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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Everything GREAT About Tron: Legacy!

I'll flesh this out later...  carpal ARM in effect.
Dagnabbit, you made my GEEK kick in. Because pollitical wingnuts have been gaslighting me since I was born on Father's Day, 1965 and Mom passed 1/2/1969 (She taught 3rd Grade and Dad had a master's in Poly Sci - 1956) "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" The Marian Jesuit years (Dad was Knighted in 1999) Remember "The Year of the Comet", movie in 1984? You'll see Voyager's Chakotey playing a trucker. and The Peace Ninjas in "Men Who Stare At Goats" We were already fed up with Disney by then and of course there were a few 1984's before the book was written. The timeline IS significant! Think about the evolution of the net and it's purpose. and #GamerGate Notice the year he said he thought about Wi-Fi and surprise that there was an "ENRON Tower"? er, ENCOM whatev. You mentioned Apple/IBM and we have a BS bipolar Congress where two parties is price fixing, not really a democracy. Parliament has a pulse, but they've been sorely mistaken. Think of how many times we've missed having a Cis-negro president. ==== Chain reaction wise, Prince George's County Schools had a campus network on UNIX by about 80-81. and it was pricey because they used it for the stock market....back in teh stuff all your moneh in Swiss Bank account days. We were already chatting with kids all over the county, but for a small state like MD, it was ridiculous that we had toll charges to talk to Ann Arundel and Baltimore counties.

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