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Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Lady Michelle Obama Does Her Best Barack Impression

THAT's why we can't have nice things....sigh. There's "GQ = Gentlemen's Quarterly" and there's our FLOTUS's own GQ= "Genuine Quality" I love that we think so alike. She's funny because it's TRUE! and genuine and humble and not her fault she's a national treasure. You'd have them over for dinner and your home would be blessed forever. Trump is the guy you wouldn't hire to empty your garbage. He's the disease you wouldn't trust to change your toilet paper. and THAT porn peddling, corrupt piece of backed up testosterone, wants to be CEO of USA, Inc. When I shook Candidate, Barack Obama's hand, I'd already called him "President Obama". it was at the end of a long trail of rallies and though I wanted to give him a big hug, and thank him again...I could only shake his hand, but it was so lanky, I was startled and kind of "Oh, his hand must be so sore by now...." A pianist is hyper aware of handshake etiquette. Of the sciences I've had to explore, The political ones many "meh"s? SO MANY Growing up outside the Beltway with all it's "ists" and "isms' got on my VERY last nerve. When we had dinner, every night at 6pm (or else), I learned to ask at a very young age, "So, did you have an interesting day at work?" He'd say, "Why, YES! Thanks!" and that was the end of THAT conversation.
Generally I asked if I could answer the next question in the affirmative.
"Didja do your homework?"
THIS was a double-edged sword that led to extra stuff intended to combat the
Dummy-Down of America
(the rant)
When everybody knew about whatever pinged the Washpo speculatron, the conversation became a series of "Didja know....?.....what if....and why?" interrogations.
Prince George's County, Maryland was the Ground Zero crash-test-dummy social experiment's moneypit of the nation.

Suffice it to say, by the time the movie came out, Jedi Mind Tricks were old news in our Levittown neighborhood.
It actually takes a lot of families to integrate one of those.
I had to read the front page before the Mini Page was released, but Gobbletygook befuddled a kid my age.

was deciphered well by Doonsbury.


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