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Monday, January 30, 2017

Melania Trump Is Being Abused By Donald Trump (PROOF)

Here's the fuzzy logic where that trump card poisoned OUR social networks/digital homestead/great equalizer with upper middle class envy I aced the crap out of Statistics (taught by a Chinese Carter adviser) And I lived it in STALAG Levittown. Trump has no use for his kids until they can make money for him. Too Much Caligula Role Play in Second Life??' SL was a social experiment just like Second Life. The ToS allows for uber realistic role play, that doesn't stay on the grids SL trolls are INSANELY obsessive once they get a hate on. This is just another case of rich people taking advantage of out great equalizers (digital frontiers while hoarding the real estate) Other Americans jealous of the Obama family, Let's say because hater radio cried NIMBY NIMBY NIMBY like they did to me back in Levittown 64-89, it's ez math if you know a little abnormal psych. Everybody BELOW upper middle class... and then those trying to keep the glass ceiling low Kids like the ones in class of '83, thought they had a third option but if you can't pull the primary, you go with the better TEAM GOP was built to be FOR the PEOPLE Democrats for Business Now it's all business and the MLM ran its course Rich jerk exploits the nerds on Twitter, which came as a whistle-blower social network where you could talk harder than on Huffpo/Aol because he thinks he's a minority. LOL but "Word is my Bond" came from a video about Chicago Board of Trade with George Seals. I put it on my T/L after one of the kids at a reunion didn't know we had a Bear in the family.

Illiteracy is a heckuva thing to cover up.

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