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Monday, February 27, 2017

For Mini-Me. Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

I found it funny how guys were put off by women who weren't really interested in being around men, beyond the need to know stuff. Being the Phenomenal Woman generation reaganed out of college, the DADT mentality was ridiculous. They tried to sell the Navy as an alt-carrot to our life's missions.
I belonged to the fringe, as it turns out. Why would a legacy troubleshooter bother with the mainstream?
Well, I got my SOUND, proof of concept that could have happened with a nice refurb option.
And it's just RUDE accusing people of RUDE things because they don't understand
a particular technology, so you couldn't possibly possess the MARKETABLE talent.

Campus Design

Opensim Campus

I simply have no idea how to get THERE from HERE, without dealing with the roadblocks to The Road Less Traveled.
G'head.. platitude at me while I'm becoming yet ANOTHER cliche'.

Why inflict toxic people on our pre-existing conditions?
What would Elizabeth Blackwell sound like today?
Yeaaah... thought so. The woman would be spitting BRASS TACKS!

(nope, that's not our mute button, fellas)

Brand new will do tho.
I'm not picky.
I'm sure Prince needs more than one school.

I was RPO for K-108 during a gorgeous 1987 Indian Summer.
And justifiable cynicism was at an all time HIGH because we had to Erma Bombeck
something to survive the RECESSION that would not end. About that Gaslighting... so unnecessary.
Most knew Maya Angelou's work by then,
We literally have NTOZAKE in the "PUBLISH OR DIE" family.
Her book arrived and blew the roof off our Levittown Rambler
and "stuff" was all we talked about for a minute.
But we could do NO WRONG for awhile.
I was set on figuring out how to be as free as she.

We were Boudreaux and Keiffer's "Mad Dogs", when that cartoon was a thing, The Church Lady's female dead ringer was our comedy relief. I had a little fun in that capacity myself.
Trons were funniest on the flight line.

(these are just some notes I had on the video awhile back ...pasted them here)

...when "The Lady" can't stand to see any more pain, or has suffered pain too much to endure, SHE LEAVES, or dies somewhere. (seriously, nobody's paying me to be Nanny McPhee) She can't follow if you won't lead Our brother companies were so proud of us, they had NO problem following our shorter legs? There was no need ...they had trouble keeping up with us on the grinder anyway. This RPO yelling "Make a HOLE!" barfing outside got you ...NOTHING GOOD! And they made one laughing, "Thar she BLOWS!" just like Mama did when gravity loaded my diaper if she picked me up too fast rushing out the door for Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart in 1965. I never heard the end of it, but mostly I was complimented on how fascinated they were by my good behavior. They met Mommy's eyes and figured it out. She was a 3rd grade teacher in DC with only a BA degree. She needed a master's to teach in Levittown schools. I believe I was pinched in protest to a conservative remark by the pastor *cough* She played hard with me because I was a really tough kid wearing a really HUGE diaper. didn't hurt...neener... I knew when it wasn't a game. How to cut my losses answering the mighty call of latch-key kids... "Won't you play with me please?" .......I could hop the heck out of a chain-link fence! but it wasn't until PRESCHOOL when that chain reaction reached us on a REAL playground! I suppose they knew it was CLOBBERIN' TIME!!! The Class of '83 was made of PHENOMENAL men and women. .....many derps, but most caught on fast enough. which googles to... The fate of the Blue Jacket rather saddens me when I got A+++++ on a Business Law paper that defied Keynes as I did before the obvious became so apparent. ...I was asked to cite my own quotes, but they were my own words. I was like, "who's teaching this class anyway?" We laughed and I went on to shame the Stats teacher. Mini-me was apparently allergic to that Ayn Rand crap and pitched a fit during the exam upon which I was to wreak bloody annihilation upon. He'd been on Carter's watch from China, so I shamed him with the proper respect. We had a drink over it and he was like.. fuzzy logic.. we're in deep ca-ca LONG before Y2K was already an old joke. On the social networks where my BS-o-Meter draws the most righteous chagrins, I type the word LITERALLY because I LITERALLY have trouble saying that word in real life. I prefer my talent for fighting the PTB when it is egregiously off it's very last NUT! Mothers who love their children discipline them or WWJD, Get Joseph off his butt to deal with little Lord I AM. Womanhood has far too many Caligulas and too few doggies into that kind of thing.
Yes, his base is THAT BAD
Hey.. in my defense,
as if I needed sea stories recycle themselves...... I grew up in a house they called a "RAMBLER"! But "Blackwell, DROP!" was heard often by K-108 The worst thing about NOT going to Fold-N-Stow U, or Intensive Traning was being the ONE that made it through having AVOIDED IT! That should be on my own page....but hey. social networking...happens

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