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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Thor's Flight - Stan's Rants

My daughter preferred anime power-girl programs like Sailor Moon.
I figured we'd get around to Marvel comics at some point... or not. As far as I got was a box of random comic books I got about 10 years ago, before I got laid off.  Someday I'll finally get to study the fab artwork. 

Since she was speaking Spanish first, it was a great way to introduce her to Japanese while her brain was still nice and spongy. 
I avoided the old Looney Toons for content because it was written to entertain troops, so she mostly heard the classical music.
Tiny Toons had some fun

She agreed the stuff written for her grandad was kinda lame, but the artwork and music were fab.
;-)  She also preferred Peanuts and she agreed that if that's what they grew up on, we're DOOMED.
And proceeded to leap-frog over my drawing Snoopy at her age, straight to Neo-pet wolves!

By age 8, she was flipping HTML codes, designing Neo-pets pages...and drawing better than I ever had and I was thrilled.
She didn't get around to pimping my My Space page until she was 14 and yeah..  I'm pissed they jacked it up. It's just a bigger mess than it was before!  sigh

 Disney released their old movies on VHS for the first time so yeah, I went nuts and almost named her "Ariel Marie" so she'd have my initials like Mother did.  The new movies were a decent update and we discussed why they were different.
If "Ariel" it didn't translate to a name as masculine as "Charles" in Spanish, her initials still wouldn't matched, so I had a list of alternatives.  The cease-fire of Desert Storm, Pt1, was called while I was having a c-section...and I changed my mind.  The first name that came to mind was "Victoria", but it definitely didn't fit.  I figured this mess wasn't over and would need a lot of empathy, comfort and healing because we'd be back at it, sho 'nuf....  and here we are again, rallying to clean up another mess that never had to be.  I knew the drill...and had questions when Dad came down to great his granddaughter.

"You NSA guys never really retire, do ya?"
And he just laughed...with the standard "Need-to-Know", no answer.  I got out on January 17th when the ground war started and it was only February 27th.  I'd been watching "Uncle" Bob Strickland grill whoever was lying at the mic during the CNN press conferences during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  By that time, Oprah was my choice if I HAD to watch the news, but she'd moved on to bigger and better things. 

Turning the subtitles on helped boost her reading skills after she burned through "My Baby Can Read" in no time flat.  She really loved learning the variety of cultures that suited her personality, while learning a perspective from kids in other countries.  There's a good reason it's popular.

Yes, pop-culture counts...
...and I approve of this rant....while watching Superman make a mess of a perfectly good iHop in "The Man of Steel"

Back to break/fixing stuff in 3D, 2D and this studio I'm trying to put together.

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