OneBigSoup cashtag

OneBigSoup cashtag
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Artistic outlets

Since the dawn of forever, humans have worked, studied and invested in knowing things.
but our main responsibility is to our home, which is the earth and the PEACEFUL enjoyment of it,
in harmony with it.
Our best effort is all anyone can ask of us all.
I'd like to be part of the discussion because this AGENDA always presents itself when SCIENCE has the answers to that which would inconvenience the most greedy of human kind.
It's actually very simple. 
Forget Freudian Economics, the world is sick of it, no matter what 'ism' you stick on it.
Clean air and water =good. 
Polluted air and water = bad.
All I ever wanted was to fly in the clear blue sky and go to space.
Why aren't we THERE yet?
So if x=42, and science is my legacy.
How much waste, war and DEATH do they need to justify those who dream of spaceflight,
the chance to finally go?
We've been "Good to Go" long before 1984 happened right on time.

So, we art it up!

 In work..."Deep Thot" and "Brainstorm", inspired by The Brides of Funkenstein!

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