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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Epic Celtic Music Mix - Most Powerful & Beautiful Celtic Music | Vol.1

I came home from an excrutiating walk
Checked out a few interviews that got my Scot up
This shuffled up as I was justifiably riled.
Does anyone still think there's something "new" about "New Age"?
it's a cultural Historical wonderful FACT natural life.  It's all magic until some nerd comes along, figured it out and makes life much more um- interesting.  As I've been cursed thru a few ages I'm feeling a few centuries compressing on me with this fibro flare.
and I can't overstate my frustration in the matter.
snark intended
"The Idiocracy went to AMAZON"
and this IS very creepy.
 This is loverly.  As it turns out, my personal European ancestors were more Scot than Irish.
My mother tossed me around like a sack of potatoes.
"But Bob! (with about three syllables in the middle wining because she'd named me well.  After DaVinci's teacher and my baby boomer siblings can't get over the fact I had "Fuzzy Logic" nailed years before the fucking book hit the yippies shack, bc they were waiting to suck the world our from the next generation. My tired is pooped.
Levittown was another failed social experiment.
The net is just another and the internet was NOT built FOR PORN
Dad would scold my mother for playing so rough or being unable to make her point
through my ginormous diaper.

"But BoooOOoooOoooob, (Like Laura Petrie),
 both hated some words, but that made him giggle like a little fool.
I'd sneak in on them.  Cribs were my little female dog, that I never got
because my brother went all "Hi Karate" at the "You can have a dog if you don't kill this hamster" carrot.
I'd catch them out of "The Establishment" mode, going through the family tree.
and no, he stood his ground, "I ain't BIRTHIN NO MO BABIES" and
 Who they callin' NEGRO?"listening to Side B of Brotha Martin's speech.
He had a short affiliation with Black Caucus, but he was too shy for all that.
The man was so adorable, like Mufasa , fishing on the Paseo
He was so blerdy,
(how blerdy)
Sit down Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Daddy couldn't grow a beard, or a mustache for the hair bumps.
"Role Bounce" covered why he didn't go public sector
Ya knoooow..  all that shopping in York Pennsylvania and we didn't know they had our census records from before Maryland was a state?
yeah... that's a big 'un
So doing the math, Dad was supposed to takes a CIVICS TEST to vote
when he'd gotten his MA in Political Science in 1955-6 at George Washington University.

by age FIVE, I'd pointed out how much GW looked like GRANDMA, but she did her rouge better.
He just shushed me in the museum like I'd let the loudest fart in the Grand Canyon.
A Civics Test to Vote ?
1 drop rule rant.
blood quantum rant
Men of Letters.

With 4 college degrees and 5 when our cousin left the Washington Redskins for no reason he will tell us.
Naturally, we make shit up.
On the regular.
Mom fussed at Dad because she wanted him to be a surgeon or an OBGyn, in honor of the Blackwell sisters.  He was a HiFi nut, but I had to kick everybody out of the room to hook up the VCR.

 She's like the toughest side of beef that ever came outta Higginsville!
I'm hanging upside down, giggling my ass off ... Dad after Birthin' too many babies "On Guam"
joined the Air Force and ended up programming with DoD for the Hidden Figures, Human Computers IBMs VAX, blah, blah, a bigger blerd you'll never know.
I don't recommend it because he will jack your paradigm with a box of Amway Shoe Polish and put Neil DeGrasse Tyson in a straight jacket babbling to hisself until the end of time.
Frilliant was the word I gave him.
and yes, it is our sacred mission to smartass in whatever way gets the point across.
 Colonizers are in an embarrassing circle jerk we just can't seem to um..  damn, he's so DUMB!   I think our Choctaw wives from Mississippi who brought the name to Kansas for the Angus and Buffalo and BBQ!  *ahem* after the "civil war".  We were badass together.
electronic smoke signals are making this convergence pretty hard on me...but it's about freakin' time!

 I've got a clump of guys named "Grant" tangled up at West Point, but I'm guessing, no matter how we slice it, we came here from Culloden after the Crusades.
Don't expect piety from a busted up, US Navy vet who never had any military bearing unless it was called for.  I freakin' LOVE the music calling us back, but when Highlander was pimping political upheaval in the discombobulated states OF the Americas, I know Dad didn't want to die here. 
Not like this
We understood each other in the end.
and as always, Yay God stuff.
Everybody expected the Spanglish Inquisition.
Wakanda Forever ;-)

don't ask me to edit... I can't even