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Monday, September 11, 2017

A Conversation With Dan Seals, Illinois 10th District Candidate

So they fed their, uh... "first lady" his Dad's book and REFUSE to Apologize to the Obama family for their outrageous LIES about his citizenship.
OH, and they were lying about ours as well.  Where we thought Irish, we were Scottish
The Brittish and the German were likely on Dad's side.

I was being paper-shredded by the VA's fascist "perception is reality" crap and using an outdated CALVINIST "GASLIGHTING" method PROVEN to be not just mental cruelty, but INSANELY evil.
If we are not blood related to the first medical doctors, we're the military doctors and engineers predating the Continental Congress.
Oh..  and there are much cooler people to call Grandad than a president.
I figured it likely we tracked back to President Grant.  We have this Uncle Grandad mess where Father and Son passed in the same year.
There was definitely more to being "Because you're a BLACKWELL, dammit", building on a Roman Catholic foundation.
I'd disproved Keynes a few times before I met Big George out in post-1984 Chicago.
 I found out I got fired from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee because they mistook me for Spike Lee's "NOLA" character.
So, we're back to A$$, Ga$$ or Gra$$, Nobody rides for free, while we're waking up to a world without my favorite teachers.
Law of something or other is,  
You gotta pay your dues before you can sing the blues.
When I asked why they wouldn't embrace wind turbines and other emerging technologies,
The excuse was..  "Donald Trump ......"  

anyway, now after all that violence and hate, they had the nerve to
have their first woman of the poser
plagiarize "Word is my Bond?"

House Gop and trumps administration grade
F - - - - - - - - - - - -

Emphasis...  FUCK YOU, PAY ME

GamerGate recovery from JOB HOARDERS and Calvinist pigs. (not bacon)

Leading from behind is now...  again...  "MOVE, Bitch, get out my way!"

Wooo-Wheeee..  all those broken rules and a new dating website trolling for
new widows...
that app better make it REALLY CLEAR
there can be NO TOLERANCE for ambulance-chasing
STOLEN VALOR...  already my friend dumped a guy claiming to be in the Army.
...he said some crap that put up my red flag....
I told her to have him show her his military ID and blah blah military blah blahs....
and see what happens.

she's good after the storm. she finally checked in..
So..  Peter Tosh was murdered today...
The towers fell while we were troubleshooting that Kennedy crash in 1999
and I played Air Traffic controller with a track star from High School who turns out to be my RL cousin.

I miss her Aunt...  FIERCELY.

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