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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Billy Connolly HBO about 1989

When we FINALLY got M-TV after living in Chicago.
Ferris ping on the "fuck off and go home" gag.
Some Sailors used F-bombs just like that, and Chicago had that ATT cable cut (and we wondered if he was bribed to do it)  Board of Trade trading was routed to New York Stock Exchange and Coming to America rocked morons who didn't know there were actual Kings and Queens in Africa.
and why Hillary thought the 24/7 coverage was normal-ish.
I'd met squids who were so ignorant, they hardly qualified as "House Broken".
I was stationed at NAS Jax when this aired about 1989 after the MALE prostitution ring hit the news.  My Dad was just about to retire from DoD's DARPAnet project trying to figure out how he and Uncle Charlie could explain the logistical advantage of tablet technology.
And here we are, The South African, Levittown social experiment failed.
I'd showed this to a friend and explained that when it comes to discipline, they were as Black as US!

It would have been cool to have seen THIS guy back then.  The only other FEMALE AX, who worked the P-3 Orion was a CAMPBELL!
She was a Cracker Jack level Petty Officer.
I rather had a different perspective on National Security and intellectual property.

Being a mother, seeing a complete ASSHAT is trolling my neighbors with THIS kind of bullshit just ....

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