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Friday, March 10, 2017

My Word Is My Bond, A Documentary on the Chicago Board of Trade

My Word Is My Bond, A Documentary on the Chicago Board of Trade

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"My Word Is My Bond"
Chicago Board of Trade
STARING, George Seals
Kidding, I'm clearly biased, but I'll bet SOMEBODY didn't know the Latin translation before he stole that speech?

I got a crash course on Chicago finance from one of the biggest pitt bulls.
But he's really just the nicest Teddy Bear, you ever wanna know, and laughs like Mufasa, just like Dad.
Called Mommy, "the Boss" tho.
They went to the same high school.
And he joked about City vs Country boy nerd-bashing.
Danny was only 14 when we first met.
20 years later, he was all growed up and running for CONGRESS!
His cheeks were MINE, when I saw him again.
I don't think George really knew how much he taught me in such a short time.  (He's my great aunt Nadine's son)
After the Navy, we had a talk about sleep disorders.

The walking paycheck/per active brain-cell ratio crashed tremendously, while the VA was gaslighting me out of any kind of recovery.
I've been boom, bust, boomed from coast to coast, and the wear and tear
is comparable to air traffic controllers.
They have quite a high suicide rate because lives are on the line.  But even since the 70s, FAA was a hot topic.
It would be lovely if people would quit using geek and nerd terminologies for pron and nastiness.  The net was built to EVEN the playing field, not PORN and all kind of other filthiness.  It really borks up the Boolean!
Now his older brother Howard, he's an entirely different perspective.
After Korea, where Daddy'd birthed too many babies on Guam, he was the first Executive Director at the Southside Community Art Center.  GI Bill in their day, allowed them to open a business.  My generation didn't have that...and quite a bit else was lacking because....
Greemspan went too far with that not new neo-Calvinist crap. The Simple math is that Arcadians build ARCADES!
We don't expect to have places of healing turned into BROTHELS!
I'm no prude, but come on now... guys....EW!

Meanwhile, I have an aunt on the other side who was funded with a gov't grant in Kentucky.
THEN we have relatives NAMED "Grant" on the other side.
And some named George Washington.
I figured it was going to schools in DC that had people mocking GW's Moorishside-eye, especially when learning something stupid.
One can build most anything on a solid foundation, but tools matter.

So, THIS is the United States OF (the) Americas, and it's best to work and play well with others.
I never learned to play poke, but I know some high-ranking poker faces.  They're the hardest ones to crack up.
and there is no way this blip I wrote in my conversational vernacular would translate on the tools we use in virtual worlds, where we talk to people all over the world, on the regular.
Arcadians are IMMORTALS on the grids...according to OUR agreements when they started up.  My EX was supposed to be an architect, because technically, the grids are made of mesh-based, networked CAD grids that some people role play on.  We got physics now, so the virtual reality bits will translate into real life.  And the characters I build can finally get to 3D Printer of my OWN.
A systems analyst knows the full-cycle-analysis on such things, so if I invest in our own crowdfunding efforts within our communities, it would be nice NOT to be trolled as a fraud, when I've been building this before I knew the term "Art Therapist".
As a Reiki Master, I'm a teacher, but my FIRST student is Mini-ME!
but she leap frogged to Yoga.  I really need her now.
*eye strain, gotta edit later*  DSL really TRASHES my workflow!
This is a Project Management NIGHTMARE no etch-a-sketch can blow off with, "It's a NEW" day, when it's so NOT.and no, I am not sure where this will end up.  It SAYS it will post to the blog, but I think I'm doing it wrong.
I'm NOT an end user!

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