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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Friday, July 14, 2017

Dr Umar Johnson VS Roland Martin

maybe I'll edit this later..  got busy...and that's why it's called a BLOG!
ah well...

Yup, Newtonian Physics does it's thing again. We definitely can't gaslight our way out of this mess. Gamergate scandal goes a lot farther back than 2014. Our talent bank reflects the Biblical Guff where all the talent is on one side, the money on the other and that's where The Charter with the Brits is in DEFAULT. (and muses repair the coasts) There's no 100% to be, other than what you are, which is a result of what you learn, how it's applied, what you do, how you are treated and how you treat others. My existential crisis comes with the movie, "Hidden Figures". Dad was a systems analyst with a Master's in Poly Sci by then. We're from Victorian Kansas and Missouri. Which Blackwells? The non-conformist troubeshooting non-Orwellian (St. George patron) Blackwells. Dad was civil service, Senior Systems Analyst at Ft. Meade until GS15 step D (Rear Admiral) and I'm a quick study sigh 18 years under a Levittown roof raised by Ntozake's aunt after Mom passed in '69 and SOMEBODY almost walked off wit alla my stuff! We're in a hot mess Brother's an ammosexual and my sister is totally west coast libtard. I'm 3rd of 3, born on Juneteenth's Father's Day.. "God's gift to DADDY" I'm Tango Down thanks to the witch-hunt from the gov't shutdown. Some wypipo think I should be lucky they allowed me a pulse. The VA doesn't understand divergent thinking, btw. It's NOT a bipolar disorder, because it's never been profitable for a BLACKWELL to think like anyone else. We pretty much built the social networks to end that Ayn Rand crap where Ron Paul only posted the times he got ANY of his BS right. Q/A is another family tradition. When VHS beat BETA, we knew he'd be on TV or the WWW, only showing the times he made a valid point. I remember his newsletter with all that Black man fear. I tore Breitbart after reading troubling news from back home. And here's drumpf with a fake crest dropping the market value of USA male, inc. AGAIN We just didn't figure we'd catch trump himself. So our naming conventions were adhered to so hard, I've got a tangle of "Roberts" back to Blackwell's Island after the American Revolution and it looks like we've got ourselves another Nellie Bly situation going on. Before the PhDs Elizabeth and Emily Blackwells, the first female doctors in the US and UK, we had "surgeon assistance" tho we tolerate Orwellians, we're Blackwellians (science with God as our fact-checker) I've been hoping my mother's side googles to Jourdan Anderson, because it's DEFINITELY our brand of snark....and points to the Carters and the movie, "The Beguiled". I am NOT public domain, however....and we are NOT the "Nightingale" family, hosting every immigrant that hits the shores. What's my move? What I am, is a BLACKWELL, dammit! And I'm sick of being erased, shredded, trolled and denied a place to recover and sent to the back of the line for a MALE EGO! Fibro flares happen and that Frank Lloyd Wright knockoff called a "Rambler" wasn't fooling anybody when Grandma's paid off Victorian Craftsman house in KCMO was my benchmark. <EOR>

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