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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Popeye The Sailor Man and Sweet Pea

This was written for Grandad's generation but Dad grew up on it.  
Popeye was all about getting the girl and the girl generally had ideas of what she wanted, but a bully was always a turn off.   I noticed how jealous Olive was NOT when Popeye danced with Betty.  He was likely the man who taught her how to defend herself from mashers in the first place...and just like when I had love blinders on.   

I caught Dad laughing his butt off to Road Runner after CCD class.
The theme of government waste was a no-brainer.

I grew up in the Buckingham section of Levittown@Belair where we loved
and protected our "Sweet Peas" because we understood what war orphans faced around the world.  We also didn't take kindly to extended pity parties that missed the point completely  
After awhile, the agenda was pretty clear and rude condescension was a good way to start some 'stuff' on the neighborhood gridirons.    

Dad and I were partial to the movie "The Point", narrated by Ringo Starr, but the kids were still big fans of Popeye.

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