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Sunday, June 24, 2018

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FACT=True power is in the ABILITY to UPLIFT another, ESPECIALLY women and children.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Longest Goal Celebration Ever - GEICO

Does Geiko have an NAACP travel advisory for the West Coast?  Please look into it.
George Carlin's comedy was brilliant, and I was very like the woman who teachers listened to, but the truth is I'm singing the praises of the unsung I'm finding now.  Thank you Monty Python for your service!  (yeah, they were kind of a government anti-conspiracy showing love shared warts and all.  I get notes from Geiko, but fascists in Oregon took my license and doctors without borders who USED to offer superior skills, don't if you are an actual brown Mason.
I've been taxed for the gas I'm not using, just like the first hybrids of 1999.
Anyway, I'm no fraud, they were violating the terms of my PASSPORT!
I'm actually MIA from Europe since at least 1965 when I was born in a Levittown outside Ground Zero.
The effective capitol of the west coast is Hollywood, but the rest of the world, are just getting the message.  I'd love to know who my lawyer is, at this point in my frustration with the #StolenValor accusation that is literally killing my family in ignorance.
So this is what Libertarians call "winning".
OK  I already found drumpf is related to ME, not the other way around because my family birthed the P-3 Orion out of the Civil war (Orson Welles and Orison Grant) and I was born in the neutral zone so this is the BS equivalent of that declaration that Congress and Parliament are broken Labor vs RW Tories.   Gaslight = Off, don't come to the states thinking we're the Earth and "Earth Girls are Easy", we are apparently Ferenginar. now
nobody wants to be Frenginar.  I'm at least part Klingon and need to drive for a weird condition that probably has a name, but I have no idea what it is.  Apparently a genetic defect that gave me the face of a smartass and extra femoral arteries.  I thought it was occupational, but it's likely genetic....says a lab technician, not a drunk VietNam vet calling me a mean drunk.  I hate these voucher farms.  Had I actually BEEN DUI, I'd be flying something that could put out these forest fires, not flushing edema with beer I hate drinking when it's cold outside.  Oregon was hunting unicorns.  and pissed off one from Culloden Mary MacLeod's Navy veteran / grandaughter.  I've got about 8 surnames in this song and some idjit hacked another genealogy website.  Yeah, avoid the US for awhile.
UK might be getting over it, but Canada is coming around. IDK how to get what I need to quit this gaslighting torture.  I should have been back to Scotia over 40 years ago.  OUr genealogy records were blocked and the woman in my story was NOT the town drunk of Waverly, Mo.  She was killed by a drunk driver.  I think some service guy on leave around Kansas City, MO or the country somewhere.  gentrification is genocide.  The selectively allowed NAFTA hires in Canada and US based on race.  I was one of only women in the ASW billet AX - Aviation Anti-submarine warfare technician. And our rights have been reversed again on the sins of guys over 30 turning our Levittown into a BROTHEL for DC.
The Charter is Broken.  This reverses WWI and WWII when a person of color makes use of our civil rights.  The other AX named Campbell, ALSO tracks back to Culloden.
SHE WAS MY COUSIN and we thought so during boot camp and A-school.  Chick saved my life and I've never been able to TRAVEL or FIND HER and THANK HER.

NAS JAX Florida was ridiculous.  They targeted us for every kind of fraud you could have imagined.  for a lousy 10K /year?  pfft  My Motorcycle Safety course was to last a LIFETIME.  So, this creepo cop said I was CRAZY during the government shutdown and I haven't been able to recover since the EDS / HP layoffs after 9-11. 
Oh, that was nice getting that out, but all I was doing was driving at night and got lost when my ATT iPad GPS went out and the cop named LUNDY lied like a little bitch.  I pulled up behind a traffic stop to ask for directions and it was that OBAMA HATING cop who had SCREAMED my middle name into the parking lot ON PRIVATE PROPERTY because I am a Roman Catholic who would NOT be phished or catphished by an atheist NERD who thought he could take out the Muze of Arcadia Asylum builders Blackwell. 
I'm divergent, missed Mensa by two points and my computer is the ONLY thing I drive like this.  One Miller Geniune Draft and a half.  and I'm watching Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl.  Since I was born in DC / Neutral Zone, I had the right to chose my citizenship. 
This social experiment failed because we couldn't even do this on whatever the internet was before Barack Obama.
Hey, it's not like I got a Law Degree, even though I aced the crap outta Business Law.
The kids of the Hidden Figures Days are STILL being treated like shit.
The Global class of 1983, were born in the year of the snake and have the right to claim our preference.  I'm about 70% European, so what should have my tax bill been?
where auto insurance is a luxury tax.  Football was invented in Scotland, btw