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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Charter Schools: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

This, exactly THIS!
From an Oxford/Cambridge perspective that started on the East Coast while our folks were
not exactly waiting around for people to make us read... good grief!

Charter schools are a MLM epic FAIL!
Succeed as some token ringer or end up on some fuckwit's poker table.
If not you being fed to some legacy bullshitter, then your kids, mothers up for Trumpist wife-swapping escapades.  Privatization jacked the country out of a strong foundation for learning HOW to learn, not what.

Let me guess Dad's orders for deep freeze service kept my mother safe for awhile....
Oooh, this is getting fuglier and fuglier.

Monday, August 1, 2016

OSGRID Nineth Birthday!

Incoming skill....  NEW incoming skill...  
But I haven't tried to add music clips yet.
One deals

Crashes and update entanglements kicked many to the curb.
We rather hate dealing with noobs anyway, but our intellectual property keeps getting swiped.
Most of the content creators of Arcadian descent were classified as "immortals" many years ago.

The Laws of Diminishing Returns applies to how much effort we've put into the work and how much we've received for our investment in tangible intangibles when most of the engineers doing the work were at least worth 50$ per hour before we were sold out.

The rules we follow have limits.
People who don't know what they are, had better get some clues
What falls under eye, falls under the eye, but it doesn't mean you can go running like a little biotch with a scraped knee, whining about what we know as COMMON KNOWLEDGE to traitors out of fear of our first unapologetically BLACK president.
 With great power, there is great responsibility.
that parking lot has probably an average of 3 kids per car.
More if their culture is unapologetically inclined to have larger families.  
BTW, some of us speak "gobbletygook" by now.  
Some women might not want to be so easily impressed.
I know I didn't join the Navy to be manified by some po-dunk bigot whining about how hard it was in Cuba....or anywhere else on the freaking planet.
Anyway, I'm trying to remember where that landing strip was where guys used to race dune buggies.
The parking lot was as far as Daddy could take me, but all I wanted was to see him in the hall of fame.  He totally earned it and I was his trusty side-kick.

so there, NYAH nyah, neener neener.
(yes, that's stupid, but HMS Pinafore does that to a kid who didn't realize how much THAT prom meant to my dad.  It hurt him to speak on such things, and I was promised NO ONE would let my mother's memory pass into oblivion.  She was too awesome.
But all her folks are up in Canada far as I know.


Yah, I know it's BACKWARDS for us who do our think in 3D.  
But I gotta ART!  
and clearly I gotta get my notes squared away.

Sooon....  er