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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Friday, June 24, 2016


So that video went buh-bye....
I always loved giving doves a good laugh..
(RL interrupt, finish later)
But here's Prince ...always in my HAIR!

Ahhh, the blackness scale of acceptability.
Ahh those good ol' 3rd grade sensibilities.
My motivation ended at killing things or being used as a weapon of mass distraction.
Make it fly or blow up,
add derp and survive....was kind of a Levittown thing.

Among the long list of my favorite kind of people...
The crew of SKYLAB!
The lab rats were 200% JUSTIFIED in their mini-mutiny.
(rewinding my academic resume from preschool = *snortle*)
and tickling is CHEATING when your passion was making doves laugh their way through controversies, hypocrisies and other stupid human tricks.

We were born woke, but dreams are something we can't have without REM!

But really this is just rude. How ya gonna define "Blackwell" and give her SECOND billing!

My best hair day in 1979 or so, while NOT attending the amazing "Key School" of Annapolis, no thanks to certain baby boomer Big Brother and I were walking around Campus. My first time around DC without the parental units. I'd gotten kicked out and this time I left farther than normal.

My brother gave me the "big boy pants" tour. When he was with the Howard's home coming queen. He and I were strolling on a day THAT breezy and fine....but my new perm had me fighting my hair all over my face. I got my eye-candy, but was surprised anyone really paying attention to me.

The neo-blackification of me began about the time the n-bombs were being the thrown around me on the bus,
with the "no offense" non-apologies.
He was telling me about fraternities and GQ and Change were playing.
At the Wiz, he was ever so proud of me.
When Lena descended, with alla that and then some,
A man yelled, "Who dat WHITE woman?"
I let out a 'good grief' of a thousand teachers...
"That's no white woman, that's LENA HORNE, dumbass!"
and nobody heard the rest of the song.

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