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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Iran hostages released

So, this time hostages were released on President Obama's watch....

Our Navy suffered a butthurt, but we're bigger than that.  We've been here before.
(omitting the photo intentionally)

Meh. That's not even a bad day at bootcamp. We're not trained to throw our lives away for a propaganda photo-op and that puts President Obama RIGHT again for implementing a diplomatic solution! "The 80s called and it wants it's foreign policies back!"

The biggest UNIX badass I ever met was a Persian woman who's father risked his life to make sure his daughters were educated. Had it not been for his sacrifice and the Bah'ai missionaries, this lovely, intelligent woman would have been weaving rugs and her fingertips would look like this horrible manicure. ugh!
Then she would have been married off to someone domineering jerk she couldn't kick to the curb.

When Iran saw Ronny (the fake cowboy) Ray-gun stepping up to act like a president, Ayatollah waited to release the hostages on his watch after holding them for 444 days. (and the Biblical numerology was not missed by those who were into sacred geometry and the book of Numbers)
They get a little ego boost and we get to rip them to shreds on the internet as per usual, but probably unknown to those who aren't using the net as it was intended which was NOT PORN, but it is why they keep holding back the information age and making cuts in education.
How do I know? That was when they broke up the ATT/Bell Labs monopoly and Dad was OCD as the senior systems analyst on the DoD side, watching what I did with the technology. I wasn't interested in a military career OR selling guns, so it was all kinda lame. Artists/musicians were hoping for MIDI. The next thing was the S&L crisis and they bailed that out using Social Security Insurance as a slush fund. (taxed our dead parents). school vouchers, etc. and more excuses to dummy down the country. ahh yeah, I remember the work President Carter and Jesse Jackson during those 444 days quite well.
Our military was designed as a SHOW of force. And the yahoos in the Pentagon flubbed a rescue attempt. It was a hot topic with the Bobs in our extended family. Besides Dad, we had Bob Strickland, a war correspondent reporting it all and others stationed at Andrews Air Force Base and Dad was at Ft. Meade, still suffering the BS of Watergate. All of them educators or married to teachers ranting about the PG County school board which was trying to hold it's #1 status with overcrowded classrooms. Wow, I forgot how much we talked in those gas lines, during the oil embargo, but "that's the way it was" in the days of disco politics. Kids loved doing impressions of Jimmy Carter and Walter Cronkite.

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