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Monday, June 30, 2014

"True Love"

My random thoughts of true love.  Your mileage may very.

It came out in a philosopher's thinktank.
The question was "What is true love to you?"
People kept a rather limited concept, mostly around romance and claiming some one's heart. (I don't like monopolies and limitations when it comes to love)
How about the freedom to open your heart fully to another, instead of being trapped to someone?
I don't know what the world expects of me at this point, I'm sick being expected to settle and give up.
And now it expects me to pass that on to our daughters because society won't step up and meet her mind either?
I haven't really edited it, so be kind if it's a little bumpy.  It just came out this way.


True love is the powerful energy rush you get when you feel you're headed towards your destiny, when seeking true power...a bigger love. Love resonates when you're truly on that path.
You feel it when you're on a mission to your power source.  If true power is in the ability to uplift another, your mileage may vary as to how you get there, what it looks like, how you go about it, and what skills you learn to get from here to there.
A student loves it's teacher for giving them the tools they need, and the teacher is loved through the acceptance of their teachings.  The student ACKNOWLEDGES the power of the teacher, by accepting it.  When the respect for either breaks down, no one learns and no one teaches.  There is no love there.

The great source of love gives you a guide to itself, empowering, pulling you to it, like the attraction of a magnet, until you, yourself are part of it.
One rarely falls in love with a thing they think will not help them get from point A to point Z, but when true love is the goal, we make many mistakes trying to get there...cutting corners, cheating or buying their way to it.  That's a good way to lose your way.  Many with that in mind end up with a lot of money, but very little love.

"Love thy enemy" is in the acknowledgment of one who opposes you, by giving them the respect they deserve.  Ignoring your opposition shows lack of love.  "I don't see anything powerful enough to help or hurt me....moving on" is what they experience.  A warrior, teacher, banger, head of state, wannabe lover will feel, "Where is the LOVE?"

Because we adjust as we grow, course corrections happen. Since we are on our own path, no one can really dictate how you get there, as long as love is the goal.  One can guide, but dictating and lying about love/god/enlightenment, is a sin against love.
We have trouble accepting that sometimes. Sometimes we welcome the end of what we feel was a mistake, when it was most likely part of your learning experience. One can learn to love it anyway.  I knew it was time to graduate by the second week of the month I gave the sperm donor to move out, when I asked him "Are you still here?"

In the pursuit of true love, which we know so little about, our lives are a learning experience of what it is and how to go about it. Love is like the first taste of something sweet.  At first, we get a snow cone and that's pretty good, but the goal yet to be realized is DEATH BY CHOCOLATE.

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