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Friday, December 20, 2013

Figure Skater Brian Boitano Comes Out As Gay Ahead Of Sochi Olympics

Definitely a "Gurl, this is NOT news", scenario.
The GayDAR is hardwired to my BS-o-Meter, so it was hard to hear what he was skating to. (whooo-whoo-whooOOoooo) ;-)
What I noticed was his very healthy ego-to-talent ratio and thought I'd really enjoy hanging out with him.
Personally, I've effectively opted-out and will probably end up a Golden Girl with a gay drag queen as a partner in life and snuggle until the end of the Misogynic Age.
"Dear Rainbow Santa, How bout it?"

Politics and GREED have pretty much ruined sports and other fine arts, so I was lukewarm on the Olympics by the time he came out.
(Mr. Holland's Opus rant)

In 1976 I was a skater-girlm-ice, roller, board.
"Yay, Mary Lou"

When Ray-gun bounced us out of the burbs and onto the streets with the mentally ill, instead of Loyola, I tried to do something with music, study and do the 3 part time job and no insurance for the spastic colon thing. I don't shop when I can't buy, so...meh.
Gee, what happened to the middle class?
Come on! A wingnut could do THAT math.
Looking back, Go-Go was pretty tame, but they made the mistake of listening to what we were selling and paying NO attention to what we LISTENED to.
So, now that I'm out to pasture.
My first title is "The Autobiography of Nobody N. Particular"
I thought the title would make it easier to write.

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