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Thursday, February 9, 2017

A bit about Gamergate scandal

First, Acknowledge #GamerGate scandal (Google is your friend)  was a real ploy to keep women away from STEM occupations, or make it as miserable an environment to people of various demographics UNDER white male control.  (white as in the white supremacist power structure, not you, unless you actually are a millionaire)

The WWW is an extension and governed by the same Moorish Laws of travel, bailment, and privacy PROTECTING the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY of the USER of said goods and services.

When those services are used to DEFRAUD the sender or receiver, a CRIME has been committed.
(Depending on inclement weather,  holiday schedules, resource nonavailability or ignorance of those laws for PROFIT or in support of other illegal activies such as AUTO THEFT is also a crime)

To the BEST of MY knowledge, these apply to the HIGHEST laws of the FREE world.  

BEST EFFORT is all the law can ask, but it's a breach if profit makes it IMPOSSIBLE to comply, then HIGHER LAWS APPLY.

The THREE LAWS OF ROBOTICS simplify these rules, but they are not based on solely the brainfarts of Isaac Asimov.  IJS...   
Who were HIS mentors?
What was HIS foundation?

I was named by teachers to seek out who taught those we call "masters".
I was raised to understand as much about our superstars as possible.  My mother and father were LEADERS in their class and I've been deprived of resources, incomes, access and opportunities due to ToS violations of the highest order.
This WORLD has a ToS, mind, body and spirit.
By nature of our birthright, we are beholden to Creator of what we use.....and THE CHARTER, "Rule Brittania" is a hymn  that reminds us of that agreement...with our highest authority as we acknowlege it.
Is God - knowledge? Love? Power? 
Brittania RULE THE WAVES points to the IT routes of all kinds.  
Do you think you have the right to belittle those who have acheived their highest goals possible, because you don't understand their occupation?
Do you have the right to wash those skills someone learned and applied on any level with the GREATER GOOD's purpose in mind?
/me points to the Hypocratic Oath.
and the FACT that any law built on a BAD law, is in itself NULL and VOID on fundamental levels.
MY first oath in life was "I promise to do my BEST, to LOVE GOD and my country......
Intangible Tangibles are part of a paycheck.
Middle class was generally 50K

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