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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

FUSION of not so Divergent Talents


Wish-List of Major Players in mind...not set in stone.
These are people I've met and or would like to include to see what we come up with.
There's simply too much talent going unloved around this place.

They laid/retired/disabled "Gung Ho" engineers = CAD
They laid off geeknation = Cloud geeks
What do you get when they team up?


Piano teachers with no space in the village.
Greek musicians
Holographic concert for peace virtual world relayed to the moon or mars, whatever's handy
or free floating in space like the Greenie machinima
Comedy Central
And everybody gets a free copy of whatever version fits on a usb thumb drive.
(For example, the nine regions of Xanadu fit on one)

Screw the www
We need our own trunk, pipe,..we'll have what they're having across the pond,
Or send us over there since they work and play so nicely together.

If greed wants to poop where it eats...whatever.

Mesh geeks would do it for free and the characters can be printed in 3D
(I think they should eat)
But before I get evicted from this hell hole,
Can you help me get to the right side of town?
I can't tell you how many spiritual emergencies I've had since this harrassment has been going on,
But there was a dyslexic condition I completely forgot about... 
I've ranted a few times about how linear things jack me up.
I'm ambidextrous.  I used to play piano regularly to compensate for the imbalance of writing with only one hand.
I chose the left hand because everybody else wrote right handed. 
Hey, I blended out..  who are we kidding?

My ears are ringing like mad right now, so I'll not go into why I've been running interference for mini-me since her deadbeat dad took her from me.  I know, I know..  "Oh, boo-boo", said my sister who's a spitting image of Janet in our step cousin's play. I never met Ntozake, but she freed me and I can't seem to get there from here!

I seriously don't need this petty fight right now, but they will start with the eviction process if I don't move out on the 31st.
I was too focused with the only remedy that ever gave me relief...  art therapy.
I've been trying to rebuild a life out of this mess, but one side thinks I don't deserve help because they don't see past a mirror.
The other side wants to throw me the fuck back into a shelter!
I'm BUSY! 
Yeah, I have a high threshold for pain.
No, I am NOT suicidal, and my stress is from being pushed into believing I should WANT to hurt some-damned body.
Do I not have the basic human right NOT to cry like a little bitch with a scraped knee, or don't I?
So, I hear South East is a safe place to be, but ACK!
No, I can't take a break when my daughter is peace-nicking in flesh-trafficking places.
(My hands started shaking....and then I got this message from the 3D browser.  I leave it open like one does an instant messenger.  Thus, I log a lot of hours, while working 30 tabs on the normal web browser. )

"Namaste_/\_ In Buddism region all day we will pray about peace in the world"

and ilaff.

How did they know?

I hear casual conversation in the background...
I don't understand the language.
And oh nice...  it's raining...

going outside to wet my hair!

I wouldn't have learned what I did today without the PTL crash-course of Welcoming me to the Good Ship WTRUKM.
As it happened in AFTA, the advanced avionics part that followed the normal Avionics school,
I rocked out because I couldn't pass the test, not because I didn't know electronics.  They said "Somewhere between your brain and the pencil, the answer leaked out your elbow".  If it weren't for that, I could have taught the class.  My study group was shocked because they'd aced the damned things after I tutored THEM! 
One deals.
or not.
I told them it was mental torture to have "None of the Above" on every freaking problem and it's ridiculous to fault the student for a badly written test full of information meant to be loaded and dumped anyway.  Then scolded them for thinking it was the Kobayashi Maru.  I rocked out with my crow in tact.  A motivational drop meant the loss of a pay-grade attached to the advanced class.  They'd never seen anyone who had actually DONE so much of the homework assigned.
That just pissed me off. 
I started with, "Do you mean to tell me.....",
"Dad" took over, and the rest
... was kind of a blur.
And when I read their faces, I asked,
"Now, would you like to know how I REALLY feel?".
Remove the empty chairs from the room, and I'll tell you ALL about it!"

I'd learned far more than I needed to get a handle on sacred geometry until I could get my hands on some real quantum physics, the way I needed to understand it, verses what was required to make a grade.

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