OneBigSoup cashtag

OneBigSoup cashtag
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Transformers - Electric Power transmission

just had some pot pie and this was fun to watch.

I came from P-3 Orion avionics '87-91 during the conversion from analog to digital. So it's been awhile. Arcadians Build Arcades I guess I needed little more than Ohms Law instead of a life sentence of jerkitude Space Race Blues I've been missing since they started in 1981 but didn't go online until 2003 NAFTA The color coding has me thrown a bit. why pink and red? for red and green color-blindness, this field was off limits. The Prove Me Wrong issue pings since we built the web for it. (Elizabeth Blackwell foundations think I'm extinct, due to #STEM and #GamerGate cheats) I'm more A/V anyway, but this would have been REALLY handy saving some careers at ATT in Chicago. This would have made teaching my class so much easier for some of the concepts. Meanwhile, I'm a missing Petri Dish for Harvard, they're figuring out how much they owe me right now. (I'm considered extinct) educators shouldn't gaslight each other so hard,

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