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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Heal US, already!

The intellectual divide is apparent, since the dawn of greed for everything.
Money is useless, they broke their charters... ALL OF THE SLAVE OWNERS
and using us veterans for cheap labor, taxing our dead parents, wasting our lives on bad education,
malpractice, HEAL US ALREADY!
We knew they'd cheat, sends us out, build their cities, and when they're done, kick us to the curb.

They're mixing us with criminals who can't manage a crew to save their own necks from what they don't know.
And womanhood takes a hit EVERY TIME.
Leave the drag queens alone, someday, girls will want to be women again and somebody's got to show them how.
And Keynes was a sociopath, do not follow his economics, m-kay?
Step away from the ENRON calculators.
You can't LIE faster than the speed of light, wingnuts, so give it up.

Womanhood is natcho freakin' guinea-rat punching bags and it's certainly NOT SEXY!
Dinos RULE the net!
And could technology PULEASE quit following PRON?
((don't make me go IC, you wouldn't like me IC))
Pull out those demarcs and let us stop downgrading humanity.
It's embarrassing to be the Frenganar of the world.
Come now, you don't think MONEY makes the FLOTUS smile like that, do you?

---oops  lost the guts of it...
But it's not likely I'll forget

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