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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

[History Audiobook] Edward the First ("the Hammer of the Scots")

Big heads are rolling.  I think I'd have been a Jacobite.  We founded Catholicism in Maryland, as it turns out.  You probably understand the GREAT SIN in having a religion block our records for political and economic gains.  Dad was Catholic by the 50s, after serving as a corpman, during the Korean War.  Gregorian music soothes PTSD  and other stress-related problems common around the Beltway.  It's purpose was to marry Eastern and Western philosophies.  But we were taxed out the wazoo!

I'm 2.5 of 3 raised at Sacred Heart (Gaga's franchise) in Maryland after returning from the Midwest, having intentionally cured our melanin / Vitamin D deficiencies..... *ahem*
but it was St. John's that (grand) knighted him in New Bern, North Carolina in 1999.  Before that, we were not recognized in the Levittown social experiment we integrated.  (EYEROLLs until my eyes pop out) 
@thygeekgoddess if you're not following @Twitter right now, cinders and planks are flying all over the place!  oy-vey and ufta! 
A hard head makes a soft tuchos!
Thanks for the HIStory,
I'm interested in critiques as I work out my HERstory. 
(wink, wink, nudge, nudge) 
BTW, even our Mennonites, most of our marriage certs have brides at least 19 years old and alt-facts have people marked "deceased" when they merely removed to another territory.  Men also lied about their age in order to save their lands, or enlist in the military.
Cowboys were commonly used as the first medics, during the American Revolution and prior, as it turns out.
We go back to House of Kent. and Grant of Ballindalloch and Ballimore
....and founded New England.  
So, you're quasi-illiterate gaslighter was the FIRST in your family to serve?

migraine says....  
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