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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Perception = Perception

So, I guess there was a car accident at around 10 or so.  Power went out at 3am,
LONG after I posted these pictures with their proofs,
 and things were good enough for government work,  
so, let's do that math again?
Shall we?
My daughter has now graduated with honors at age 4.
Anybody got an Emmy lying around you can pass toss to Mini-me?
I got a plastic Mardi Gras one 
Laying around here somewhere..
oops, did I say that out loud?
Aaww well, if the net doesn't forget, 
you Damned Skippy, I won't be forgetting...  
So, what year did McCormick get the hack for "Old Bay"?
I guess I was the first trillionaire for awhile...
then I woke up
laughing at the Flying Twinkie standing before me..
I'm anxious to meet this flying spaghetti monster, but I stumbled on the recipe for OLD BAY sauce!
I'm just wondering how late I am on that one...cuz..  this is fun.
So what's a not so crunchy Eggo?
the bacon was too chewy, hurt the teeth a bit...
but hey, no big whup. 
But I seriously want to see Wesley Crusher do Will Ferrell as Little Debbie cuz I couldnt trade those off for SHIT in the lunchroom,
 not even an apple!

But I got MAD Twinkies after staring at a Henry and David's orange..   
Grandma sent "Fruit of the Month" club
Back then, we called them, "oranges"
Cans say "blood oranges" now.  They served us wannabees.

 But if anyone tries showing me a some kind of flying me, without seeing much of his ace, I've seen my limit.
Merry re-cycled

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