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Friday, May 2, 2014

Abusive Neighbors and why bullies SUCK!

I note I started for someone regarding ... the freaks who should have taken the offer to switch apartments after the waiting list failed. There were no first floor apartments when I moved in, but somebody moved in and apparently it's their first apartment EV-ER.

 Last year this time, I couldn't manage shopping for groceries due to multiple disabilities piling up on themselves over the years of not getting the proper treatment and being denied disability for ages. I still have service connection disabilities they haven't settled. Seems another one is in the wind...because they scheduled the appointment in FARGO after moving here.

After almost a year and a half, I got used to living on the second floor, months of nerve-wracking, daytime construction and working, studying, writing, and low-impact exercising...I'd finally started to recover from the transition here. My goal was to bust ass through the winter flush the bad meds, and by springtime, be out and about and see if I could find a work from home situation, and rebuild a life out of this. I don't like being "disabled" after being "overqualified" by the same "IT Managers", who's asses we saved in tech support. They can debate it until the end of time, no matter how much the truth hurts... STRESS KILLS!

I absolutely hate blogging because I'm a 3D grid-hopper..and separating divergent topics is how we roll in the metaverse. Some of the hunts and hints we have in virtual worlds, cross over in real life. One hint led me to this magnificent horse..while I was researching my great grandfather's legacy of training the lineage of racehorse "Man-o-War". And I'm rather sick of rotating doctors who start out the same way and after explaining things, say..."OMFG, How in the hell do you FUNCTION?", as if I had a choice. As long as my heart insists on beating...

Hey, I'm a troubleshooter and there's no child more motivated than a Pentagon kid from Levittown, A Bowie Bulldog, no less, on a holy mission from GOD.    As is the nature of things bigger than ourselves, one's mileage may certainly vary, but truth is truth, no matter what language and who's boarders or man-made demarcations, get in the way.
I love the truly open-minded types who understand they don't know things, but have the wisdom to consider the infinite "What Ifs" in the grand design". And there is absotively, posolutely, no way to get there in the dark.

I built up enough strength, that I can start organizing the apartment as I need it for the studio I was blogging about all winter. The whole thing was so childish and wrong, I thought it was an April Fool's joke, because I checked with the office when they got weird. I guess the big bad "ex-marine" hero downstairs was told the world was supposed to kiss his ass when he got home. He bragged about how he would watch my back, help me with stuff, shared a smoke when I choked from the gas fumes while sitting in my car, messing with the radio.  The complaint says it was the "manager's car".  As far as I know, I'm not the manager, so the rest of the complaint is FOS as it could possibly be.  People in the neighborhood deal with thin floors as most cities I've lived.  

And now, they claim NONE of those conversations happened. We still have a failure to communicate and the people at dispute resolution are no help at all. So, back to what I was doing before they tried to bully me into paying unhealthy people to clean my apartment. I've bigger fish to fry and my clock ticks faster than most. I did my workouts in line of site with the Embassy Suites building. Back to what I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted. I may lash out irrationally and blow the whole thing.

Trying to put my work into context is frustrating....and trying to explain, exceeds the demarc of one to the other. Had I realized it wasn't an April Fool's gag, or that the office realized someone was calling them and the police while I was trying to exercise to music without disturbing the gung-ho, supposed ex-marine who moved in below. They left out the many conversations I had with him about the weak floors. Then, someone who overheard me talking to someone on Skype called the police when they heard me talking about politics and pop-culture and how it applies to this administration's problems. I'm also interested in writing and producing videos and voice acting. I still have people standing by, interested in the photo-journal I'd been sharing with ideas for using this as a model community. After canvassing the neighborhood and meeting so many happy workers, I was interacting with people who understand the SNAFU.

All of the money is on one side, the skill is on the other and nobody with an active brain-cell would return to the corporate plantation after what we've been through since Y2K *cough* The Boom/Bust cycle is a born loser and it's harder to recover every time they do it. Thus the non-combat PTSD with a side of stuff the military still won't make up for.

I have cases going back to 1988, so yeah.. pain threshold=pretty high, but some people won't quit until they see you grovel and beg. Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn't follow me, but I get mad props from people in the know. That's why I understand you better than most people. This is also why you don't have to go through the pain and stress of explaining yourself. This is not psychic or mystical, it's simple empathy. Add my faith and what I've built on it, it stresses me to see you struggle. As weird as that seems, it's worth it to explain without claiming to know EXACTLY how you feel. This is where stuff breaks down. We know what happens when one presumes. So it irks me when people presume I don't even understand THAT cliche'. ......the rant.

The thing that scares them is that I don't fear being wrong, in the pursuit of educating myself enough to honor my legacy. It's hard work living up to the achievers in my family. Some fear being wrong as much as death itself. I happen to be agnostic and objective with a great survival tactic called compartmentalization.

Our intellects enjoy philosophy and apply it to the state of the world. As we had no time or money to get pedigrees, due to the jacked up situation at hand. The MCSE cert, for instance. I'm supposed to compete with a 19-year-old contractor, off the McDonald's drive through who calls me a sucker for studying so hard and my military service..basically trashing my entire legacy....and turns around demanding I teach him everything I know? Yeah, I'll get right on that...
When "Dew City's gettin' pressed..."

He can get away with it because we were contractors. Let me guess, geeks,  know that rant. Did you know that HP has laid off about 100K employees since Y2K? Did I tell you that Dad sent memos for DECADES before he retired in 1989? It's a very old joke, but he was furious with the arms race....and the jackassery during Watergate and that jackass Ray-gun who waged a more horrendous war on the dreams we worked so hard to prepare for. We didn't do all that work for a job! From DC, we had our sights set on being hard-core tax payers like our folks, but the fear-based economy halted another generation of war/civil rights orphans in our tracks! We weren't equal to families starting out. Huzzah for them, but hello...we had bigger behinds to kick! and the entertainment leads I was working on Twitter are running cold. As I said, I'm just a civil-service Cosby, geeknation recognizes that and have been supportive of my work as an activist for technology, education, the new space race. and yeah, it's connected to my multi-cultural heritage.
 Damned Skippy!
This is a screen test of the way we talked in Levittown....we were always in a rush for something or other, but not much for what we really wanted to do when we grew up.

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