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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Amazing Japanese Precision (posted by Sanitaryum | Clean Humor)

My Navy days was a 4-year gaslight

but there were fun times...  just not enough to have had my investment wasted since the actual Spanish Inquisition...

RTC Orlando boot camp and Cracker Jack training. Marching like this was much more effective and it caught on before Gulf Mess part one. They were realizing the weight requirements and some regulations of uniformity were ridiculous. especially if they expected a shot putter only 5'5" yanking 150 pound receiver transmitters to planes headed for CHINA! I was born a woman, and hoped to get to space as a WOMAN. Then I found out Elizabeth Blackwell didn't want to be a doctor any more than I wanted to be abused on tech support calls by trumpist jerks who think everything a woman can do is easy. "Hidden Figures' .. part of my timeline. I know my moves tho... and 8:51 is "Bulshit position........HUT!" and if your butt wasn't on the deck, you got push-ups or something. Chances are a move like that would only be useful to keep you out of hot water. *Watergate*? all over it BS position - It's how we had casual discussions, received news or lengthy instructions about whatever. There's a few other bloopers there that go to regular routines and insider jokes. I know some of my crews went to Japan, but I wasn't EVEN interested in that kind of OCD crap. Unless called for and possible. Hair was another issue for women of color. I had to splain that, and it was cool my CC was understanding. My brother was in Army Bootcamp at the same time... 7 years older and I was STILL kicking his butt. one point on the ASVAB and he can't quit whining about my Christmas list. He was there when they got Noreiga and I was collecing sea stories about why we watched the USS Forrestal burn for every safety stand-down.

Morris Day - Over That Rainbow

Sunday, June 18, 2017

H2O Gate Blues

Levittown impressions outta mah crib
age two
Dad with index cards
Comparing notes with King's Speech. record
debating... Malcolm/Farrakhan/
Astro-Turf, etc etc etc
Daddy - 
Horn-Rimmed glasses
Pipe of Prince Albert and Old Spice
a THICK 3rd Grade teacher
"WHO in the HELL are THEY callin' 

so THIS is what all that other hoopla was about.
outside ground zero, I was born woke.

And Scene... I told ya so. Hidden Figures?

The Social Experiment's Prove Me Wrong is Barack Obama. They forgot what happens when the Founder's Daughters check their work. This is the best of our best... of who was available at the time. The LATEST cheats are explained on Nobody's helped since I posted it, so it's just a rant dump at this point. Because Comixwriter kickstarter didn't delivered and won't refund us. after FOUR YEARS And since I'm the one who verbed SPAM in the first place....well. ya know... Twitter is like a stock ticker to troubleshooters like me. Blackwellian Abolitionists.. full circle and running into cousins. finally, only to be ripped apart by slander...again. Gulf War part one boarder patrol hung out around NAS Jax. Explained a lot of rules and regs above what I did as VP-30's night watch supervisor. TAD for Hangar 1000. ================== Third term was NOT a new idea since people forgot about the Civil War's COLD WAR witch-hunt and gamergate Gaslighting is utter bullshit no one has the right to commit. The more ya Freud and make womanhood think for men, the more we kick your egos to the curb. Yes, Joe, Christendom pardoned your clean, well-spoken (negro) gaf. We have to consider how people see us. USDA Choice = Black Maylasians. We look this way on purpose, ... and environmentals make our melanin mess with our Vitamin D levels. Then Laws of Newtonian physics can't be denied, so fuzzy logic is US. Intelligence is profitable. Nobody ever payed me to do things poorly. Bubonic Derp is the result . The next logical PROGRESSION was an AMERICAN WOMAN OF COLOR.. so... I was held up by the VA.... LITERALLY and you don't want my big brother going down there.. ooooohhh. He tolerated Black Thug targets when McCain looked 'normal'. I'm the daughter that sings HMS Pinafore to back up the guys, because a mezzo soprano got cut off by my HMO.....when I lost my garage. *AHEM* Hey, Q/A happens and talent goes for the biggest buck, or the biggest laugh. even I didn't know I was missing....and I was just informed that my own daughter... married an .... END USER!! down graded to the BS equivelent of an AMEOBA (literally when you put my ex's name and mine together after I'd already rejected the famous one. Hidden Figures? Yo blind asses in these ticket farms, nearly ran over my FAT ASS in too many crosswalks to count! IJS... get used to it, if you missed it before now. "RAGINE MODERATE" and I'm fin' ta have myself a human emotion, boy howdy. ....fear my indifference..... Happy "Father's Day" and dot dot dit dit dot dot DASH I'll probably stream myself destroying HMS Pinafore today.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Missing Blackwells? I had no idea

Gee, I didn't know we were missing.
When Grandad passed, people thought it was Dad and that was rather disconcerting.

He was fighting prostate cancer at the time and it was in remission.
Then I wasn't told when it returned while I was stuck being paper-shredded in Fargo.

They let him die.... 2/19/2010
So, I'd LOVE to know when the hell MY life counts.   Right to maintain a pulse against bigotry is all you got for the HELL male egos put us through in #STEM?

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