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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Amazing Japanese Precision (posted by Sanitaryum | Clean Humor)

My Navy days was a 4-year gaslight

but there were fun times...  just not enough to have had my investment wasted since the actual Spanish Inquisition...

RTC Orlando boot camp and Cracker Jack training. Marching like this was much more effective and it caught on before Gulf Mess part one. They were realizing the weight requirements and some regulations of uniformity were ridiculous. especially if they expected a shot putter only 5'5" yanking 150 pound receiver transmitters to planes headed for CHINA! I was born a woman, and hoped to get to space as a WOMAN. Then I found out Elizabeth Blackwell didn't want to be a doctor any more than I wanted to be abused on tech support calls by trumpist jerks who think everything a woman can do is easy. "Hidden Figures' .. part of my timeline. I know my moves tho... and 8:51 is "Bulshit position........HUT!" and if your butt wasn't on the deck, you got push-ups or something. Chances are a move like that would only be useful to keep you out of hot water. *Watergate*? all over it BS position - It's how we had casual discussions, received news or lengthy instructions about whatever. There's a few other bloopers there that go to regular routines and insider jokes. I know some of my crews went to Japan, but I wasn't EVEN interested in that kind of OCD crap. Unless called for and possible. Hair was another issue for women of color. I had to splain that, and it was cool my CC was understanding. My brother was in Army Bootcamp at the same time... 7 years older and I was STILL kicking his butt. one point on the ASVAB and he can't quit whining about my Christmas list. He was there when they got Noreiga and I was collecing sea stories about why we watched the USS Forrestal burn for every safety stand-down.

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