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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Friday, November 20, 2015

OpenSimulator Development for Community Conference 2015 Visualized [HD]

Here's that Digital Frontier, I've been yacking about.
Boy, a speech impediment and low levels of Vitamin D, and people get all hatey!
Ok, I get it, evil people exist....jealous and .....whatever.
I'm deeply invested in this, ever since my Smithsonian days.
The Space Race goes back to the dawn of cave drawings.
Is "Who Am I, such a hard question to ask?"
Higher callings matter!
This is what the Arcadia Asylum Builders had in MIND.
Art tells stories when words fail.
Now THAT's a CoLAB!
I'm just a relay

Hey Nebadon, way to keep it SIMPLE, smartass!
(he used an APP for that!)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Horizons: President Obama's faith: "Maintaining your moral c...

Horizons: President Obama's faith: "Maintaining your moral c...: As someone who is dedicated to trying to understand President Obama, it is always interesting to come across a speech or an interview with h...

Monday, May 4, 2015

UFS RP Mission

Being ONE of a team again.  When I wear all the hats for Muze Ackland Productions, this kind of RP translates in the world of me in Geeknation

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Customizing .... Dear

I as decorating my UFS crew quarters as a cadet with an animated picture viewer.

By 1987, when the class of '83 was "held back" with no college money,
 many women in the US Navy treated the barracks like the dorm rooms we hoped for growing up.  Many of us had no other option for training as the costs skyrocketed out of reach..after taxing our parents to build the infrastructure and then denied us the education after one or both of them died trying!   Gouging education set civil rights back DECADES.  We'd cut our ties with our past to become WHAT? 
The legacy of mediocrity when your potential demanded more, was treated like a crime against humanity where I'm from.
Perception is not reality anywhere any time and it's truly tiresome and DANGEROUS to dismiss a cultures heritage, struggle and battles when the fight isn't over....especially when history insists on repeating itself to people who won't know the truth, or even the information given to other sides, while the "powerful" exploited markets by holding back resources they weren't finish cashing in on.
Survival of the fittest often means brainpower and the charter was committed to balancing labor, brainpower, and money. 
A healthy MIDDLE has always been the important factor here.  Presuming the life path of another is also unwise.
US pay scales + skyrocketing educational costs + low pay + high rent + terrible job market....a very confused economy, with an under-educated population driving US into multiple recessions,
(sharecropper's economy) and manipulation of resources dedicated to fear-mongering and protecting ourselves from the blowback. 
No wonder mini skirts and long hemlines are in style at the same time.
Education and vocational training with a healthy background in Liberal Arts, gave nations a well-balanced, healthy society.
  The culture in my family has been dedicated to "The Liberal Arts", and that included sciences.  We were taught to build on our foundations.  Without understanding HOW it was built, old mistakes are repeated.  Most 'isms" I abhor make people think they have the right to cheat or outright steal from you...  and give lame excuses such as, "Well, we're ALL animals and animals steal to survive"
Military education was no substitute for Loyola, which was no substitute for Oxford..  or Mt. Holyoke where I attended Summermath in 1982.  Survival benefits were revoked and mainstreaming put that money to integrate HBCU's like the one my grandparents attended....
I tried to make do.
The far too rapey/ignorant mentality in the military made it impossible to make a career out of it.  The Tailhook Scandal took place 6 months after I'd separated.  The rumored plans to turn the avionics department to 98% female squadron had me concerned they were planning to feed us to their pilots!
   The previous generation brought many who chose the Navy over prison-time and boy was that obvious.  Bad supervisors didn't know how to treat their crew with respect.  And everybody knows you don't MESS with your crew!
That's a universal truth back to the dawn of time. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Muze Ackland Productions out and about...

This is "Nile Goddess"...
This region is serious icandy that had me in shutterbug mode, major.
The artists name is Isis Ophelia, and the area is open and welcoming for newbs. 
Generally, I think anyone out on the hypergrid is way ahead of the norm, 
but generalizations aren't good, so I won't do that.
*geek snortles*

Thursday, April 23, 2015

status= still packing

In bootcamp, 1987, 
I was the one who ran PTL extra laps on the grinder, 
then ran through to hurl,
have a smoke after, 
but now, 
"The bitch", just wants to puke.

Tuneage= Stevie Wonder's "Secret Life of Plants"

Jokes on how we got ready for school by this album to follow after this doesn't  kill me.

But I'm still a bitch, it seems.  Ah, well.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Perception = Perception

So, I guess there was a car accident at around 10 or so.  Power went out at 3am,
LONG after I posted these pictures with their proofs,
 and things were good enough for government work,  
so, let's do that math again?
Shall we?
My daughter has now graduated with honors at age 4.
Anybody got an Emmy lying around you can pass toss to Mini-me?
I got a plastic Mardi Gras one 
Laying around here somewhere..
oops, did I say that out loud?
Aaww well, if the net doesn't forget, 
you Damned Skippy, I won't be forgetting...  
So, what year did McCormick get the hack for "Old Bay"?
I guess I was the first trillionaire for awhile...
then I woke up
laughing at the Flying Twinkie standing before me..
I'm anxious to meet this flying spaghetti monster, but I stumbled on the recipe for OLD BAY sauce!
I'm just wondering how late I am on that one...cuz..  this is fun.
So what's a not so crunchy Eggo?
the bacon was too chewy, hurt the teeth a bit...
but hey, no big whup. 
But I seriously want to see Wesley Crusher do Will Ferrell as Little Debbie cuz I couldnt trade those off for SHIT in the lunchroom,
 not even an apple!

But I got MAD Twinkies after staring at a Henry and David's orange..   
Grandma sent "Fruit of the Month" club
Back then, we called them, "oranges"
Cans say "blood oranges" now.  They served us wannabees.

 But if anyone tries showing me a some kind of flying me, without seeing much of his ace, I've seen my limit.
Merry re-cycled