this for #BlackLivesMatter?
[14:10] marine land: bonjour rocky
[14:10] marine land (fr -> en): Hello rocky
[14:10] Rocky Road: wow, so many people. Must be raining
[14:10] Snicker Doodle: hi lav
[14:11] Frank Fontaine: We are fighting Communism, Rocky.
[14:11] Rocky Road: lol
[14:11] Lisa Garbanzo: an amazing comparison with yesterday's pitiful turn out in washington dc for the Fake President.
[14:11] Frank Fontaine: Lisa is also banning those who disagree with xim
[14:11] Frank Fontaine: So watch out
[14:11] Andrea Blackwell: BTW, ticketing cars with veteran tags and handicapped parking placards is the lamest of lame.... nobody cares what's in your pants.. hand over your wallet
[14:11] LadyArtist Avi: Just read how this march started... a woman in Hawaii was so frustrated by the election, she made a Facebook Invite, sent to 40 friends, suggesting they go to Washington together. When she awoke the next day, there were 10,000 more who were going with her
[14:12] LadyArtist Avi: they spread the word...
[14:12] Bobcatt Nielson: people should have thought abour that.
[14:12] Rocky Road: glad I'm not in US, seems to be causing a hassle :-)
[14:12] Andrea Blackwell: remember how the clowns went to North Carolina?
[14:12] LadyArtist Avi: these demonstrations are happening all over the world
[14:12] Lisa Garbanzo: Impeach Impeach. Impeach the Fake President apricot.
[14:12] Andrea Blackwell: I always wanted to stand laughing and pointing at them as they marched, but we had tickets to the THEATER that day. car was filled with teagass
[14:12] lavender -pretty: hey snik :)
[14:12] Andrea Blackwell: teargas even
[14:13] Bobcatt Nielson: so your excuse to be stupid like them.
[14:13] Rocky Road: yes, we even had them in NZ
[14:13] Bobcatt Nielson: lol
[14:13] Bobcatt Nielson: ok.
[14:13] LadyArtist Avi: hi lavender
[14:13] LadyArtist Avi: hi Bobcatt
[14:13] Andrea Blackwell: after awhile, it went ... send in the clowns
[14:13] Andrea Blackwell: epic
[14:13] Lisa Garbanzo: Impeach The Fake President!
[14:13] Snicker Doodle: hi lance
[14:13] Andrea Blackwell: btw.. that AME Church fire.. the Hopewell.... yah.. that was the name of a ship (from a fleet) we sailed in on
[14:14] Snicker Doodle: hi rocky
[14:14] Lisa Garbanzo: Impeach and Imprison the Fake Pres for Treason!
[14:14] Frank Fontaine: Alright, I will make a truce.
[14:14] Andrea Blackwell: I want to go back home... TO UK!
[14:14] Lisa Garbanzo: WOMENS MARCH!
[14:14] Snicker Doodle: i'm there already muxe
[14:14] Frank Fontaine: If Lisa allows me back into her group and unmutes me, I will support the women's march
[14:14] Frank Fontaine: Until then, I must fight the good fight
[14:14] Snicker Doodle: bring warm clothes if you come back :)
[14:14] Andrea Blackwell: the Blackwells are from Bristol, Hastings, Oxford, right?
[14:15] Snicker Doodle: idk, but i'm half welsh ;)
[14:15] Andrea Blackwell: Dad went there for some geekwork late 70s when they had pink Wedgewood
[14:15] Women for Trump: Script running
[14:15] Andrea Blackwell: We have Ramseys back to Hogwarts!
[14:15] Andrea Blackwell: that was funny
[14:16] Primitive: Script running
[14:16] Primitive: Script running
[14:16] Andrea Blackwell: Mitt the Twitt is why we don't have our intellectual property and now they're using our scripts for bots and AI.
[14:17] Bobcatt Nielson: just waiting for the orders to deploy and fuck people up.. =)
[14:17] Andrea Blackwell: Melania will make a nice sex toy, but my ass is in a size 18 dress and Queen Latifah got me a foundation that matches.
[14:17] Lisa Garbanzo: Fascism Is What You Get With Putin's Little Pet!
[14:17] LadyArtist Avi: well, rl calls me... but I am so glad we had the opportunity to stand together, sisters and friends and supporters. Be kind, and have fun!
[14:17] Andrea Blackwell: I need some razor wire... this methead town is creepy
[14:18] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim Dev 90dee2f: 2017-01-08 12:30:50 +0000 (Unix/Mono)
[14:18] Andrea Blackwell: and a bat.. hee hee Lucille
[14:18] Primitive: Thank you for supporting Trump
[14:18] LadyArtist Avi: bye
[14:18] Lisa Garbanzo: ok, Truelie! seeya sista
[14:18] Kimi Miami: see ya truellie
[14:18] Lucy Rosadisharon: bye truelie
[14:18] Lucy Rosadisharon (it>en): Bye truelie
[14:18] LadyArtist Avi is offline.
[14:18] Austin Kaine: tc True
[14:19] Andrea Blackwell: Friends don't let friends victim friends...
[14:20] Lucy Rosadisharon: i go, bye everyone
[14:20] Lucy Rosadisharon (it>en): I go, bye everyone
[14:20] Snicker Doodle: hello connor, sorry i didnt see you earlier, sitting waay over there
[14:20] Snicker Doodle: tc Lucy
[14:20] marine land: bonne soirée
[14:20] marine land (fr -> en): good evening
[14:20] Austin Kaine: bye Lucy
[14:20] Lisa Garbanzo: new photos of Womens March in Washington DC... show that there are so many people that it is like human gridlock, can't even march
[14:20] Andrea Blackwell: keeping my ass big and fugly... what is that with the drooling over women with the ass of 10-year old boys
[14:21] Lisa Garbanzo: RESIST!
[14:21] Kimi Miami: some women with asses of that type have a lethal punch and a toxic tongue ;)
[14:21] Random Gridlingtwo is online.
[14:22] Lisa Garbanzo: many reporters are saying that this is the biggest demonstration they've ever seen in some cities
[14:22] Austin Kaine: ok, need to get some sleep. later everyone.
[14:22] Lisa Garbanzo: This is what democracy looks like.
[14:22] Snicker Doodle: take care austin
[14:22] Kimi Miami: and this is only his first day f presidency. i wonder what will happen later
[14:22] Tavia latte: hi
[14:23] Lisa Garbanzo: true, kimiko
[14:23] Lisa Garbanzo: a lot of fake stuff, evidently
[14:23] Kimi Miami: hi taeia. need a hat? ;)
[14:23] Frank Fontaine: Beta cucks
[14:23] Snicker Doodle: hi tavia
[14:23] Lisa Garbanzo: Fake stuff from a Fake President
[14:23] Kimi Miami: with fake hair
[14:24] Lisa Garbanzo: Illegitimate Incarnate.
[14:24] Tavia latte: ty
[14:24] Tavia latte: party in here today?
[14:24] Kimi Miami: yup :)
[14:25] Lisa Garbanzo: WOMENS MARCH!
[14:25] Frank Fontaine: WOMEN FOR TRUMP MARCH
[14:25] Kimi Miami: we wear silly hats and bash a certain person with bad hair
[14:25] hicks adder: mdr
[14:25] Frank Fontaine: TRUMP 2017 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN
[14:25] Tavia latte: uhh i'm not american
[14:25] Tavia latte: sorry
[14:26] Frank Fontaine: You can still support Trump
[14:26] Frank Fontaine: Feel the love
[14:26] Tavia latte: I support my own leaders
[14:26] Lisa Garbanzo: We're Pink. You Bet! Impeach The Little Putin Pet!
[14:26] Tavia latte: ¸.•* LoL *•.¸
[14:26] Frank Fontaine: Defeat the Commie Cucks, support Trump
[14:26] Kimi Miami: never mind tavia. this is not just about the president, this is also about pussy grabbing and other asorted crap
[14:26] Lisa Garbanzo: This Pussy Grabs Back!
[14:27] Andrea Blackwell: defeat the Commie Cucks, whatever those are.. SINK Donalt Drumpf!! That ungrateful pussy grabbing prickster
[14:27] Tavia latte: Funny how american presidents make world news and you hear nothing about ours
[14:27] Frank Fontaine: Take back OS Grid for the Right
[14:27] Frank Fontaine: Defeat the Cucks
[14:27] Frank Fontaine: Boycott Lisa Systems
[14:27] Snicker Doodle: hi paela
[14:27] Lisa Garbanzo: huge rally in Denver
[14:27] Avoidy Avatar is online.
[14:27] Kimi Miami: wtf is a cuck
[14:28] Tavia latte: so sick of hearing about it
[14:28] Snicker Doodle: hi grey
[14:28] Frank Fontaine: You are an example of one
[14:28] Andrea Blackwell: Trump is all money, NO VALUE... no meritocracy? bad for Amercia, bad for the WorLD
[14:28] Frank Fontaine: Commie detected
[14:28] Lisa Garbanzo: San Diego Womens March photo
[14:28] michaelboyd dresler is online.
[14:28] Cheops Forlife7 is offline.
[14:28] Jeff Hall is offline.
[14:28] Frank Fontaine:
[14:28] Frank Fontaine: Commie women's march is racist
[14:28] Andrea Blackwell: awww, are my internal injuries inconvenient? Cry me a river
[14:28] Frank Fontaine: Remember, if you support it you are a racist
[14:29] Lisa Garbanzo: Los Angeles photo
[14:29] Frank Fontaine: Go burn a cross
[14:29] Tavia latte: if you say anything these days you're a racist
[14:29] Avoidy Avatar: hi again all
[14:29] Andrea Blackwell: I only shed a tear when I'm pissed off... just like a warrior does
[14:29] Frank Fontaine: Women's march is racist
[14:29] Tavia latte: anything you say is an "ist"
[14:29] Andrea Blackwell: hey Grey. Zero Libido here is pimping the Trollatariot
[14:29] Avoidy Avatar: WTF is going on here?
[14:29] Lisa Garbanzo: Tiny Hands! Off My Rights!
[14:29] Frank Fontaine: Grey, help those who support free speech
[14:29] Lisa Garbanzo: WOMENS MARCH!
[14:30] Andrea Blackwell: we're laughing at him, but ht'e just too STOOPID and the math is too hard
[14:30] Frank Fontaine: I.e. myself
[14:30] Kimi Miami: we play with silly hats here greybeard
[14:30] Avoidy Avatar: ha
[14:30] Andrea Blackwell: He's a commie lover
[14:30] Jeff Hall is online.
[14:30] Kimi Miami: want one, grey?
[14:30] Frank Fontaine: I said I supported Trump in Lisa's chat and now I get harassed
[14:30] Avoidy Avatar: tlae politiocs and keep it in Washington eh?
[14:30] Frank Fontaine: They found me here and started harassing
[14:30] Frank Fontaine: I filed like 50 reports
[14:30] Andrea Blackwell: No, we built this go home
[14:30] Avoidy Avatar: cant cope with losing? lol
[14:31] Lisa Garbanzo: amazing gif of all the WOMENS MARCHES around the world today
[14:31] Frank Fontaine: It's harassment just because my views are different
[14:31] Kimi Miami: reports? you think the lindens come help you here?
[14:31] Andrea Blackwell: No. if they don't like it, or understand it... it's "un-constitutional"
[14:31] Avoidy Avatar: yep, and all silly too
[14:31] Tavia latte: they don't help anyhow
[14:31] Tavia latte: ღ¸.•* LoL *•.¸
[14:31] marine land: bonjour chuck
[14:31] marine land (fr -> en): <Fault xmlns=""><Code><Value>Sender</Value></Code><Reason><Text xml:lang="en-US">AppId is over the quota</Text></Reason></Fault>
[14:31] Avoidy Avatar: London to Amtarctica
[14:31] Avoidy Avatar: no sense lol
[14:31] Andrea Blackwell: no it's because you're speeching for a TRAITOR
[14:31] paela argus: i'm french and i dont like trump too
[14:31] Lisa Garbanzo: Protest! This is democracy in action!
[14:31] Andrea Blackwell: Go blow it out your portal
[14:31] Frank Fontaine: Second Life does have a better governance system
[14:31] Total Sorbet: hi paela
[14:31] Frank Fontaine: But they have more staff
[14:31] Frank Fontaine: and are paid
[14:31] Avoidy Avatar: bah, this is refusal to accept defeat in action lol
[14:32] michaelboyd dresler is offline.
[14:32] paela argus: hi T and G
[14:32] Andrea Blackwell: he's talking lynching too.. because he's a closet klanner but doesn't know it
[14:32] Avoidy Avatar: ah well
[14:32] Andrea Blackwell: can't read for comprehension
[14:32] Andrea Blackwell: just a squirrel tryna get a nutjob
[14:32] Lisa Garbanzo: absolutely, only a temporary setback.
[14:32] Total Sorbet: i thought all this was done and dusted... those that won...won and those that lost crying
[14:32] Connor lee: see you all later
[14:32] Connor lee: (en-es) nos vemos luego
[14:32] Andrea Blackwell: missed it in his mirror
[14:32] Avoidy Avatar: doesn't bother me, I dont live in the US
[14:32] marine land: coucou paela
[14:32] marine land (fr -> en): <Fault xmlns=""><Code><Value>Sender</Value></Code><Reason><Text xml:lang="en-US">AppId is over the quota</Text></Reason></Fault>
[14:32] Frank Fontaine: Lisa is a crybaby
[14:32] Avoidy Avatar: let them become insulat again
[14:32] Lisa Garbanzo: It ain't done until the Fake President is Impeached.
[14:33] Frank Fontaine: Look at those liberal tearns
[14:33] Andrea Blackwell: you got it tho. London's burning, we never hear the end of it. #BoomBustBoom
[14:33] Avoidy Avatar: might wake up the corporations
[14:33] Frank Fontaine: tears
[14:33] Total Sorbet: why is he fake Lisa?
[14:33] Lisa Garbanzo: total Fake.
[14:33] Andrea Blackwell: who you calling "liberal", fascist?
[14:33] Andrea Blackwell: illitrati
[14:33] Andrea Blackwell: RTFM
[14:33] Frank Fontaine: Commie cuck
[14:33] Total Sorbet: why fake tho?
[14:33] Andrea Blackwell: You're violating ToS, just like your boyfriend did
[14:33] Snicker Doodle: hi chuck
[14:33] Frank Fontaine: Stop hating on SL
[14:34] Lisa Garbanzo: Greetings Gridling WOMENS MARCH friends
[14:34] Andrea Blackwell: He's never been to the corporate plantation
[14:34] Total Sorbet: is fake just coz is fake?
[14:34] Andrea Blackwell: oh shut up and dance on a pole
[14:34] Frank Fontaine: Get wrecked Commie
[14:34] Frank Fontaine: Goback2Korea
[14:34] Avoidy Avatar: rednecks sheesh
[14:34] Snicker Doodle: hi marylin
[14:34] Andrea Blackwell: Trump won the election because he counted ALL pings on his wretched FAKE NAME as pro him
[14:34] Andrea Blackwell: when most of the traffic was against him
[14:34] Avoidy Avatar: autistic through tech
[14:34] Avoidy Avatar: later all
[14:34] Avoidy Avatar is offline.
[14:35] Andrea Blackwell: and this fool doesn't know his ISTS from his ISMS
[14:35] Andrea Blackwell: all caps doesn't make your BS true, so ...whatever clown
[14:35] Frank Fontaine: Commie plinko cuck
[14:35] Frank Fontaine: I can call people names too
[14:35] Andrea Blackwell: you're still not crunchy and nobody cares if you're logging this for ideas
[14:35] paela argus: ⊙BrB ⊙
[14:35] Lisa Garbanzo: Women across the globe march in solidarity as a show of empowerment and a stand against Donald Trump
[14:35] Rocky Road: I'll leave you guys to it
[14:35] Frank Fontaine: Go home Commie, this is for real men
[14:36] Snicker Doodle: tc rocky
[14:36] Lisa Garbanzo: that is the headlines
[14:36] Frank Fontaine: Real women support Trump
[14:36] Andrea Blackwell: I verbed SPAM in AOL and some piggy group in the early #Gamergate took credit for it.
[14:36] Kimi Miami: if this is for real men, what are *you* doing here, frankie
[14:36] Andrea Blackwell: SPAM is for flushing SNERTS OUT of intelligent conversations.
[14:36] Frank Fontaine: #Gamergate was a triumphant victory for freedom
[14:36] Andrea Blackwell: you didn't follow the codes or the laws of any kind
[14:36] Frank Fontaine: Thank you for the reminder
[14:37] Andrea Blackwell: golden rule of the net is don't be a dick
[14:37] Frank Fontaine: We showed how corrupt the gaming industry was
[14:37] Andrea Blackwell: so remove yours because only a fool wants a man like that
[14:37] Frank Fontaine: And caused many feminazi tears to be shed
[14:37] Lisa Garbanzo: the lines to the WOMENS MARCH porta-potties in Washington DC are bigger than the Fake President's inauguration parade.
[14:37] Frank Fontaine: Support Trump, dump the Commies
[14:37] Andrea Blackwell: what's a green pill? some weird script
[14:37] Lisa Garbanzo: hi diamond
[14:38] Frank Fontaine: It's called a Red Pill
[14:38] Andrea Blackwell: it's also ILLEGAL and FELONIOUS to hack our grids on holidays like MOTHER's DAY
[14:38] Andrea Blackwell: you sick assed violator
[14:38] Frank Fontaine: Only the enlightened can understand
[14:38] Frank Fontaine: I.e. Non Commie Cucks
[14:38] Lisa Garbanzo: are you still bantering with the Muted one?
[14:39] Kimi Miami: he is entertaining :D
[14:39] Frank Fontaine: I muted Lisa finally
[14:39] Avia Bonne is offline.
[14:39] Lisa Garbanzo: i wouldn't know
[14:39] Frank Fontaine: I did it
[14:39] Frank Fontaine: I didn't want to, but I did
[14:39] PcTek CyberStar: frank is this a psych 105 experiment?
[14:39] Lisa Garbanzo: I muted him a couple hours ago
[14:39] Andrea Blackwell: you're a tool.. only a moron thinks abusive women make great mavericks in bed. I grew up on DC101 before Howard Stern interview
[14:39] Andrea Blackwell: he's losing miserably
[14:39] PcTek CyberStar: i wish students would stop doing online virtual world psychology experiments
[14:39] Frank Fontaine: I'm fighting for my rights.
[14:39] Andrea Blackwell: spewing fake propaganda
[14:39] Snicker Doodle: hi diamond
[14:39] PcTek CyberStar: oh what's going on/
[14:39] Random Avi Sevenis is offline.
[14:39] Snicker Doodle: hi PC
[14:39] Andrea Blackwell: nobody cares about the rights of a pedophile,
[14:40] DiamondDiva Richez: LOL
[14:40] Tavia latte: blah is going on
[14:40] Frank Fontaine: Women for Trump rally
[14:40] DiamondDiva Richez: HI THERE
[14:40] PcTek CyberStar: hello snik
[14:40] Andrea Blackwell: He trolled 15 year old GIRLS you sick jerk
[14:40] Frank Fontaine: We support Trump
[14:40] Kimi Miami: we play with silly hats here pctek. want one?
[14:40] Lisa Garbanzo: Frank Fontaine IP address. - Illinois
[14:40] DiamondDiva Richez: VOMITING
[14:40] Avia Bonne is online.
[14:40] DiamondDiva Richez: LMAO
[14:40] PcTek CyberStar: oh no are you sick.
[14:40] DiamondDiva Richez: SICK OF TRUMP
[14:40] Andrea Blackwell: TWEET
[14:40] DiamondDiva Richez: HAHAHAHAHA
[14:40] Frank Fontaine: TRUMP FOR VICTORY
[14:40] Lisa Garbanzo: I WILL NOT BE SILENT.
[14:40] DiamondDiva Richez: YEAH VICTORY IN RUSSIA
[14:40] Andrea Blackwell: Ooooh, bully bashing from CHICAGO!
[14:41] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[14:41] Andrea Blackwell: dude, do you know who I tended bar for before I joined the Navy?
[14:41] Frank Fontaine: Haha, that's only the first proxy  
[14:41] DiamondDiva Richez: HEHEHEH TY KIMIKO
[14:41] Lisa Garbanzo: Sex offenders can not live in Government Housing (such as The White House)
[14:41] Andrea Blackwell: HUMBOLT PARK, 1986
[14:41] Kimi Miami: yw diamond
[14:41] DiamondDiva Richez: THIS IS SOOOOO TRUE
[14:41] Snicker Doodle: PcTek - this is what is going on -->
[14:41] Frank Fontaine: Noobs can't Proxy
[14:41] Andrea Blackwell: call child services for that brat
[14:41] PcTek CyberStar: what is that?
[14:41] Andrea Blackwell: he'll off trump in a hearbeat and nobody will care...
[14:41] Andrea Blackwell: that's why it's different
[14:41] Total Sorbet: why didnt u lot march before the election?
[14:41] Snicker Doodle: have a look PcTech :)
[14:42] Total Sorbet: bit late now isnt it?
[14:42] Snicker Doodle: ubit!
[14:42] Andrea Blackwell: people who LOVED the Obama family , worried about him
[14:42] Frank Fontaine: Exactly, attention seeking white females cry and whine in D.C.
[14:42] Total Sorbet: the horse has already bolted
[14:42] Lisa Garbanzo: Note to Fake President: You can't have a "populist movement" if you lose popular vote & more folks attend #WomensMarch than #Inauguration
[14:42] DiamondDiva Richez: YEAH!!!!!
[14:42] DiamondDiva Richez: MORE LIKE SUCK THE COMMIES COCK
[14:43] DiamondDiva Richez: OOPS
[14:43] DiamondDiva Richez: IJS
[14:43] Snicker Doodle: its never to late to right an injustice, or a wrongdoing, or apologize for a mistake, I think Total ;)
[14:43] DiamondDiva Richez: LMAO
[14:43] Andrea Blackwell: oh please, Ron Paul whined like a little biotsh with a scrapted knee because of our HBCU's. and you side with mass murderers killing people in Churches
[14:43] Lisa Garbanzo: If Fake President thinks he has a mandate, he may need to look out the window: More people are protesting his inauguration than attended it.
[14:43] Trump BusterOne: If anyone cares to know my views.. I do not like Trump and I like Hillary even less .. I did not vote for either and I do not support the agenda of either .. I am all for equity of sexes.. but forcing men to accept a goddess and acknowledged women are superior is not a movement for equity, but primacy.. I think there is a lot of bigotry on both sides
[14:43] DiamondDiva Richez: IKR
[14:43] Frank Fontaine: Alright, enough with the name calling.
[14:43] Total Sorbet: just looks silly... shoulda marched earlier!
[14:43] Andrea Blackwell: that RP rode on the French Flautists name.... Jean pierre Rampaul
[14:43] Tavia latte: LETS TALK ABOUT CANADA!
[14:43] Frank Fontaine: Let's get serious here.
[14:43] Andrea Blackwell: nobody cares if you don't know about email servers
[14:43] Tavia latte: <------- Canadian
[14:43] Andrea Blackwell: or rules of office
[14:44] Lisa Garbanzo: macolyis, you helped put the fake president in the white house
[14:44] DiamondDiva Richez: THEY AREN'T FOR TRUMP
[14:44] Frank Fontaine: Canada's got better coins, I will admit
[14:44] Tavia latte: yep
[14:44] Frank Fontaine: I wish U.S. had a Loonie
[14:44] Andrea Blackwell: repugnicans broke their Charter decades ago with that fake cowboy Ronald Wilson Reagan - 666... no outrage
[14:44] PcTek CyberStar: i think therefore i am a virtual a.i. in a dream of GOD.
[14:44] PcTek CyberStar: you see...
[14:44] Total Sorbet: well said macolyis
[14:45] PcTek CyberStar: because God exists in multiple phases of the universe, and we only exist in 4
[14:45] PcTek CyberStar: length
[14:45] Andrea Blackwell: but troll a single woman mourning her father..... you are truly a piece of something nasty growing under a kitchen sink
[14:45] Lisa Garbanzo: Hey Hey Ho Ho. Fake Pres Has Gotta Go.
[14:45] PcTek CyberStar: width
[14:45] PcTek CyberStar: height
[14:45] PcTek CyberStar: time
[14:45] Andrea Blackwell: Trump IS the Looney
[14:45] Andrea Blackwell: the actual loonie from that sketch.
[14:45] PcTek CyberStar: then we are sort of like paper cut outs in a doll house to God.
[14:45] Frank Fontaine: Thanks for that profound statement, Muxe
[14:45] Frank Fontaine: Really profound
[14:45] PcTek CyberStar: so it is with a heavy heart that i regret to inform you all.
[14:45] Andrea Blackwell: that's why Python has it's name and why EVERYBODY EXPECTED the Spanish Inquisition!
[14:45] Andrea Blackwell: *ahem*
[14:46] DiamondDiva Richez: THAT WOULD MEAN THE END OF aMERICA
[14:46] Frank Fontaine: Surely the alt right will crumble under that statement
[14:46] Trump BusterOne: In what way did I help?
[14:46] Lisa Garbanzo: I'll take pence any day
[14:46] Andrea Blackwell: you're the kind of slime that would thank me ofr my service and turn around with n-bombs because I find you people repulsice
[14:46] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[14:46] DiamondDiva Richez: NOT ME
[14:46] Andrea Blackwell: NO, not that either, the party has defunct itself
[14:46] DiamondDiva Richez: HE WOULD RUIN AMERICA
[14:46] Andrea Blackwell: Obamacrats
[14:46] Trump BusterOne: How is being neutral helping him and how would Hillary have been less "fake"?
[14:46] Lisa Garbanzo: even though pence is awful, the fake president drumpf is worse
[14:46] Andrea Blackwell: Stem party will handle itself.
[14:46] PcTek CyberStar: all that i know is Donald said that in reference to his "thing" there is no problem down there, believe me, I can assure you.
[14:47] DiamondDiva Richez: NONE OF THEM ARE FOR THE PEOPLE
[14:47] Snicker Doodle: wb marylin
[14:47] Lisa Garbanzo: first impeach Drumpf. then pence. keep on working down the line.
[14:47] Frank Fontaine: Why is the left so concerned with sexuality?
[14:47] Andrea Blackwell: code for, that used Vette salesman in True Lies
[14:47] Snicker Doodle: wb tannoy
[14:47] Kimi Miami: unfortunately hs is in the office and with that office comes the power to ruin not just the us of a, but potentially the whole world. a bit scary
[14:47] Andrea Blackwell: I'm Eliza in that movie too. LOL
[14:47] Tannoy OSgrider: ty
[14:48] Andrea Blackwell: exactly
[14:48] PcTek CyberStar: please do not feed the amoebas.
[14:48] Andrea Blackwell: east coast fights slavery, but stuck in it for no reason
[14:48] DiamondDiva Richez: VERY
[14:48] Trump BusterOne: I despise pretty much everything both of them stand for I could not in good conscience support either ..
[14:48] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[14:48] Andrea Blackwell: Elizabeth Blackwell hated all sides of slavery because men can't be trusted with our ASSETS
[14:48] PcTek CyberStar: nerves what are those?
[14:49] Trump BusterOne: Proving one is slightly worse than the other does not make your candidate a good choice
[14:49] Frank Fontaine: Balls of steel
[14:49] Lisa Garbanzo: well, you reaped it then, macolysis
[14:49] PcTek CyberStar: well.
[14:49] Andrea Blackwell: NO, Hillary had the best team
[14:49] Lisa Garbanzo: you got what you wanted
[14:49] PcTek CyberStar: politics in a video game is a great way to destroy friendships
[14:49] PcTek CyberStar: in which politics do not belong
[14:49] Andrea Blackwell: we got EVERYBODY we wanted with her and boo hoo if you don't like your boss
[14:49] PcTek CyberStar: sometimes people bring something into your 3d scene to generate devisiveness
[14:49] Andrea Blackwell: I have to get over the Walmart on her, but she IS a Kelly Girl
[14:49] Trump BusterOne: I did not get what I wanted .. I did not want Trump I did not want Hillary .. I wanted neither of them
[14:49] Andrea Blackwell: not a geek
[14:49] Lisa Garbanzo: "neither" is not an option
[14:50] Andrea Blackwell: get over that and Bengazi too... you've milked that enough
[14:50] PcTek CyberStar: who cares if people are democrats or republicans?
[14:50] PcTek CyberStar: this is osgrid
[14:50] DiamondDiva Richez: i REALLY WANTED BEARNIE
[14:50] Trump BusterOne: I can choose to support neither and that is not supporting one by default
[14:50] DiamondDiva Richez: BERNIE
[14:50] Frank Fontaine: Muxe, fuck you. Americans lost their lives and you say that shit?
[14:50] PcTek CyberStar: lettuce build
[14:50] Frank Fontaine: Fuck you
[14:50] PcTek CyberStar: lettuce script
[14:50] PcTek CyberStar: this is not d.c.
[14:50] PcTek CyberStar: as for politics, let 'em eat cake.
[14:50] Andrea Blackwell: oh bitch.. you wish
[14:50] Andrea Blackwell: TOO FUCKING BAD
[14:50] Frank Fontaine: No, when you disagree American's its on
[14:51] Lisa Garbanzo: “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” ― Maya Angelou
[14:51] Snicker Doodle: hi jerit
[14:51] Andrea Blackwell: IT"S A HIGH RISK GIG and the commander was partially at fault AND the repugnicans didn't give up the money they needed to strengthen it
[14:51] Andrea Blackwell: so take the fuck you's and go forth you little domestic terrorist!
[14:51] Frank Fontaine: Hillary didn't send the marines to rescue
[14:51] michaelboyd dresler is online.
[14:51] Total Sorbet: potty mouth
[14:51] Frank Fontaine: Hillary's state department didn't reinforce
[14:51] Frank Fontaine: Fuck you
[14:52] marine land: OHHHHHHHHH
[14:52] marine land (fr -> en): OHHHHHHHHH
[14:52] Andrea Blackwell: what brand of what service did you serve and how much of that 70%-80% taxes my family shelled out did YOU REPAY
[14:52] Lisa Garbanzo: Drump has announced that now he’s Fake President he’s going to ban the sale of pre-shredded cheese.
He wants to make America grate again.
[14:52] Frank Fontaine: All of my family served
[14:52] Andrea Blackwell: hee hee
[14:52] Frank Fontaine: Want to reconsider
[14:52] Andrea Blackwell: what a dick
[14:52] Frank Fontaine: your words?
[14:52] Andrea Blackwell: tried to take credit for CASTRO too!
[14:53] Lisa Garbanzo: Now that Drumpf has been elected Fake President, therel be hell toupée.
[14:53] Trump BusterOne: If the choice were Hitler or Stalin and one was most definitely going to be president... and if we could prove Adolf Hitler is slightly worse than Joseph Stalin .. does that mean we should all rally behind Stalin and vote for him and brush what an awful person he is under rug .. because not supporting Stalin is supporting Hitler by default?
[14:53] Andrea Blackwell: and he had an asshole replacement keeping him alive
[14:53] PcTek CyberStar: well ...
[14:53] Lisa Garbanzo: What is Drumpf's favorite nation?
[14:53] Andrea Blackwell: next.. invalid. Godwin's law can't be applied to an actual nazi
[14:54] Lisa Garbanzo: Drumpf himself never has to go to the bathroom, as the crap just comes straight out of his mouth.
[14:54] PcTek CyberStar: wow people seem quite charged up
[14:54] Andrea Blackwell: many were hiding in Wisconsin, before Gulf Mess part one. comon knowlodge
[14:54] Antonio Salamander is online.
[14:54] PcTek CyberStar: your troll i working
[14:54] PcTek CyberStar: your troll is working good.
[14:54] PcTek CyberStar: they are engaging you
[14:54] PcTek CyberStar: getting their dander up
[14:54] PcTek CyberStar: and their bp
[14:54] Frank Fontaine: I'm very upset
[14:54] PcTek CyberStar: being offended
[14:54] Andrea Blackwell: The question is... do they still breastfeed the little nutzi Barron von combover
[14:54] Frank Fontaine: It all started in Lisa Garbanzo chat
[14:54] Andrea Blackwell: with the nephew he was playing with?
[14:55] PcTek CyberStar: well of course things start somewhere
[14:55] Frank Fontaine: I supported Trump and Lisa kicked me from chat
(lie, she only muted HIM perhaps dumped him from her group)
[14:55] PcTek CyberStar: will you stay upset over a thing forever?
[14:55] Frank Fontaine: Yes
[14:55] Lisa Garbanzo: Fake President Dumpf has announced that he’s going to ban wind farms now he’s been elected.... he's afraid they will mess up his toupee.
[14:55] PcTek CyberStar: please become un upset.
[14:55] Frank Fontaine: Not until she allows me back into chat
[14:55] Andrea Blackwell: FF doesn't shut up unless his narcissistic disillusionments are sated.
[14:55] Frank Fontaine: And unmutes me
[14:55] PcTek CyberStar: she doesnt have to
[14:55] Andrea Blackwell: can't help it. you're a lame dick.. no viagra for you
[14:55] Andrea Blackwell: LOSER
[14:55] PcTek CyberStar: it's her right not to hear your view
[14:55] Frank Fontaine: Then I will remain mad
[14:55] PcTek CyberStar: how many days?
[14:55] Frank Fontaine: I have a right to remain mad
[14:55] PcTek CyberStar: 23 or 47 ?
[14:55] Frank Fontaine: Forever
[14:56] Andrea Blackwell: awwwww.. I know I have a whambulance around here somewhere, but I throw them @REALDONALDTRUMP "in person"
[14:56] PcTek CyberStar: you can only remain upset 23 days, 47 days, or 289 days.
[14:56] Andrea Blackwell: ish
[14:56] Lisa Garbanzo: How much is Drumpf's life insurance?
Just one Pence.
[14:56] PcTek CyberStar: no other periods of upsettedness are allocated
[14:56] Frank Fontaine: I can build an anti-Lisa sim
[14:56] Frank Fontaine: And erect a statue to Trump
[14:56] Andrea Blackwell: wouldn't want to meet that creep but it was a joy to meet my cousin's chicago land neighbor
[14:56] PcTek CyberStar: well i dont blame you for engaging Lisa, she is after all one of the pillars of osgrid...
[14:56] Andrea Blackwell: when they gave CHINA the Olympics instead of hicago
[14:56] PcTek CyberStar: start tearing down the pillars and the ceiling will fall
[14:56] Andrea Blackwell: see, you'ra a jerk. we know stuff
[14:56] Avia Bonne is offline.
[14:56] Andrea Blackwell: SL has diapers
[14:57] Andrea Blackwell: spanking machines
[14:57] Frank Fontaine: Dan is the patriarch of OS
[14:57] Random Avi five is offline.
[14:57] Frank Fontaine: Lisa is nothing
[14:57] Andrea Blackwell: boys who wilil wear anything you want
[14:57] Kimi Miami: maybe he belongs to the GNAA? frankie, that is
[14:57] Frank Fontaine: Look at her shady business dealing in SL
[14:57] Lisa Garbanzo: MeLisaa is sad today.
[14:57] PcTek CyberStar: no one knows.
[14:57] Andrea Blackwell: awww
[14:57] Snicker Doodle: who said *spanking*?
[14:57] Frank Fontaine: She's just using OS Grid as a pawn
[14:57] Frank Fontaine: While pumping money into SL
[14:58] Lisa Garbanzo: A month ago, Drumpf told MeLisaa that he was mad at her and wasn't going to sleep with her for 30 days. So she's sad today
[14:58] Random Avi five is online.
[14:58] Andrea Blackwell: Who? I got here in the beginning. some asshole crashed us and this is my oldest avatar, I think
(no, it's not..  I had an older one that didn't get recovered)
[14:58] Jessie Campbell is online.
[14:58] Trump BusterOne: Why do you all call Trump names and just whitewash over all that Hillary has done .. what a liar she is .. how she herself admits she lies about everything and has a "private" and Public" position on every issue? That just is another way of saying everything she says in public is all lies. Why would she even care about hacked emails if she was an honest and honorable person.. all that was in the emails was the TRUTH.. only liars and deceivers care about the TRUTH getting out..
[14:58] Frank Fontaine: ^
[14:58] Andrea Blackwell: See Hermoine's ORIGINAL picture? she looks just like me
[14:59] Andrea Blackwell: FBI fail is not my problem. double jea.....pardy
[14:59] Lisa Garbanzo: macolyis, add your name to the list of enablers.
[14:59] Andrea Blackwell: they didn't know about the container security and she was not at fault. deal with it
[14:59] Frank Fontaine: Join the freedom fighters, macolyis. We shall defeat the Communists.
[14:59] Andrea Blackwell: you're a freedom LEECH
[14:59] Lisa Garbanzo: A swastika has been spray painted over Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Police says it’s impossible to tell if it was done by Trump’s opponents or his supporters.
[14:59] Andrea Blackwell: PAY FOR IT CREEP
[14:59] Snicker Doodle: hi susan
[15:00] Susan Heartblead: hi Snik
[15:00] Andrea Blackwell: and don't mess with the Cura Maid Pixies
[15:00] Frank Fontaine: I give my money to those who deserve it
[15:00] Andrea Blackwell: that was beauteous
[15:00] Trump BusterOne: For the truth .. that is fine .. I do not go to your sim anyway
[15:00] Frank Fontaine: I.e. Not you
[15:00] Susan Heartblead: hello to all
[15:00] Frank Fontaine: Hello Susan!
[15:00] Andrea Blackwell: You can't handle the truth
[15:00] Trump BusterOne: but you are a BIGOT Lisa and a hypocrite
[15:00] Frank Fontaine: ^
[15:00] Andrea Blackwell: I've got demos and need funding, but you fools take our work and ideas....
[15:00] Trump BusterOne: you are all for all people being treated equally who AGREE with you
[15:00] Frank Fontaine: ^
[15:00] Andrea Blackwell: no, you people don't know what you're talking about if you don't know how things are built
[15:01] Lisa Garbanzo: Drumpf has announced that now he’s officially the Fake President, he’s going to put a wig on the Presidential plane and call it Hair Force One.
[15:01] Andrea Blackwell: in the world of Tron Legacy , you're NPCs. WE SERVE THE CONTENT CREATORS
[15:01] Andrea Blackwell: USERs can go fuck off back to Reddit
[15:01] Frank Fontaine: You calling me a SL stooge?
[15:01] Lisa Garbanzo: Yesterday wasn't the first time he’s kicked a black family out of their home.
[15:02] Andrea Blackwell: if the foo shits, buttmunch... shove it up your butt....
[15:02] Frank Fontaine: How do you think more content created, by magic?
[15:02] Frank Fontaine: No, by commerce.
[15:02] Andrea Blackwell: and quit fatshaming women with boobs... and hips...
[15:02] Frank Fontaine: This is why OS Grid will never grow.
[15:02] Lisa Garbanzo: the foo absolutely does.
[15:02] DiamondDiva Richez: IM MISSING THE CONVO I AM ON THE PHONE
[15:03] Andrea Blackwell: homo-erotic? Admit it... but don't go on a flaming rage because you can't handle the fact that you're a latent pedophile pining for a spot on Caligula's fluffer squad
[15:03] Andrea Blackwell: quit stealing my jokes!
[15:03] Frank Fontaine: Second Life may have its issues, but at least the content creators are paid
[15:03] Andrea Blackwell: All your Base, poser
[15:03] Lisa Garbanzo: Q: What happens when the FAKE PRESIDENT takes Viagra?
A: He grows taller
[15:03] Snicker Doodle coughs politely *maybe* a great time to turn off your caps locks key then Diamond, just saying :)
[15:03] Frank Fontaine: Not where it is stolen in OS grid
[15:03] Frank Fontaine: Pilfered
[15:04] Trump BusterOne: Trump is not a freedom fighter Frank Fontaine.. he is a rich bully that lies about everything too... please do not think because I despise Hillary I favor Trump ..
[15:04] Trump BusterOne: I am on neither side
[15:04] Andrea Blackwell: NO BOOBS FOR MOOBS... it's redundant
[15:04] Frank Fontaine: Hmmm
[15:04] Lisa Garbanzo: Q: If Drumpf and Pence are in a boat and it capsizes, who survives?
A: America
[15:04] Frank Fontaine: We do share a common enemy, however.
[15:04] Andrea Blackwell: huzzah
[15:04] Frank Fontaine: Do you agree that she should be locked up?
[15:05] Andrea Blackwell: no, YOU DO
[15:05] Frank Fontaine: The question wasn't directed to you Andrea.
[15:05] Andrea Blackwell: you gotta outrank AT LEAST my Uncle to challenge me
[15:05] Andrea Blackwell: but to Daddy me? RUE THE IDEA
[15:05] Andrea Blackwell: you can't
[15:05] Lisa Garbanzo: Q: What do you call a Disney Princess that supports Drumpf?
A: Snow White Supremacist
[15:05] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[15:05] Frank Fontaine: Please Andrea, you are making an ass of yourself.
[15:06] Andrea Blackwell: I think it's funny that Barry beat my big brother to the Oval office
[15:06] Random Avi five is offline.
[15:06] Andrea Blackwell: seriously, you don't know the first MDs in the United States were Blackwells?
[15:06] Random Avi five is online.
[15:06] Lisa Garbanzo: Q: What do a thong and Trump’s toupee have in common?
A: They both barely cover an assh*le
[15:06] Andrea Blackwell: AVAIL ME With what else you don't know... g'head... it'll be funny
[15:07] Andrea Blackwell: hee hee
[15:07] Trump BusterOne: Trump went to Scotland and promised to make them great too .. just like he did here.. he got the Scottish parliament to take peoples land .. promised to develop it and bring in lots of money .. build hotels and casinos .. golf courses.. .. when he got his way he built one walled in private golf course for him and his rich friends and went back on everything else e
[15:07] Trump BusterOne: that is the kind of person he is .. a liar and a conman
[15:07] Lisa Garbanzo: Q: How is Fake President going to shut down the Department of Education?
A: By renaming it Trump University.
[15:07] Frank Fontaine: And here I thought you were enlightened. You too are a CNN stooge.
[15:08] Frank Fontaine: Beleiving all the goobly gook the MSM sends out
[15:08] Snicker Doodle: hi majnoon
[15:08] majnoon.john hi
[15:08] Antonio Salamander is offline.
[15:08] Andrea Blackwell: in the orgy that IS GOP politics and it's bloviating conflicts of interest.. the WMDs are frothing out of drumpf's mouth and in comparison... Hillary printed forwarded a cookie recipe to have printed off .gov servers to share with that Lady in Germany
[15:08] Snicker Doodle: hi aj
[15:08] Trump BusterOne: Why does enlightened to either party .. mean a blind party sheep that only looks at the sins of the opposing candidate?
[15:08] Andrea Blackwell: She's cute
[15:08] Lisa Garbanzo: Q: How is Fake Pres Drumpf going to create middle class jobs?
A: By paying them to cheer for him during the inauguration.
[15:08] aj wroth: aye everybody!
[15:08] Frank Fontaine: Hi Aj!
[15:09] Andrea Blackwell: give boys and inch and they'll take you're DAUGHTER's privacy too!
[15:09] Andrea Blackwell: pigs
[15:09] Andrea Blackwell: LOL
[15:09] Trump BusterOne: how are any of you objective?
[15:09] Andrea Blackwell: Mitt The Twitt looks so.. OMG>. . how pathetic
[15:09] Lisa Garbanzo: Impeach and Imprison!
[15:09] Frank Fontaine: Alright, I'm done rping as a Trump supporter
[15:09] Frank Fontaine: Too boring
[15:10] aj wroth: P:
[15:10] Andrea Blackwell: draw and quarter him AFTER he works off the child support from that filth they sold on the USS Forrestfire
[15:10] Andrea Blackwell: John McCain is a HOSED UP PoS Pilot double legacy LOSER
[15:10] nurbsPlane9: active
[15:10] Andrea Blackwell: who the hell graduates bottom 5th of the Naval Academy and still gets to fly?
[15:11] Lisa Garbanzo: Q: How many trumpies does it take to change a light bulb? A. None. They prefer to live in the dark.
[15:11] Andrea Blackwell: and Y2K was known for decades
[15:11] Andrea Blackwell: deal with it
[15:11] Andrea Blackwell: I was there... you therefore SUCK ASS
[15:11] Andrea Blackwell: boy howdy
[15:11] Susan Heartblead: i say good bye
[15:11] Andrea Blackwell: suck BBQ, no talent hack
[15:11] Frank Fontaine: Bye Susan!
[15:11] Andrea Blackwell: ciao
[15:12] hicks adder: bonne soirée a tous
[15:12] Andrea Blackwell: oh, and Up your nose with a rubber hose
[15:12] Lisa Garbanzo: Thanks everyone for coming to the WOMENS MARCH!
[15:12] Lisa Garbanzo: PUSSY POWER!
[15:12] Lisa Garbanzo: RESISTANCE!
[15:12] Frank Fontaine: Anybody come here for the free booze?
[15:12] Frank Fontaine: *raises hand*
[15:12] Andrea Blackwell: my fingers did the walking and boys like to listen in on girlie conversations, but can't be that, so limp dick about it
[15:12] Andrea Blackwell: tsk tsk tsk
[15:12] Andrea Blackwell: what a Dick Dead-eye
[15:13] Andrea Blackwell: and I'm Josephine after Prince is gone....sigh...
[15:13] Lisa Garbanzo: photo time
[15:13] Andrea Blackwell: and I've never met a woman with actual PENIS envy
[15:13] Lisa Garbanzo: let's gather together for a group photo?
[15:13] Andrea Blackwell: I mean... ew
[15:14] Snicker Doodle: sure
[15:14] Lisa Garbanzo: come on over, photo snapshot time
[15:14] Lisa Garbanzo: selfie time!
[15:14] Lisa Garbanzo: WOMENS MARCH selfie time
[15:14] Tannoy OSgrider: night everyone
[15:15] Andrea Blackwell: Whipping boys UNITED?
[15:15] Snicker Doodle: tc tannoy
[15:15] Andrea Blackwell: ROFLMAO
[15:15] Lisa Garbanzo: uploading
[15:15] Andrea Blackwell: photobomb, move
[15:15] Kimi Miami: someone please send me a picture, for some reason i cannot save any pictures at the moment
[15:16] Lisa Garbanzo: i'm uploading photos to the web now
[15:16] Kimi Miami: thanks snik :)
[15:16] Andrea Blackwell: FF, is what sex might be like for you. get that stupid saying nothing sign out of the way
[15:16] Snicker Doodle: yvw kimoko
[15:17] Andrea Blackwell: sleep at the wheel. unsexy
[15:17] Andrea Blackwell: they really think we gave a shit about their calls in tech support, huh?
[15:17] Lisa Garbanzo: more fotos
[15:18] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim Dev 90dee2f: 2017-01-08 12:30:50 +0000 (Unix/Mono)
[15:18] Andrea Blackwell: my back would be just like that too
[15:19] Grid: Snicker Doodle gave you Snapshot : Lbsa Plaza - The social lounge, Lbsa Plaza (128, 124.
[15:19] Andrea Blackwell: thanks snik
[15:19] Snicker Doodle: yvw muxe
[15:20] Snicker Doodle: well, sadly, i must go
[15:20] Andrea Blackwell: seriously, you guys have to go BACK to how .gov is the ground zero for hackers like derp chan and his jerks.. griefing like that
[15:20] Snicker Doodle: goodnight all
[15:20] Frank Fontaine: Nighty night
[15:20] Snicker Doodle: stay safe and well
[15:20] Lisa Garbanzo: seeya
[15:21] Lisa Garbanzo: more aerial drone photo
[15:21] Andrea Blackwell: Suck less SNERT
[15:21] Andrea Blackwell: begone
[15:22] Andrea Blackwell: you're no Victorian or anything the world needs. Loser elsewhere
[15:22] Andrea Blackwell: targeted attacks. See'? NO DICK CONTROL
[15:23] Frank Fontaine: So, when is OS grid going to develop a mainland?
[15:23] Lisa Garbanzo: more foto
[15:23] Andrea Blackwell: felons aren't really our kind of community
[15:23] Andrea Blackwell: go freebie the guys in SL
[15:24] Frank Fontaine: I had 1024 sq m in SL and lost to land barons
[15:24] Andrea Blackwell: that's what we do... send porn losers back to SL so we can do our thing without you
[15:24] Andrea Blackwell: awwwwwwww
[15:24] Lisa Garbanzo: who you talkin with muxe?
[15:24] Andrea Blackwell: FF
[15:24] Frank Fontaine: They surrounded my land with ads
[15:24] Lisa Garbanzo: oh, i thought he left a while back
[15:24] Frank Fontaine: I had to sell
[15:24] Andrea Blackwell: which is how relations are with him .. FF
[15:24] Lisa Garbanzo: he's a noob troll
[15:24] Andrea Blackwell: he was griefing you..
[15:25] Lisa Garbanzo: he was?
[15:25] Andrea Blackwell: I couldn't eject, but did the report thing.. IDK
[15:25] Lisa Garbanzo: i muted him a couple hours ago, so i can't see him
[15:25] Lisa Garbanzo: mute is your friend
[15:26] Frank Fontaine: But here in OS, I can have a whole server
[15:26] Andrea Blackwell: true.. but boy doesn't know playing the dozens rules
[15:26] Frank Fontaine: No land Barons
[15:26] Andrea Blackwell: like drumpf...thinks being contrary is a debate
[15:26] Andrea Blackwell: it's not
[15:26] Andrea Blackwell: you're boy is a lan baron, so confuse the newbs in SL mkay
[15:26] Lisa Garbanzo: as you can see, i totally value noob trolls. not.
[15:26] Andrea Blackwell: those are your people
[15:27] Andrea Blackwell: I have my PTSD outlets, you have someone to "love"
[15:27] Andrea Blackwell: because louts like that thing over there abuse chihuahuas and chihuahua women
[15:28] Frank Fontaine: What are you talking about?
[15:28] Andrea Blackwell: they piddle all over themselves in the face of an actual professional
[15:28] Andrea Blackwell: Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare technicians... go drown yourself in your pathetic, fetted mainstream
[15:28] Andrea Blackwell: some trolls like Daddy had a great legacy
[15:28] Andrea Blackwell: you don't even rank
[15:28] Total Sorbet: um... too weird for me
[15:29] Total Sorbet: goodnight folks
[15:29] Andrea Blackwell: so run along
[15:29] Andrea Blackwell: do that bit in SL
[15:29] Lisa Garbanzo: have you heard that one of the fake president's latest announcements? He says that he's against marriage equality. He thinks that marriage should be between a billionaire and his tiny hand.
[15:29] Andrea Blackwell: that's what it's for, failed social experimentation
[15:29] Andrea Blackwell: ROFLMAO!
[15:29] Trump BusterOne: Well I am going to go .. enjoyed the camaraderie and open discussion ..
[15:29] Andrea Blackwell: I'm so clipping these up for the book
[15:29] Lisa Garbanzo: have fun, maco
[15:29] Andrea Blackwell: it now ends.. Death/rebirth of a nation
[15:29] Frank Fontaine: So, I am assuming you are a SL refugee too?
[15:30] Andrea Blackwell: I think
[15:30] Andrea Blackwell: They shouldn't have cheated us out of our Margaret Thatcher
[15:30] Lucy Afarensis is online.
[15:30] Lisa Garbanzo: the grand American Experiment is now a petri dish in the toxic waste disposal.
[15:30] Trump BusterOne: Take care Lisa .. you do good work .. with your sim and store .. a true credit to the grid and I like and admire you as a person even if I do not agree with your political views...
[15:30] Andrea Blackwell: I could have probably blown the doors off but we have no democracy. on the other hand,... founding father's daughters is what they want, we've waited a long time for this day to express it
[15:31] Andrea Blackwell: Ovarian Fortitude ROCK
[15:31] Lisa Garbanzo: Pussy Power!
[15:31] Wanda OutterGridling: Hi everybody :-) i' a little afk on blender
[15:31] Andrea Blackwell: we've been in cahoots for awhile...
[15:31] Andrea Blackwell: LOLOLOL
[15:31] Andrea Blackwell: OH!
[15:31] Frank Fontaine: Hiya Dreamscape
[15:31] Wanda OutterGridling: Hi :-)
[15:32] Andrea Blackwell: Little Boy Blue..... HE NEEDED THE MONEY! remember Andrew Dice Clay?
[15:32] Andrea Blackwell:  that got old in the TRON shop
[15:32] Trump BusterOne: I am not and will never be a feminist .. but I hope that does not mean we have to be enemies
[15:32] DiamondDiva Richez: OMG
[15:32] Andrea Blackwell: especially around boys who didn't talk about anything higher minded than BASS FISHING AND TRACTOR PULLING after killing Mommie
[15:33] Andrea Blackwell: Stay in your lane.. is all
[15:33] Andrea Blackwell: I finally met Ru to tell him why I started saying that
[15:33] Lisa Garbanzo: yeah, i like that
[15:33] Andrea Blackwell: Drag Race.... because someday, woman will want to be women again...somebody's gotta show us how
[15:34] Standard Noob: hi all
[15:34] Lisa Garbanzo: hi supe
[15:34] Frank Fontaine: Hi Super!
[15:34] Kimi Miami: hi noobie
[15:34] Ramirez Torrance: hello
[15:34] Lisa Garbanzo: Womens March is winding down for the day here
[15:34] Andrea Blackwell: but that John Brownit cousin I was renting from...stole my makeup, shiatsu wands....because I'd been terrorized out fo Oregon
[15:35] Andrea Blackwell: I need to rest... chronic fatigued.. I hope they recorded all the livestreams
[15:35] Lisa Garbanzo: Yuuuuuge marches in Portland and Seattle today
[15:35] Standard Noob: 9.34 am here only just woke up i miss all the good things :(
[15:35] Andrea Blackwell: so that FF moron is a greeter? ew
[15:35] Sarah Primrose: hi:)
[15:35] Andrea Blackwell: there was a brown avatar tits bare at Inworldz...put me off immediately
[15:35] Lisa Garbanzo: Ashley Judd at #WomensMarch—"I am a nasty woman. I'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust."
[15:35] Kimi Miami: you need to wake up earlier noobie. early bird and all that, you know :p
[15:36] Standard Noob:
[15:36] Standard Noob: lol
[15:36] Thirza.Ember is online.
[15:36] Lucy Afarensis is offline.
[15:36] Andrea Blackwell: I got trolled out of my REAL apartment because i didn't look like a 49 year old crack whore in Tigard Oregon
[15:36] Andrea Blackwell: or Chicago
[15:36] Kimi Miami: otoh, if you want to catch a worm, there is one under that huge empty sign
[15:37] Lisa Garbanzo: Ashley Judd on youtube
[15:37] Andrea Blackwell: I'm a former Athlete and thinker.. we age like Prince
[15:37] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[15:37] Andrea Blackwell: her fam destroyed the Florida Philharmonic.
[15:37] Andrea Blackwell: Judd was my Han BFF's conductor and they folded
[15:37] Lisa Garbanzo: strong speech by Ashley.
[15:37] Andrea Blackwell: James Judd? After the Mahler, it kinda sucked
[15:38] Andrea Blackwell: royally sucked, but Mini Me had a great time at the operas and symphonies... while Drumpf was cashing in on cigar bar loopholes
[15:38] Lisa Garbanzo: A Hitler... but... a Moustache traded for a toupee.
[15:39] Andrea Blackwell: they had a bar if you paid, you cold smoke Cuban cigars from Dominican Republic
[15:39] Andrea Blackwell: LOL
[15:39] Andrea Blackwell: same thing with pot in Amserdam
[15:39] Andrea Blackwell: greenspan BS.. if they want something... get them half way there
[15:39] Andrea Blackwell: dumshittery didn't stop after the told them to
[15:40] Andrea Blackwell: STOP Forrest...... breeding, theiving, etc
[15:40] Lisa Garbanzo: This is not a feminist myth. This is inequality.
[15:40] Andrea Blackwell: he didn't impress me when he was 33, I was 15... brb.. heard a boom
[15:41] Andrea Blackwell: the3y have had teabagger reunions since the first one... even in the midwest
[15:41] Thirza.Ember is online.
[15:41] Andrea Blackwell: FF hates people who know where they came from...cuz he's a dick
[15:41] Andrea Blackwell: nothing more and harldy if
[15:41] Andrea Blackwell: that's what Harley's were for
[15:42] Andrea Blackwell: they make morons make faces like that when they see boobs
[15:42] Jeff Hall is offline.
[15:42] Andrea Blackwell: especially smaller ones than their own
[15:42] Andrea Blackwell: which is weird
[15:42] Andrea Blackwell: brb
[15:42] Lisa Garbanzo: Our pussies aint for grabbin.
[15:43] Lisa Garbanzo: Hell YEah!
[15:43] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[15:43] Lisa Garbanzo: Nasty Women!
[15:45] Andrea Blackwell: re hi
[15:45] Andrea Blackwell: So FF, are you ISIL or ISIS?
[15:46] Andrea Blackwell: back to the lower grid with you... go on
[15:46] Lisa Garbanzo: russian contractor troll
[15:46] Random Landar is online.
[15:46] Andrea Blackwell: it's a BLACKWELL Thing. Daddy was a GRAND KNIGHT and guess how big NSA's parking lot is....
[15:46] Andrea Blackwell: REAL BIG
[15:47] Lisa Garbanzo: This is the WomensMarch at Austin, Tx. Yes. You read that right - Texas.
[15:47] Standard Noob: scratchs head why does frank have a large blank sign on him ?
[15:47] Lisa Garbanzo is offline.
[15:47] Andrea Blackwell: I didn't know why they were saluting the sticker when I was dating a guy with a GREAT George Benson voice... he was safe...had a broken leg, so we sang Mahogony
[15:48] Kimi Miami: he is not what you'd call smart, he is just a troll wannabe
[15:48] Andrea Blackwell: so FF... can YOU sing Benson? or are you a no-talent hack like your master?
[15:48] Andrea Blackwell: I know...doesn't even rate
[15:48] Andrea Blackwell: some trolls are useful
[15:48] Random Landar is offline.
[15:48] Andrea Blackwell: How many lives did you save on 9-11 with a message of God Speed to your FAA BFF?
[15:48] Kimi Miami: entertaining, as i have said several times
[15:48] Andrea Blackwell: hmmm?
[15:48] Andrea Blackwell: FF?
[15:49] Kimi Miami: he is away dating his hand
[15:49] Andrea Blackwell: no answer.. in every car with a DoD sticker.... between Andrews AFB and Ft. Meade... as in beer....
[15:50] Andrea Blackwell: 2.5 kids. and our neighborhood ...the same kind as the one they found Bin Laden, had 9000 homes, with 5 styles,
[15:50] Andrea Blackwell: we were #1 Buckingham Elementary school....the country's benchmark and these little jerks won't even learne to read
[15:50] Andrea Blackwell: ameba
[15:51] Andrea Blackwell: the boot has little regard for the anthill it treads
[15:51] Andrea Blackwell: wasichu
[15:51] Andrea Blackwell: you're the one embarassing yourself to the people who brought this tech online
[15:51] Andrea Blackwell: FYVM JUSTIFICATIOn.... BANKAI.. KAMEHAMEHA
[15:51] Andrea Blackwell: nothing compared to this fibro flare
[15:52] Andrea Blackwell: boy doesn't know what he doesn't know and makes his bigotry everybody else's problem
[15:52] Andrea Blackwell: tsk tsk shame campaign with your blank sign... you mean nothing noob
[15:53] ladyjo martin is online.
[15:53] Andrea Blackwell: Nothing is an upgrade
[15:53] Andrea Blackwell: you're a liability
[15:54] Andrea Blackwell: to the world
[15:54] Andrea Blackwell: and the social experiment
[15:54] Andrea Blackwell: President Obama spared you this womans scorn
[15:54] Andrea Blackwell: I won't
[15:54] Andrea Blackwell: you were warned
[15:55] Andrea Blackwell: WE BUILT THE GRIDS WITH ALY
[15:55] Andrea Blackwell: the creator of ASTEROIDS who received NO ROYALTIES
[15:56] Andrea Blackwell: Our babies are our Intellectual property you bloviating ignoramus and I have NO PITY FOR YOU, NO FUCKS TO GIVE, not a BRASS FARTHING
[15:56] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[15:56] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[15:56] Andrea Blackwell: not your FRAUD,
[15:56] Andrea Blackwell: PRESIDENT OBAMA
[15:57] Andrea Blackwell: Rue the day and ALL YOUR DAYS of aggressive ignorance, cheating, raping, gaslighting.... thieving, goldigging and LYING OFF YOUR ASS against INNOCENT PEOPLE OF GOD
[15:58] Andrea Blackwell: and I care about YOUR rights and freedoms?
[15:58] Andrea Blackwell: You have the NERVE and utter GALL to bash Lisa?
[15:58] Andrea Blackwell: really?
[15:58] Andrea Blackwell: you were told to quit harassing us
[15:58] Build Sparks: (enuf to type about it :P)
[15:58] Andrea Blackwell: nom nom nom nom
[15:59] Andrea Blackwell: dot dot dit dit dot dot DASH
[15:59] Build Sparks: hiya cutie
[15:59] Andrea Blackwell: this creep is a cyber TERRORIST PIG
[15:59] Build Sparks: hi PcTek, Super, and all
[16:00] Standard Noob:
[16:00] Standard Noob: hiya
[16:00] Ramirez Torrance: hello Bwild
[16:00] Andrea Blackwell: go back to SL, find a boy in a slut suit and get away from people who have had enough of your brand of cyber attacks agains ALL ToS rules. The country has a ToS, and so does the WORLD.
[16:00] Andrea Blackwell: you brought this pussy riot on yourself.... FONTAINE of IGNORANCE and HATE
[16:00] Andrea Blackwell: hate yourself
[16:00] Build Sparks: (draws a toothepaste mustash on Muxe)
[16:01] Andrea Blackwell: ay, you're back... now.... scroll up and take it like a or whatever you are
[16:01] Andrea Blackwell: your copy paste bullshit is old and moldy
[16:01] Frank Fontaine: The autism is real
[16:01] Build Sparks: what's new PcTek?
[16:01] Andrea Blackwell: we are the ARCHITECHS of the METAVERSE
[16:01] Andrea Blackwell: I fight for the CREATORS
[16:01] Andrea Blackwell: ok
[16:01] Andrea Blackwell: no, I'm divergent you lying sack of garbage
[16:02] Andrea Blackwell: I like writig and flaming snerts like you for practice on the other social networkds
[16:02] Andrea Blackwell: you know... the ones putting HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF WOMEN IN THE STREETS
[16:02] Andrea Blackwell: go to the street and talk that shit
[16:03] Andrea Blackwell: all I have to do to get hated is be seen by the asshattery people like you telling me who to hate and when and where
[16:03] Ramirez Torrance: is this a monolog or ame i missing something?
[16:03] Andrea Blackwell: FUCK EVERY LAST INCH OF YOUR SORRY ASS......since you like the wordsd so much... I'll let you have it back
[16:03] Build Sparks: hi Ubit
[16:03] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[16:04] Andrea Blackwell: and typo at you at will you ISIS, ISIL PIMPING PEDO LOVING LOSER
[16:04] Build Sparks: Ramirez, monologue in cartoon films are usually be villians :P
[16:04] Andrea Blackwell: moron thnks I'm mad
[16:04] Andrea Blackwell: that's the sad bit
[16:04] Build Sparks: hi Chopsy
[16:04] Andrea Blackwell: he's tossing off with his boyfriends, trying to play it straight for freebie kicks
[16:04] Chopsy Bode: hey :)
[16:04] Andrea Blackwell: I don't like submissive men
[16:04] Build Sparks: uberbabe
[16:05] Build Sparks: hi Roxanne
[16:05] Andrea Blackwell: He's bad for business, bad for america and the world... I love being a woman, but I'm a mother
[16:05] Andrea Blackwell: #gamergate... it's real
[16:06] Andrea Blackwell: but it goes back to our Aly, who programmed Space Invaders.
[16:06] Andrea Blackwell: In Tron it was called Space Paranoids
[16:06] Build Sparks: yawns
[16:06] Andrea Blackwell: oh.. he deserved to be flamed
[16:07] Andrea Blackwell: No ticket
[16:07] Andrea Blackwell: Rockcliffe owes me a buttload of money after designing their campus....and everytime they do that expo, I get morons demanding I proofread their pron.
[16:08] Roxanne Elcano: hello
[16:08] Andrea Blackwell: they sold the design to Pixar for Monster U, but the Hogwarts thing .. House of Blackwell like we're extinct... really hurts
[16:08] Andrea Blackwell: this guy thinks I'm public domain
[16:09]Random Avi Six: hi
[16:09] Andrea Blackwell: Everybody knows ISIS and ISIL came out of SL and via that show Archer probably.... If you know DC area
[16:09] Andrea Blackwell: that moron is in Chicago
[16:09] Random Avi five is offline.
[16:10] Random Avi five is online.
[16:10] Andrea Blackwell: only two days old. LOL
[16:10] Andrea Blackwell: Snowden Avatar is two years old and I have nothing but asskick for that boy
[16:11] Build Sparks: hi Carla and Carla
[16:11] Andrea Blackwell: anyway, the Woman's March is beautiful.. I'm going to work on my stuff and check out the poetry... NTOZAKE Shange is a cousin but they kept us apart because she was so AMAZING.
[16:12] Build Sparks: hi Roxanne
[16:12]Random Avi Six: Hi, Rox :)
[16:12] Andrea Blackwell: Opensim is no place for that SL garbage.. they have been trolling real people in real life.
[16:13] Random Avi Sevenis is online.
[16:14] Andrea Blackwell: and because he has a FF attention span, he slanders ME with a disease.....autism? LOL jerk
[16:14] Build Sparks: hi Lena
[16:14] Andrea Blackwell: didn't click links or anything... just popped off.
[16:15] Andrea Blackwell: but attacking Lisa was stupid... she'd muted him and he had himself a little temper tantrum...
[16:15] Andrea Blackwell: limp
[16:15] Random Avi five is offline.
[16:16] Random Avi five is online.
[16:16] Andrea Blackwell: anyway.. it's common knowledge but all he spews is why things he doesn't like means communism.. that's the limp dick of all arguments.
[16:16] Build Sparks: hi Bettie
[16:16] Andrea Blackwell: yawn
[16:17] Andrea Blackwell: this Womans March ... amazing energy.
[16:17] Bettie Deere: hello every one
[16:17] Standard Noob:
[16:17] Standard Noob: hiya sis
[16:17] Andrea Blackwell: hi there
[16:18] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim Dev 90dee2f: 2017-01-08 12:30:50 +0000 (Unix/Mono)
[16:18] Bettie Deere: hi thyere Sup
[16:18] Standard Noob:
[16:18] Standard Noob: hi to everyone that came in
[16:18] Andrea Blackwell: noob-o-liscios over there.. I wonder what that is with the new alt .... they all sound a like, so it's hard to tell
[16:18] Bettie Deere: how in the world are ya
[16:18] Andrea Blackwell: never been so blissfully exhausted in my life!
[16:18] Standard Noob:
[16:18] Standard Noob: doing well thx you just relaxing and pretending i am a good boy
[16:18] Andrea Blackwell: but I miss Prince so much
[16:18] Build Sparks: hi Andy
[16:19] Andy Unplugger: hi
[16:19] Andrea Blackwell: as a good boy does when he wants to be a good man.
[16:19] Bettie Deere: you can do it
[16:19] Bettie Deere: lol
[16:19] Standard Noob: p
[16:19] Andrea Blackwell: listens to women, respectfully
[16:19] Build Sparks: have fun everyones, im off to do something amazing, or just something
[16:19] Andrea Blackwell: boys telling boys what women desire....always creates an epic fail....especially like this
[16:19] Standard Noob: byzz take care b
[16:19] Build Sparks: bye Chopsy
[16:19] Andrea Blackwell: i'm gonna NAPPPPPP
[16:19] Standard Noob: afk
[16:20] Chopsy Bode: bye B :)
[16:20] Andrea Blackwell: OH!
[16:20] Andrea Blackwell: does anyone have a nice link for MN sound stream?
[16:21] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[16:22] Andrea Blackwell: that FF guy wants his FREEDOM... just so you know...
[16:22] Andrea Blackwell: and you're a commie if you don't love that bloviated slumlord, blood money fascist drumpf
[16:23] Andrea Blackwell: trump at me, get some horns... a boot or stiletto up the butt. I'm no feminist, I'm a mommy
[16:23] Frank Fontaine: Has politics finally left LBSA?
[16:23] Andrea Blackwell: never can, you're still a derp
[16:23] Andrea Blackwell: and ignorant as fuck
[16:23] Andrea Blackwell: fascist
[16:24] Andrea Blackwell: nobody wants to be you and you think women are your pussy grabbing prerogative.
[16:24] Random Avi five is offline.
[16:24] Frank Fontaine: Ahhh, nice and quiet again
[16:24] Andrea Blackwell: ToS violator
[16:24] Andrea Blackwell: fascist pic
[16:24] Andrea Blackwell: g
[16:24] Frank Fontaine: So, what's happening around the grid these days?
[16:25] Random Avi five is online.
[16:25] Andrea Blackwell: lagmonsters from your cheating bots and AI's and foreign call centers, you unborkable freak
[16:25] Andrea Blackwell: go back to lagsville pedo
[16:25] Andrea Blackwell: where your facts like you
[16:25] Andrea Blackwell: LOLOL
[16:26] michaelboyd dresler is offline.
[16:27] Andrea Blackwell: propagandist.. find your ISIS ISIL jerks and tell them to get going... those FEMA shelters are all ready for you because your Zod is in the Whitehouse destroying my country
[16:27] Andrea Blackwell: BTW.. some of you jerks type with accents we know are foreign
[16:27] Andrea Blackwell: you suck
[16:27] Frank Fontaine: Are you triggered?
[16:27] Andrea Blackwell: suck elsewhere
[16:27] Andrea Blackwell: nope... bored
[16:27] Frank Fontaine: Triggered
[16:27] Andrea Blackwell: busy and working on something that is taking a long time... sigh
[16:27] Andrea Blackwell: you mad?
[16:27] Andrea Blackwell: put on a cape and be supermad
[16:28] Frank Fontaine: Well, what is it?
[16:28] Andrea Blackwell: ahhhh, lemonade
[16:28] Frank Fontaine: Lemonade?
[16:28] Frank Fontaine: Lemonade takes a long time to make?
[16:29] Andrea Blackwell: google it fathead
[16:29] Frank Fontaine: Is it not simply a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, and water?
[16:29] Frank Fontaine: How can it take a long time to make?
[16:30] Andrea Blackwell: shut up, I'm messing with Sinbad. he looks like my cousin... from CHICAGO BEARS
[16:30] Andrea Blackwell: dick
[16:30] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[16:31] Andrea Blackwell: I love messing with people who call REAL people dumb shit because they're ignorant
[16:31] Frank Fontaine: Whoa
[16:31] Frank Fontaine: That escalated quickly

(he'd been AFK for awhile as if changing shifts with someone else, or he forgot the entire conversation)
[16:31] Random Avatarfour:8002: hello
[16:31] Frank Fontaine: Heya Pearl!
[16:31] Random Avatarfour:8002: heya fontaine
[16:31] Andrea Blackwell: what, did you change users?
[16:31] Andrea Blackwell: new guy sitting at your computer now?
[16:32] Andrea Blackwell: same conversation short stock
[16:32] Andrea Blackwell: quit bragging you're OCD too.. it's pathetic and sad
[16:32] Frank Fontaine: What grid are you from Pearl?
[16:33] Andrea Blackwell: I'm working out tech support issues.. technical writing destroys creative writing skills, but dead beat dads like ignorant girls to follow them and do their bitchwork
[16:33] Andrea Blackwell: moron, what did I tell you before... scroll up
[16:33] Andrea Blackwell: I'm from HERE asshat.. it was called Quirm
[16:34] Random Avatarfour:8002: my name is Jo, Fontaine!
[16:34] Andrea Blackwell: I'm the brains that gave opensim green light
[16:34] Andrea Blackwell: with ALY
[16:34] Random Avatarfour:8002: left to right reading and all that
[16:34] Andrea Blackwell: he hates my genealogy as it pertains to IT
[16:34] Frank Fontaine: Oh, I apologize.
[16:34] Andrea Blackwell: because he's skeeered of NSA and commies
[16:34] Andrea Blackwell: dumb ass
[16:35] Andrea Blackwell: don't fart in their general direction and they stfu
[16:35] Andrea Blackwell: asshat
[16:35] Andrea Blackwell: I'm from REAL US homesteaders
[16:35] Andrea Blackwell: that's why we are here because Daddy hacked the LDS dbase on DARPAnet
[16:35] Andrea Blackwell: but you're a dick because you're a bigot
[16:36] Andrea Blackwell: too scared to live, to lame to educate themselves
[16:36] Andrea Blackwell: HOTEP, pig
[16:36] Andrea Blackwell: no
[16:36] Andrea Blackwell: I'll not slight pigs
[16:36] Andrea Blackwell: we did that hierarchy thing already
[16:36] Frank Fontaine: Are you done yet?
[16:37] Andrea Blackwell: I am an IMMORTAL
[16:37] Andrea Blackwell: YOU ARE in the wrong place
[16:37] Andrea Blackwell: pedo loving creepo
[16:38] Frank Fontaine: Pedo?
[16:38] Frank Fontaine: Projecting much?
[16:38] Andrea Blackwell: YOU are a ToS violation of the lowest order and apparently love the attention. go tell your lame assed jerks that Muze of Arcadia is real
[16:38] Andrea Blackwell: ah, you're textbook poser
[16:38] Andrea Blackwell: mundane as hell
[16:38] Frank Fontaine: Arcadia will always support SL
[16:38] Andrea Blackwell: did you bother reading a profile?
[16:38] Andrea Blackwell: how many years do you see on this avatar?
[16:39] Andrea Blackwell: your illiteracy offends me and your whitewashed privies are an abomination
[16:39] Frank Fontaine: So you are a goody-two-shoes that hasn't been banned.
[16:40] Andrea Blackwell: I laugh at your suicidal whinings
[16:40] Random Avi five is offline.
[16:40] Andrea Blackwell: be done with your self destruction
[16:40] Andrea Blackwell: my indifference is scientific. try evolving into a decent human being...
[16:40] Andrea Blackwell: RP that
[16:40] Andrea Blackwell: until it takes
[16:41] Andrea Blackwell: don't tell a woman in mourning what to say, think or do EVER
[16:41] Frank Fontaine: Ms. Magic, your ramblings amuse me.
[16:41] Andrea Blackwell: we built this before it was online
[16:41] Frank Fontaine: And I was the first to crash it.
[16:41] Andrea Blackwell: you're an idiot, nobody cares what you think about it at this point. I'm actually thinking out loud
[16:41] Andrea Blackwell: it's a math you couldn't understand
[16:42] Andrea Blackwell: you can't pronounce my legacy
[16:42] Frank Fontaine: You were always something of a dreamer.
(BUSTED, he knew me and he's STILL WRONG)
[16:42] Andrea Blackwell: IT'S CALLED HISTORY... I AM HERSTORY
[16:43] Frank Fontaine: No need for shouting, love.
[16:43] Andrea Blackwell: we've heard quite enough from your kind and being that you only acknowledge things you can have sex with, know that I couldn't give a shit who you are, and if you know me...
[16:44] Frank Fontaine: Yes, but I have not returned for you.
[16:44] Andrea Blackwell: because you cowards dont' live up to your words, CREEDS, CONTRACTS, OATHS, PROMISES, PLEDGES and believe in nothing but a fake self godded asshole
[16:44] Andrea Blackwell: your market value was self crashed when you came up against woman hood demanding anything whatsoever in HER HOUSE
[16:45] Frank Fontaine: You didn't always have this feminist slant.
[16:45] Andrea Blackwell: and called her a whore, a liar a slut or a bunch of fucked up diseases you caused yourself
[16:45] Andrea Blackwell: how the fuck do you know? who are you with the two day avatar?
[16:45] Helena G: no hablo ingles
[16:46] Helena G: no entiendo tampoco
[16:46] Andrea Blackwell: I have been put through HELL on the cloud and all the grids... and you demand my physical property, my body parts, and all that crap.
[16:46] Andrea Blackwell: momento.. tengo un cancion port ti
[16:46] Frank Fontaine: You have been vocal, though.
[16:46] Frank Fontaine: I remember the first dance many years back...
[16:46] Frank Fontaine: But, again, I come here not for you.
[16:46] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[16:47] Andrea Blackwell: I am an abstract, a MUSE< stupid.. it's not even profitable to think like other people
[16:47] Frank Fontaine: So, you believe that altruism is the highest aim of mankind?
[16:47] Andrea Blackwell: why the HELL would I want to think like anything but an engineer or an architect or anything the partner lied about who he was or intended to be before wasting my life
[16:48] Frank Fontaine: So, what forum was that ripped from?
[16:48] Andrea Blackwell: I believe I should not be disowned for using what we cultivated... WA Blackwell of bull durham tobacco... and this veteran cant even smoke at her desk. I'm very happy with natural orders of things when they are organically inclined
[16:48] Andrea Blackwell: dick
[16:49] Andrea Blackwell: that's ME you jerk
[16:49] Frank Fontaine: Do you still wear that black dress?
[16:49] Andrea Blackwell: I HATE when people ask me who the fuck I'm quoting
[16:49] Andrea Blackwell: smoke break
[16:49] Andrea Blackwell: Did you waste time not helping me get funded?
[16:49] Fuze Strawberry: "Don't you quote Oppenheimer to me!"
[16:49] Fuze Strawberry: thats a quote from the 'Fringe'
[16:49] Fuze Strawberry: ;)
[16:50] Andrea Blackwell: I never saw fringe
[16:50] Andrea Blackwell: that's the genius bit
[16:50] Andrea Blackwell: brb
[16:50] Frank Fontaine: :^)
[16:51] Andrea Blackwell: I will mourn until I'm done.
[16:51] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[16:51] Andrea Blackwell: this is the CHARTER, the Protocols and the rules Britons rule the waves
[16:52] Frank Fontaine: So, Fuze, I see you migrated from SL. Why did you choose OS grid?
[16:52] Andrea Blackwell: I've always been on both
[16:52] Frank Fontaine: Ah, a true explorer!
[16:53] Andrea Blackwell: play the Pinafore and know the Prince revolution.. is more Buckaroo Bonsai, but ....this is the opera my auntie RUTHabel RICKMAN was in NY doing
[16:53] Andrea Blackwell: timeline is QUANTUM
[16:55] Frank Fontaine: Don't mind Andrea. She is harmless. Except, on the dancefloor.
[16:56] Nani Wind: WAVES EVERYONE
[16:56] Nani Wind: ups sorry the caps
[16:56] Frank Fontaine: *waves back*
[16:56] Standard Noob: hi nani
[16:56] Nani Wind: hi Super
[16:56] Nani Wind: all chilling?
[16:57] Standard Noob:
[16:57] Standard Noob: yes just relaxing enjoying life
[16:58] Nani Wind: yeha its great lol
[16:58] Andrea Blackwell: I'm "Project A", OK?
[16:59] Andrea Blackwell: and I've got little brat queen Isabella over my knee and the world is NOT flat... the boys chests are
[16:59] Nani Wind: hahahhah agree
[17:00] Andrea Blackwell: I LIKE my womanhood and like shabby chic because my grandmother's had hella CLASS
[17:00] Frank Fontaine: What if I told you that gender doesn't exist.
[17:00] Andrea Blackwell: I would say a man is obsolete
[17:01] Nani Wind: loolllll
[17:01] Frank Fontaine: And you believe that a woman is not a man?
[17:02] Andrea Blackwell: we don't need you to reproduce or exist unless you're thieving what was entrusted to you
[17:02] PcTek CyberStar: there are all kinds of humans
[17:02] PcTek CyberStar: xx,
[17:02] PcTek CyberStar: xy,
[17:02] PcTek CyberStar: xxy
[17:02] PcTek CyberStar: xyy
[17:02] PcTek CyberStar: xyyyy
[17:02] PcTek CyberStar: etc
[17:02] PcTek CyberStar: most all yyy's are in prison for violence.
[17:02] Andrea Blackwell: stay in your lane, but don't expect envy when you're shitting where you eat
[17:03] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[17:03] Andrea Blackwell: I know who I am
[17:03] Andrea Blackwell: i don't need a man tellig me what I'm worth
[17:03] Andrea Blackwell: I know what I'm owed.....sort of
[17:03] Frank Fontaine: Owed?
[17:03] Andrea Blackwell: it's been hidden from me
[17:04] Andrea Blackwell: we built your fucking schools, taught in them, built roads.. ... homestead, and digital homesteads... you don't know what you don't see ....but think you had something to do with our being here
[17:04] Standard Noob: hiya may
[17:05] Andrea Blackwell: you took our homes, our health, our children, caused us miscarriages and blamed us....slandered us and gossipped because you can't understand creating things..only exploiting resources
[17:05] Andrea Blackwell: I fight for the content creators
[17:05] Andrea Blackwell: as one
[17:05] Frank Fontaine: *sighs*
[17:05] Andrea Blackwell: so take your one drop rule and shove it. we were the crash test dummies for your education!
[17:05] mayLee Jun: you ttalking about osgrid?
[17:06] mayLee Jun: greetings all
[17:06] Andrea Blackwell: ALL THE GRIDS
[17:06] mayLee Jun: you miscarried a baby on the grid?
[17:06] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[17:06] mayLee Jun: thats soo sad
[17:06] Andrea Blackwell: IT - goes back to cave drawings but they think pharoahs are the desert.....exploiting our design
[17:06] Andrea Blackwell: NO
[17:07] Andrea Blackwell: IRL when I was in the NAvy! when my EX was out to sea on the USS Forrestal
[17:07] mayLee Jun: actually the pharohs were black under current usa laws
[17:07] Andrea Blackwell: I was stationed on NAS Jax after Pentagon rejected the ipad
[17:07] Andrea Blackwell: yes, and when they see one, they troll and attack and beat us down
[17:07] nurbsPlane9: active
[17:07] Frank Fontaine: I think Andrea=Cleverbot
[17:08] Andrea Blackwell: you can't spel genius, fool?
[17:08] Andrea Blackwell: DIVERGENT THINKER
[17:08] Andrea Blackwell: go google it...FFS
[17:08] Andrea Blackwell: I'm not bipolar
[17:08] Andrea Blackwell: I'm fuzzy logic
[17:08] mayLee Jun: must be PC playing a game with us
[17:08] Andrea Blackwell: it's called history, dear
[17:08] Frank Fontaine: It's been going on like this for hours
[17:09] Andrea Blackwell: I'm a real suffragette
[17:09] Frank Fontaine: I still can't understand its purpose
[17:09] Andrea Blackwell: so, I'm real busymode
[17:09] PcTek CyberStar: i have nothing to do with any of this.
[17:09] mayLee Jun: someone testing out code
[17:09] Andrea Blackwell: it can't understand it is something that finds you repulsive and ignorant
[17:09] Andrea Blackwell: ffs
[17:09] Frank Fontaine: It seems to have an attitude as well.
[17:09] mayLee Jun: welcome green, beware we have an angrey bot
[17:10] Andrea Blackwell: IP=Internet Protocol = INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY
[17:10] Frank Fontaine: Anybody know any good logic loops?
[17:10] Andrea Blackwell: what.. you mad at something? I'm singing opera and making some crafts
[17:10] PowerOf.Green hugzz PC
[17:10] PowerOf.Green hugzz Laylee
[17:10] Andrea Blackwell: yeah, morons copy conversations, and make AI out of them.
[17:10] PowerOf.Green ohhh angry bots
[17:10] PowerOf.Green hahaha yea
[17:10] PowerOf.Green jus on test hop
[17:11] Andrea Blackwell: and you're being insulting because you don't understand a simple OSI Layer?
[17:11] leman resident: Hello
[17:11] PowerOf.Green hve good one hugzz all
[17:11] Andrea Blackwell: wow
[17:11] Frank Fontaine: What is the value of pi?
[17:11] Andrea Blackwell: wasted a degree in telecom mgt.. glort
[17:11] Andrea Blackwell: glort klaatu barada nikto
[17:11] Frank Fontaine: Oh!
[17:11] Andrea Blackwell: Freudian Randian losers suck
[17:11] Frank Fontaine: Does a set contain itself?
[17:12] Andrea Blackwell: and blame their inability to impress on the genius
[17:12] Andrea Blackwell: it puts the lotion on the doll.....and youre still nothing to me
[17:12] Andrea Blackwell: if ever
[17:12] Andrea Blackwell: I was probably having peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something... what are your other bigotries homo-islamaphobe?
[17:13] Frank Fontaine: Hmmm, it may simply be a spambot
[17:13] Andrea Blackwell: fascism is really ugly.... does someone actually have sex with you? I wish they'd stop
[17:13] Frank Fontaine: Incapable of logic
[17:13] Andrea Blackwell: awww, freedome of speech
[17:13] Andrea Blackwell: your logic is flawed
[17:13] Andrea Blackwell: as I said, people you can screw over are all you care about
[17:14] Andrea Blackwell: nothing... we're fodder to you becaseu we don't find you desireable
[17:14] Andrea Blackwell: how does that make you feel?
[17:14] Andrea Blackwell: no.. I really dont care
[17:14] Andrea Blackwell: you're lame
[17:14] Frank Fontaine: Yea, so?
[17:15] Frank Fontaine: If you don't care, why continue attempting conversation?
[17:15] Andrea Blackwell: attacking people who disagree and hate and fear and bloviate nonsense with 750,000
[17:15] Andrea Blackwell: I told you I'm studying you and taking notes. this is open chat.
[17:15] Andrea Blackwell: just logging
[17:15] mayLee Jun: whats wrong with facism?
[17:15] Andrea Blackwell: LOL
[17:15] Frank Fontaine: Just logging?
[17:15] Frank Fontaine: Notes?
[17:15] mayLee Jun: you must not be english literite
[17:15] Andrea Blackwell: what's wrong with Nazis, KKK and killing brown people
[17:16] mayLee Jun: whats wrong with the nazi's?
[17:16] Andrea Blackwell: no, REAL English is my first language
[17:16] mayLee Jun: I doubt it
[17:16] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[17:16] mayLee Jun: you don;t know the dfiniition of facism
[17:16] Andrea Blackwell: insert yourself deeply inside yourself. what's superior about people who demand the right to lies and ignorance?
[17:17] Andrea Blackwell: that's against the Charter... vulture capitalists suck
[17:17] JayR Cela is online.
[17:17] mayLee Jun: do you knoiw amercia is first gov since culigula to have secert laws
[17:17] Andrea Blackwell: turn people into shit.. we watched you lie into OUR trust
[17:17] mayLee Jun: you only know you broke them after you get arrested
[17:17] Andrea Blackwell: we know them because we studied them... Caligula your damned self.
[17:17] Andrea Blackwell: we wrote the laws
[17:17] Andrea Blackwell: the SoPs
[17:17] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[17:18] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim Dev 90dee2f: 2017-01-08 12:30:50 +0000 (Unix/Mono)
[17:18] Frank Fontaine: Who are "We>"
[17:18] Andrea Blackwell: and you people don't read too good.. LOL
[17:18] Andrea Blackwell: BLACKWELLs stupid.. and the other Masons I grew up with
[17:18] Frank Fontaine: Blackwells?
[17:18] Frank Fontaine: Masons, as in Free Masons?
[17:18] mayLee Jun: she meant inkwells
[17:18] Andrea Blackwell: yess stupid
[17:19] Frank Fontaine: So, you are a Mason?
[17:19] Andrea Blackwell: we built the east coast, our own schools then yours, then taught in them and Elizabeth is my cousin or something
[17:19] Andrea Blackwell: YES HOW DEFICIENT ARE YOU?
[17:19] Andrea Blackwell: oh.. the party of DUH
[17:19] mayLee Jun: trump will clear america of liberals
[17:20] Andrea Blackwell: my father was on the same level as Robert Gates
[17:20] AlexRime SiLiSiLi is online.
[17:20] Andrea Blackwell: not Bill, he's a little weasle I busted his curve hard in 82
[17:20] Foxxe Wilder: and the world of sanity and freedom and peace
[17:20] Andrea Blackwell: so
[17:20] Andrea Blackwell: JUSTICE
[17:20] Andrea Blackwell: no peace you flimsy weak milktoast freaks
[17:20] Frank Fontaine: Did he have any contact with alien lifeforms?
[17:20] Andrea Blackwell: money is his god
[17:21] Andrea Blackwell: trumps god is money, he appointed himself god and we are impeaching him as we speak.
[17:21] Andrea Blackwell: we built the grids for genealogy
[17:21] Andrea Blackwell: ecommerce
[17:21] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[17:21] Andrea Blackwell: and you stole our survival benefits to build it
[17:22] Andrea Blackwell: tax evading pos
[17:22] mayLee Jun: good thing that
[17:22] mayLee Jun: some thigs shoud never survive
[17:22] Andrea Blackwell: because you remember lies, not truth or agreements BLOOD OATHS
[17:22] Andrea Blackwell: intelligence?
[17:22] Andrea Blackwell: goldiggers and people who RAPE THE EARTH?
[17:22] Andrea Blackwell: the WORLD has a ToS
[17:23] mayLee Jun: its mother earth
[17:23] Andrea Blackwell: anyway, I really gotta...... talk to real artists who understand you lazy fucks are the liberals with no talent,and use our names while we suffer
[17:23] Frank Fontaine: Bye
[17:23] Andrea Blackwell: deadbeat dads because the they won't pay market value when we earn it
[17:23] Andrea Blackwell: you just lie and fuck us over at every turn
[17:23] PcTek CyberStar: oh not me.
[17:23] PcTek CyberStar: im gay
[17:24] Andrea Blackwell: you disgust me and belong in a toilet, not a intellectual venue
[17:24] Andrea Blackwell: you got another lane to deal with
[17:24] Frank Fontaine: I'm asexual
[17:24] Andrea Blackwell: I don't care about gay men women or whatever
[17:24] Andrea Blackwell: no shit
[17:24] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[17:24] PcTek CyberStar: im gay.
[17:24] Andrea Blackwell: that's by design. NO THING SHOULD HAVE SEX WITH YOU
[17:24] Andrea Blackwell: you breed disease lies and bullshit
[17:24] PcTek CyberStar: no, im honest, im gay. no diseases.
[17:25] Ginger Jam: someone get up on the wrong side of the slab today?
[17:25] PcTek CyberStar: i think there has been some sort of argument
[17:25] PcTek CyberStar: i think one person incited an argument
[17:25] mayLee Jun: its a bot someone is testing out
[17:25] mayLee Jun: agrey bot
[17:25] Frank Fontaine: Don't look at me!
[17:25] Andrea Blackwell: for your ignorance, this is what PRESIDENT OBAMA heard for you.
[17:25] Ginger Jam: hahaha
[17:25] PcTek CyberStar: Andrea is real.
[17:25] Standard Noob: hi ginger
[17:25] PcTek CyberStar: president obama is the gay peoples ABRAHAM LINCOLN! HE FREED US AND GAVE US EQUAL RIGHTS!
[17:26] Andrea Blackwell: thank you PcTek.
[17:26] Ginger Jam: Hi all
[17:26] Andrea Blackwell: he's a winner and all because he had his education... and  survival benefits
[17:26] mayLee Jun: hi ginger
[17:26] Standard Noob: Andrea is real and not a bot she has been around a very long time
[17:26] Andrea Blackwell: while reagan taxed my dead mother after GW uiversity killed her after an early miscarriage... with a drug she didn't need
[17:26] Frank Fontaine: Yes, but she has been more, errrm, coherent before
[17:27] Andrea Blackwell: now... you selfish, ignorant piece of shit...
[17:27] Andrea Blackwell: awwwww... well, I'm exhausted
[17:27] PcTek CyberStar: Andrea who are you angry with?
[17:27] Andrea Blackwell: working on this Crapaq / HP POS I was laid off for
[17:27] Andrea Blackwell: bloviating ignorance. I'm not angry.. I'm venting like I did with Aly
[17:28] Andrea Blackwell: did you see the little note about someone talking her ear off while building at Quirm?
[17:28] Andrea Blackwell: that was me
[17:28] Andrea Blackwell: ok?
[17:28] PcTek CyberStar: no i didnt see it.
[17:28] PcTek CyberStar: i have no idea what quirm is.
[17:28] Andrea Blackwell: then you don't know who built this
[17:28] Andrea Blackwell: WE DID from concept
[17:28] Andrea Blackwell: OSG .. is PROOF OF CONCEPT
[17:28] Andrea Blackwell: geeze.. lemmings
[17:28] mayLee Jun: thought the navy built opensim
[17:29] Andrea Blackwell: you've heard of Arcadian Asylum Builders?
[17:29] mayLee Jun: some guy named mosses
[17:29] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[17:29] Andrea Blackwell: you think he did that all by himself? ALY did the HG from here to SL!
[17:29] PcTek CyberStar: i've been here a long time.
[17:29] Andrea Blackwell: this is NOT my oldest AVATAR!
[17:29] Andrea Blackwell: GADS
[17:29] Frank Fontaine: I met Arcadia before, she did ramble on about certain subjects.
[17:30] Andrea Blackwell: not Arcadia.. I didn't know about her at all..
[17:30] Frank Fontaine: I remember a heated discussion on old Commodore systems with ehr.
[17:30] mayLee Jun: thought arcadidia was a myth
[17:30] Andrea Blackwell: Arcadians are REAL ENGLISH Intellectuals
[17:30] PcTek CyberStar: all i know is that it takes 10 minutes to load a prim with 500 things in it, if it ever loads.
[17:30] Andrea Blackwell: whaaaaaaah
[17:30] Frank Fontaine: No, she ran a sim here once.
[17:30] Frank Fontaine: It was based on Africa
[17:30] PcTek CyberStar: as a gay person i demand faster prims please.
[17:30] Andrea Blackwell: with Warin and you ATTACKED Lisa like a dick
[17:30] Andrea Blackwell: who the fuck are YOU to attack Lisa?
[17:31] mayLee Jun: there still a arcadia sim here with her stuff, lots from hoba=o hub
[17:31] Andrea Blackwell: troll from nowhere
[17:31] PcTek CyberStar: O i like Lisa.
[17:31] PcTek CyberStar: Lisa speaks many languages.
[17:31] Andrea Blackwell: it was built for ...well me=ish...
[17:31] Andrea Blackwell: I was the one with the Mason laws that allows it
[17:31] Andrea Blackwell: why?
[17:31] PcTek CyberStar: Lisa speaks english, spanish, italian, french and japanese.
[17:31] Andrea Blackwell: because I'm FROM DC
[17:31] Andrea Blackwell: yeah, she's cool
[17:31] Andrea Blackwell: we're different
[17:31] mayLee Jun: dc? chocholate city?
[17:32] Andrea Blackwell: she's from the west coast and I'm the original Bueller because I graduated in 1983.
[17:32] Andrea Blackwell: 1984 happened in 1948 when it was written for DAddy's class of 1949
[17:32] Frank Fontaine: I wish I could RP Illuminati lore so well
[17:32] Andrea Blackwell: he birthed too many babies on Guam after Jr ROTC...
[17:33] mayLee Jun: no wonder her mother had abortion, or was it miscarrage?
[17:33] Andrea Blackwell: as one of the first Navy Corpsman following our medical legacy AS the first Doctors in the US
[17:33] Andrea Blackwell: low blow and disgusting
[17:33] Andrea Blackwell: vile and heartless
[17:33] Andrea Blackwell: and you think love is what you can possess and control
[17:33] Andrea Blackwell: dick
[17:33] Andrea Blackwell: sick
[17:34] Frank Fontaine: Why do you judge so?
[17:34] Andrea Blackwell: whatev...women who comply are worse than the men
[17:34] Andrea Blackwell: oooh, sorry. I'm Q/A
[17:34] Andrea Blackwell: show some
[17:34] Frank Fontaine: No
[17:34] Andrea Blackwell: on a P-3 Orion. on Prism for post Perot...which you screwed over..... EDS
[17:34] Andrea Blackwell: ok.. flame on loser
[17:35] Andrea Blackwell: So... pentagon had too many derps and stole survival benefits and then said OOOOHHH scary black people because 90 % of blacks are in prison in DC
[17:35] Andrea Blackwell: blink
[17:35] PcTek CyberStar: what is the fifth derivative of
[17:36] Andrea Blackwell: WE BUILT THE CHOCOLATE CITY.. it was over 90% blak
[17:36] Frank Fontaine: Mmmm...chocolate
[17:36] Andrea Blackwell: oh, pi 3.14 nd I don't give a fuck what the interrupt of com port 3 is.. don't be stupid
[17:36] mayLee Jun: its what the blacks call DC
[17:36] Andrea Blackwell: not that kind of genius.. we didn't do work for you
[17:37] Andrea Blackwell: I was 5 in 1970 "hiring' kids who wanted to be whatever long as they did it in space
[17:37] Frank Fontaine: Oh, I thought she was talking about Hershey PA
[17:37] Andrea Blackwell: because you'r an idiot
[17:37] mayLee Jun: or chicago?
[17:37] Andrea Blackwell: the rebel yell is about a roller coaster
[17:37] Frank Fontaine: *you're
[17:37] Andrea Blackwell: George Seals of Chicago is my cousin
[17:37] Frank Fontaine: Yea, well, I'm the Pope.
[17:37] Andrea Blackwell: we're from KCMO and KCKS grandma was born in Wichita and so was Obama's mother... neener
[17:38] Andrea Blackwell: you're a loser
[17:38] Andrea Blackwell: and aliar
[17:38] Andrea Blackwell: and a bigot
[17:38] Frank Fontaine: Don't disgrace the Pope.
[17:38] Andrea Blackwell: hates knowledge
[17:38] Frank Fontaine: I can excommunicate you .
[17:38] Andrea Blackwell whispers: YOU INSULTED THE POPE
[17:38] Andrea Blackwell: STFU
[17:38] Andrea Blackwell: gaslighter
[17:38] Frank Fontaine: No
[17:39] Andrea Blackwell: aaaaand read it and weep....Prince liked my work and didn't even know me from doing purple rain covers in DC
[17:40] Andrea Blackwell: have you been physically castrated yet? Please consider it
[17:40] Frank Fontaine: You seem to have a peculiar obsession with male genetalia?
[17:40] Andrea Blackwell: inventories don't organize themselves on their own you know
[17:41] Frank Fontaine: It can be coded.
[17:41] Frank Fontaine: Or scripted, for that matter.
[17:41] Andrea Blackwell: no griefing dick head
[17:41] Andrea Blackwell: you're a liar and a creep.. . and PRINCE liked my build... derp dead eye
[17:42] Andrea Blackwell: see the tweet?
[17:42] Frank Fontaine: Do you have anything to support your claim?
[17:42] Frank Fontaine: Or are you just going to continue bsing?
[17:42] Andrea Blackwell: it's on the sign stupid
[17:42] Andrea Blackwell: you didn't click links asshat
[17:42] Random Avi Sevenis is offline.
[17:42] Andrea Blackwell: my research is online, but you're IGNORANT and BIGOTED
[17:43] Andrea Blackwell: hate information you don't know and reject it outright because an asshole sold the world and you sucked his ass for anything you could get
[17:43] Andrea Blackwell: NOTHING
[17:43] Frank Fontaine: Please forgive me if I never heard of a nobody before.
[17:43] Frank Fontaine: A..parasite.
[17:43] Andrea Blackwell: what... did the revolution NOT get televised?
[17:43] Andrea Blackwell: you are that
[17:43] Andrea Blackwell: and not the useful kind
[17:43] Frank Fontaine: No U
[17:44] Andrea Blackwell: don't know how the telecommunications network came to be
[17:44] Frank Fontaine: I worked for Ma Bell before you were even a tyke
[17:44] Andrea Blackwell: what part of Aviation Anti-Submarine Warfare technician did you not understand?
[17:44] Andrea Blackwell: and.......I knew how to calculate the telecom service prices down to the Erlang
[17:45] Andrea Blackwell: do you know what an ERLANG is?
[17:45] Andrea Blackwell: how about Vsat?
[17:45] Andrea Blackwell: SONAR, RADAR, IRDS,
[17:45] Frank Fontaine: Don't need to know about telecomms
[17:45] Frank Fontaine: Wire was the future
[17:45] Frank Fontaine: Fiberoptics
[17:45] Andrea Blackwell: do you know what an R2D2 is on a P-3 Orion and why the hell my exam was in RUSSIAN on Google?
[17:45] Andrea Blackwell: NO
[17:46] Andrea Blackwell: yeah, well.. when those disco lamps came out, I totally had the concept down and talked it out with DADDY
[17:46] Frank Fontaine: So PcTek, you knew Andrea?
[17:46] Andrea Blackwell: ugly sack of mostly water.
[17:46] Andrea Blackwell: I've learned a lot since we met
[17:47] Andrea Blackwell: about my genealogy that was stolen from me, but I was going through HELL because people kept whitewashing my project
[17:47] Andrea Blackwell: with perception is reality Bullshit
[17:47] Andrea Blackwell: all you see is what you see, but not what'son my side of the screen
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: selfish to degrees incalculable..and have the nerve not to even click a link
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: while lying to the cheap seats
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: that's the lowest of scum
[17:48] Frank Fontaine: I like my computer virus free, thank you.
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: and the meds bloated me so bad
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: you are a virus.. don't be stupid
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: you cant see that?
[17:48] Frank Fontaine: You didn't have to take the meds.
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: your disease is a farce
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: Vitamin D stupid
[17:48] Andrea Blackwell: iron
[17:49] Andrea Blackwell: melanin BLOCKS THAT VITAMIN
[17:49] Frank Fontaine: Those don't cause bloat unless ingested in excess quantitites
[17:49] Andrea Blackwell: very bad and your boy talks like a 3rd grade girl
[17:49] Frank Fontaine: Quantities that one chooses to injest
[17:49] Andrea Blackwell: I got a 1969 MAD Magazine that debunks him
[17:49] Andrea Blackwell: he's mentally deRANGED
[17:50] Andrea Blackwell: you'r a fucking COWARD!@
[17:50] Andrea Blackwell: die in ignorance and don't spread your disease
[17:50] Andrea Blackwell: THIS IS A REAL MAN's FUNERAL
[17:51] Frank Fontaine: No
[17:51] Andrea Blackwell: you aren't worthy to have changed his linens
[17:51] Frank Fontaine: No
[17:51] Andrea Blackwell: that's bigotry
[17:51] Frank Fontaine: No
[17:51] Andrea Blackwell: why so proud of it
[17:51] Frank Fontaine: No
[17:51] Andrea Blackwell: don't even Wiki for historical reference.. how about find a grave
[17:51] Andrea Blackwell: oooohhh you might be WRONG
[17:51] Andrea Blackwell: FOR EVERY GENERATION
[17:51] Andrea Blackwell: and you're a dime a dozen
[17:52] Andrea Blackwell: I've NEVER HIDDEN
[17:52] Frank Fontaine: You are, you are a liar and fake.
[17:52] Andrea Blackwell: and it fucks you up... pooor lame dick...I pity nothing about you
[17:52] Frank Fontaine: You hide on the virtual world because you have alienated all around you in the real
[17:52] Andrea Blackwell: Daddy was actually born THREE months to the day of Spock
[17:52] Frank Fontaine: Your friends are virtual
[17:53] Andrea Blackwell: no.... because you MORONS don't hire people WITH COLLEGE DEGREES
[17:53] Frank Fontaine: There is a reason why your band was destroyed
[17:53] Andrea Blackwell: meth and heroine...all around
[17:53] Andrea Blackwell: um.. my band is still going stupid
[17:53] Andrea Blackwell: you're an asshat because you don't believe my name
[17:53] Andrea Blackwell: BLACKWELL
[17:53] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[17:54] Frank Fontaine: I don't have to believe
[17:54] Andrea Blackwell: and I've NEVER HIDDEN IT BECAUSE I AM the daughter of a systems analyst
[17:54] Andrea Blackwell: no, just LIE ABOUT IT
[17:54] Andrea Blackwell: LIKE A PIG
[17:54] Frank Fontaine: *claps*
[17:54] Andrea Blackwell: and play poser
[17:54] Frank Fontaine: Congratulations
[17:54] Andrea Blackwell: RP and make shit up
[17:54] Andrea Blackwell: and it bit you in the ass
[17:54] Frank Fontaine: *claps*
[17:55] Andrea Blackwell: I'm so buffy now it's hilarious
[17:55] Frank Fontaine: Your project will never be funded
[17:55] Andrea Blackwell: and guess who follows me on Twitter?
[17:55] Andrea Blackwell: because you SLANDERED MY FAMILY GRIMM?
[17:55] Andrea Blackwell: and you want women and troops to DIE FOR YOU
[17:55] Frank Fontaine: I do
[17:56] Frank Fontaine: Especially women
[17:56] Andrea Blackwell: so you an stay ignorant and destory our work MIND BODY and spirit
[17:56] Andrea Blackwell: ew
[17:56] Andrea Blackwell: you can't destroy women
[17:56] Frank Fontaine: Sure I can
[17:56] Andrea Blackwell: we are the ones who decide what you're worth
[17:56] Andrea Blackwell: ROFLMAO
[17:56] Frank Fontaine: Handguns are the great equalizer
[17:57] Andrea Blackwell: and you're coming at me with a gun?
[17:57] Andrea Blackwell: been there already
[17:57] Andrea Blackwell: death threats
[17:57] Andrea Blackwell: fiscal abuse
[17:57] Jeff Hall is online.
[17:57] Andrea Blackwell: you suck at it btw
[17:57] Frank Fontaine: Poor thing
[17:57] Frank Fontaine: It must suck being you
[17:57] Andrea Blackwell: not your right
[17:57] Andrea Blackwell: die for yourself
[17:57] Andrea Blackwell: death threats are another ToS violation
[17:58] Andrea Blackwell: are you seeing anyone for that delusion?
[17:58] Andrea Blackwell: that you have the right to bear arms against ME?
[17:58] Andrea Blackwell: with no reprisal or consequences whatsoever because you're white
[17:58] Frank Fontaine: I never threated anybody, I merely stated that handguns were the great equalizer.
[17:59] Andrea Blackwell: and apparenty male.. albeit neutered
[17:59] Frank Fontaine: You can disagree with that statement if you want.
[17:59] Frank Fontaine: I don't care
[17:59] Andrea Blackwell: ah... no, that's a bonafide THREAT you traitor
[17:59] Andrea Blackwell: I know what you are
[17:59] Andrea Blackwell: and it's not allowed anywhere on the planet
[17:59] Andrea Blackwell: COWARD
[18:00] Frank Fontaine: Nobody is threatening anyone.
[18:00] Andrea Blackwell: a gun makes you.....a human?
[18:00] Andrea Blackwell: you lie, you DID
[18:00] Andrea Blackwell: AT ME
[18:00] Frank Fontaine: Nuh uh
[18:00] Andrea Blackwell: from CHICAGO
[18:00] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[18:00] Andrea Blackwell: you are violent
[18:00] Andrea Blackwell: I am educated
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: L
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: O
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: L
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: O
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: L
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: O
[18:01] Andrea Blackwell: and you are where people I care about
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: L
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: O
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: L
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: O
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: L
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: O
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: I'm sorry
[18:01] Andrea Blackwell: bullshit
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: I actually laughed out loud
[18:01] Andrea Blackwell: your sorry's are disgusting
[18:01] Andrea Blackwell: my cousin wrote that poem too
[18:01] Andrea Blackwell: Janet Jackson read it in a movie
[18:01] Frank Fontaine: I'm just asserting my White privilege
[18:01] Andrea Blackwell: with guns
[18:02] Andrea Blackwell: and threats
[18:02] Andrea Blackwell: because you don't know
[18:02] Frank Fontaine: There were no threats
[18:02] Frank Fontaine: But there were guns
[18:02] Andrea Blackwell: liar
[18:02] Andrea Blackwell: LIAR
[18:02] Andrea Blackwell: LIARLIARLIARLIAR
[18:02] Andrea Blackwell: but thats the only way you "win"...
[18:02] Andrea Blackwell: CHEATING
[18:03] Andrea Blackwell: selling my work I did in school at freaking DeVry after I had been accepted to LOYOLA Baltimore
[18:03] Frank Fontaine: I always win
[18:03] Andrea Blackwell: where they killed my prom date
[18:03] Andrea Blackwell: you are scum of the entire earth
[18:03] Andrea Blackwell: I have more white priv that you do. I'm European
[18:03] Andrea Blackwell: that does NOT mean WHITE YHOU MORON
[18:03] Frank Fontaine: You look mixed
[18:03] Andrea Blackwell: DUH
[18:04] Frank Fontaine: That must be sad. Hated by both the Whites and the Blacks
[18:04] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[18:04] Andrea Blackwell: a fascist calls me BLACK MALAYSIAN because mhy history looks like Shanghai Noon met Django
[18:04] Andrea Blackwell: President Obama was the Prove me Wrong.. that's a scientific process
[18:05] Andrea Blackwell: you probably worked in that lame call center on La Salle too
[18:05] Andrea Blackwell: oh, if you have them, fuck your feelings
[18:05] Andrea Blackwell: science
[18:05] Andrea Blackwell: AND GOD you pathetic whiny Orwellian
[18:06] Andrea Blackwell: for two minutes response time.... all this blood and death
[18:06] Frank Fontaine: Do you want to take this private. I'm not sure everyone else wants to listen to this?
[18:06] Andrea Blackwell: my cousin Jaron died in the Gulf because I didn't get to warn him to... JOIN THE USO
[18:06] Frank Fontaine: I mean, I really am indifferent.
[18:06] Andrea Blackwell: if he wanted to be in the military
[18:07] Andrea Blackwell: and I examine you like the disease you bring here
[18:07] Andrea Blackwell: like the disease you are
[18:07] Frank Fontaine: It's going to get bigger too
[18:07] Frank Fontaine: I'm planning a whole region
[18:07] Frank Fontaine: You won't be invited though
[18:07] Frank Fontaine: Sorry
[18:07] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[18:08] Andrea Blackwell: so, you do't know shit, you're dickless and lame.. why do you think you're superior? Hmm?
[18:08] Andrea Blackwell: TOS violator? You have no place anywhere
[18:08] Andrea Blackwell: I have skill, professional pride, a damned efficient crew that doesn't know I exist
[18:08] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[18:09] Frank Fontaine: I don't care
[18:09] Andrea Blackwell: Im a One Minute manager... something your boy plagiarized... pimping teenagers at age 33
[18:09] Andrea Blackwell: you don't matter!
[18:09] Andrea Blackwell: see how that works?
[18:09] Andrea Blackwell: go
[18:09] Frank Fontaine: Neither do you
[18:09] Frank Fontaine: There
[18:09] Andrea Blackwell: wanna bet?
[18:10] Frank Fontaine: Sure
[18:10] Andrea Blackwell: this doesn't exist eather
[18:10] Frank Fontaine: 50 bucks
[18:10] Andrea Blackwell: you already lost stupid, pay up
[18:10] Izzie Applewhyte: Hey Muxe.. would you care to read the Osgrid rules?
[18:10] Andrea Blackwell:
[18:10] Izzie Applewhyte: No obscene language
[18:10] Andrea Blackwell: BOOM
[18:10] Frank Fontaine: Xanadugrid?
[18:10] Andrea Blackwell: pay or else.. you have a written contract right here
[18:11] Andrea Blackwell: don't worry about it,
[18:11] Andrea Blackwell: you owe me 50$ USD
[18:11] Izzie Applewhyte shouts: the Osgrid rules say no obscene language
[18:11] Andrea Blackwell: oh, he f-bombed me long ago
[18:12] Andrea Blackwell: how about the threats prior to that Izzie
[18:12] Izzie Applewhyte: / shout Frank the Osgrid rules say no obscene language.. happy Muxe
[18:12] Izzie Applewhyte: >

[18:12] Andrea Blackwell: fine.. I'll stop as asked, but one moment
[18:12] Frank Fontaine: This go--fund me page is hilarious.
[18:13] Andrea Blackwell: Go directly to Levittownblues,com and send 50$ to my account
[18:13] Andrea Blackwell: this is a written contract
[18:13] Frank Fontaine: Okay, sue me.
[18:13] Andrea Blackwell: oh, you didn't read the rules? too bad. He attacked Lisa when he was muted
[18:13] Andrea Blackwell: see? no hoonor
[18:14] Andrea Blackwell: honor
[18:14] Andrea Blackwell: no merit
[18:14] Andrea Blackwell: no way no how
[18:14] Frank Fontaine: I have a top hat, that indicates class.
[18:14] Andrea Blackwell: nobody wants a pedophile woman hater on OSGrid
[18:14] Frank Fontaine: Your argument is invalid.
[18:15] Andrea Blackwell: you went beyond the ToS violation then the griefing...regarding my father's AND mother's deaths
[18:15] Andrea Blackwell: attacking Lisa
[18:15] Frank Fontaine: I did what now?
[18:15] Andrea Blackwell: and slandering my work
[18:15] Andrea Blackwell: awww
[18:15] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[18:15] Andrea Blackwell: yes, you were griefing her and me
[18:15] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[18:16] Jeff Hall is offline.
[18:16] Frank Fontaine: If you say so.
[18:16] Jeff Hall is online.
[18:16] Frank Fontaine: In all serious though, I am really interested in this "work" of yours.
[18:16] Frank Fontaine: So what's this new grid supposed to be?
[18:17] Andrea Blackwell: nothing
[18:17] Frank Fontaine: Nothing
[18:17] Andrea Blackwell: it's not new, you bloviating excremental
[18:17] Andrea Blackwell: nothing you would understand
[18:17] Frank Fontaine: Okay, then I won't donate.
[18:18] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim Dev 90dee2f: 2017-01-08 12:30:50 +0000 (Unix/Mono)
[18:18] Andrea Blackwell: you disrespected the best on OSGrid and founders
[18:18] Andrea Blackwell: with lies and yada yadas you're a joke
[18:18] Andrea Blackwell: dangerous ugly joke
[18:18] Frank Fontaine: I only disrespected Lisa. Dan is still the man.
[18:18] Jessie Campbell is offline.
[18:19] Andrea Blackwell: because a woman of color with an education doesn't want to be dominated by a moron. this is NOT new
[18:19] Andrea Blackwell: we established these laws before you broke them
[18:19] Andrea Blackwell: too bad for you
[18:19] Frank Fontaine: What if I told you I was a black woman?
[18:19] Frank Fontaine: Who uses virtual worlds to be gender and racially neutral
[18:19] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[18:20] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[18:20] Standard Noob:
[18:20] Standard Noob: hiya caro
[18:20] Frank Fontaine: Also, why 50K for the virtual world?
[18:20] Andrea Blackwell: I am me.. .this is my avatar and it's not brown becaue it wants to take your abuse.. it is as close to me as I can get it.
[18:20] Random Avi Eight: hey super
[18:20] Andrea Blackwell: that's just a number of the salaries I've been out
[18:21] Andrea Blackwell: I'm actually due millions but you morons hoard and sell jobs and get all and #GAMERGATE is your problem
[18:21] Andrea Blackwell: I am a genealogist. with real history. that's why WE built networks of all kinds
[18:22] Frank Fontaine: Please explain how #GAMERGATE caused you your job?
[18:22] Frank Fontaine: Err, costed rather
[18:22] Standard Noob: hiya JerkyBoy
[18:22] Random Avi Eight: ah its JerkyBoy..hi
[18:23] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: hello
[18:23] Random Avi Eight: i havea lot of unknown users:)
[18:23] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: have you cleared your cache lately? or been to other grids?
[18:23] Standard Noob: strange caro
[18:23] Standard Noob: i see everyones name fine but i havent really left here apart from 2 or 3 times
[18:24] Andrea Blackwell: mad because I'm like my mother who was like Eartha Kitt
[18:24] Andrea Blackwell: ROFLMAO
[18:24] Random Avi Eight: i was hging
[18:24] Random Avi Eight: yes i was on other grids
[18:24] Andrea Blackwell: you are a self replicating virus
[18:24] Andrea Blackwell: deal with it
[18:24] Standard Noob: oh yes that might cause it :(
[18:24] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: that happens to me after hging sometimes, I clear my cache and it usually fixes it
[18:24] Random Avi Eight: ok yes
[18:24] Frank Fontaine: How did gamergate cost you your job?
[18:24] Random Avi Eight: buttakes long time t o load again:)
[18:24] Standard Noob: (
[18:25] Andrea Blackwell: Ooh, I'm making nebula in jars.... they're so cute
[18:25] Random Avi Eight: :)
[18:25] Random Avi Eight: ive got big ones...untamed in the sky:)
[18:25] Andrea Blackwell: Y2K contracts to nowhere
[18:26] Andrea Blackwell: and your posers don't even show up for work
[18:26] Andrea Blackwell: then demand my education on the job...claiming equality with an MCSE cert
[18:26] Andrea Blackwell: lame
[18:26] Andrea Blackwell: and drumpf sold that book on McCain's ship.. he was a cheater
[18:27] Andrea Blackwell: what about a REAL man in the Navy like Admiral Koenig.. no, you expect woman to die and be humiliated for your ego
[18:27] Andrea Blackwell: limp
[18:27] Andrea Blackwell: so you pull guns and turn us into a bloodsport
[18:28] Andrea Blackwell: while abusing small animals, raping and destroying women for drugs you can't handle
[18:28] Frank Fontaine: You are making a lot of accusations.
[18:28] Andrea Blackwell: look outside you moron
[18:28] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[18:28] Andrea Blackwell: woman hood is talking to you
[18:29] Frank Fontaine: I thought womanhood was concerned with a dark, smelly, wet womb
[18:29] Andrea Blackwell: I only have about `1500 followers on Twitter, but some of them have millions
[18:29] Andrea Blackwell: we're laughing at you in quantum ...... wayment,
[18:29] Frank Fontaine: Yet, nobody has donated to your project
[18:29] Frank Fontaine: Why is that?
[18:29] Frank Fontaine: Its been up a month
[18:30] Andrea Blackwell: open chat is fair game silly muggle
[18:30] Frank Fontaine: Why has nobody donated to your project?
[18:30] Andrea Blackwell: I need to rewrite it.. dyslexia
[18:31] Frank Fontaine: I though you were educated? Surely someone so educated would have written it better.
[18:31] Andrea Blackwell: and I keep getting interrupted while your Glenn Beck, Limbaugh creeps track veteran tags and handicapp placards
[18:31] Andrea Blackwell: oh see.. stupid.. . I'm an ENGINEER
[18:31] Frank Fontaine: That explains it
[18:31] Andrea Blackwell: all the gaslighting is lame, but hard to sort out
[18:32] Frank Fontaine: You are an engineer.
[18:32] Andrea Blackwell: no, I'm DIVERGENT stupid
[18:32] Andrea Blackwell: it's complicated
[18:32] Frank Fontaine: No, you're the engineer.
[18:32] Andrea Blackwell: intellectual divide is apparent. in my neighborhood, we were in danger of being used as weapons
[18:32] Andrea Blackwell: not getting to space race
[18:33] Andrea Blackwell: but your boy had to get himself an NAACP participation medal....cuz... pink is a color.. or something
[18:33] Andrea Blackwell: he's soooo pathetic you don't even know because you didn't grow up on DC101
[18:34] Andrea Blackwell: or sell girlscout cookies door to door while your brother sold donuts at church.. geeze you pedos are disgusting
[18:34] Andrea Blackwell: pedo supporters
[18:34] Andrea Blackwell: want respect
[18:34] Andrea Blackwell: nope
[18:34] Frank Fontaine: So how is (Mispelled my RL sisters name) doing?
[18:34] Frank Fontaine: Oh, (different misspelling of my RL sister's name) I mean.
[18:34] Andrea Blackwell: who is that?
[18:34] Andrea Blackwell: mr. getting personal
[18:35] Frank Fontaine: You're sister.
[18:35] Frank Fontaine: The one out west.
[18:35] Andrea Blackwell: dipping and digging into my personals, but not the actual reason you got information
[18:35] Andrea Blackwell: that's not even cool hacking, it's snowden crap...
[18:35] Andrea Blackwell: I know you guys just jack off and porn out at work
[18:36] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: can you guys either stop or at least take this private?
[18:36] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: I am asking nicely
[18:36] Andrea Blackwell: my estate owes me an inheritance because the hedonists were too busy to leave anything for me...and selfish because of a slanderous misdirection of information
[18:36] Frank Fontaine: Sorry JerkyBoy.
[18:36] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[18:37] Andrea Blackwell: I'm logging this and Harriet Tubman better get money for her family if they persoanlize it with her face. IJS. No, I won't talk to THAT in private.
[18:37] Frank Fontaine: Hey JerkyBoy, can you hook me up with some land in Seaprior?
[18:37] Andrea Blackwell: I've logged this for posting public
[18:37] Andrea Blackwell: and thats the problem with people who PLEDGE money and don't deliver
[18:38] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[18:38] Andrea Blackwell: you don't deserve anything we brought you for the greater good
[18:38] Andrea Blackwell: good bye
[18:38] Andrea Blackwell: RULE BRITANNIA the least you can do for our blood is look that up
[18:38] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: if there is a vacant parcel in seaprior, I can sell it to you frank
[18:39] Frank Fontaine: Cool, what's the asking price?
[18:39] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: haha 0$
[18:39] Random Avi Eight: this is ogrid:)
[18:39] Frank Fontaine: Sold! :^)
[18:40] Andrea Blackwell: geeze.. and after attackign Lisa, you owe me 50$
[18:40] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: find an empty parcel on Zaius, Seaprior, or Teravus, send me the landmark, then I can sell it to you
[18:40] Frank Fontaine: Will do!
[18:41] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.
[18:41] Random Avi Eight: hi kazuma
[18:41] Kaz-ish AnimeName: hi mom
[18:41] Random Avi Eight: welcome to osgrid:)
[18:42] undead blackholename: hey fancy seeing you here
[18:42] Kaz-ish AnimeName: thanks
[18:42] Andrea Blackwell: fascism is sick btw.. get help
[18:42] Kaz-ish AnimeName: i know right
[18:42] Russian-ish AvatarName is offline.
[18:43] Andrea Blackwell: and if you go balls to the wall, there's no CRYING IN BASEBALL!
[18:43] Andrea Blackwell: forgot, I had other stuff I'm here for...
[18:45] Russian-ish AvatarName is online.

(earlier, when I arrived, open voice was cutoff and after that, they both went la la la and restarted the region so I couldn't log the entire conversation.  I'd been watching the grids and WARNED them who was being targeted with the grid hacks on holidays such as MOTHER'S DAY, but they didn't want to hear it, because it either wasn't their grid, or they were up Snowden's butt with dreams of anarchy and whatever.  This is why over 90% of the FEMALE avatars are driven by MEN who tell each other what REAL woman want..  that's so POSER and it happens EVERY TIME women excel. It's easy to tell when a man has designed a female avatar as well as when a white guy puts on a black avatar pretending being ghetto as if that's the only kind of man of color in existence.  When I dress my avatar in clothes of other countries, I keep my avatar as I AM... culturally immersed, but NOT POSER or to commit FRAUD)
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] Grid: Plaza restarting for updates, please teleport away now to avoid disconnection, thanks!
[18:45] JerkyBoy JacksonBro: time to go people

[18:45] Random Avi Eight: oops
[18:45] Random Avi Eight: byeee