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Monday, September 11, 2017

Styx - Grand Illusion and The Nuclear Nightmare Diplomacy

All this mess over TWO MINUTES response time since that bobble-head fucked up a plan BECAUSE it was WORKING OUT AS DESIGNED!

So.. I'm just finding out we are North Carolina Blackwells...

damned right it matters..  I was likely related to the cutest kids at school!
Also, the Grants on both sides are the family weren't BLOOD RELATED, NOR were our brides marrying under the age of 19...more or less thanks to genealogy's ALTERNATE FACTS and DELAYED BIRTHS

Your busted bitches...

.......  I'm already drained.......  not editing..... scroll the hell back if you want details.

and remember, the Radcliffe-Harvard project I never knew about was started in 1981 and Blackwell's Island was seized ILLEGALLY by the state of New York while we were patching up solders AGAIN, since the American Revolution.

/me middle fingers up at Chrome..  no pics of the applications by other Daughters of the Revolution.
Oh my..  am I extinct?

Fuck your fears...  (fuck is also an alliteration for FORGET... remember, I have a speech impediment)
I also have been gaslit to only cry when I'm PISSED THE HELL OFF

A Lady knows the difference between how the House Republicans CURSED The Obama Family and has REFUSED to make up for their mistakes.

Yes wypipo, go ahead and take credit for calling this bullshit an election.

"You go give those liberals HELL, Ronnie... Ronald the Ray-gun...  I called him the Bobble-Head Doll...  the John Wayne knockoff."  Ah know..  the USED-to-Haves didn't have a voice... AGAIN!
To hell with the never had a chance in the first place
BTW, who the fuck did they ask about Space Travel being BORING?
Could it have been, Donald J. Trump?  AKA Kaptain Krunchy Kombover?
shit.. that server is LONG gone, Paulites.

Ayn Rand is hereby and OFFICIALLY BANNED from my AFTERLIFE


Ancestry research was my mission for education, legacy, tracking Genetic medical issues and my ex is pissed because after Quantum Mechanics/Physics ...  his BS paper about "The Genome Project" in Miami had me wondering about our initials spelling the word, "AMOEBA" and why I call John McCain's showboat a Petri Dish manufacturing widows, orphans and social my ex, who had better cough up from the Cuban Mafia he threatened ME with.

When he DARED threaten me,
 I said...  "Um...  HAAAAVE you met DADDY?"
Because the LAW is, if you can't outrank Daddy, good luck pushing ME around.
.....bootcamp was hilarious for me, but I lost hair because for being the ONLY ONE who didn't go to IT.  That's worse than getting over it and I do suspect they were just served cookies and milk, then instructed to whine about it when they returned.

US Navy bootcamp was nothing BUT a gaslight.
We had a saying back when I was a recruit Religious Petty Officer who yelled,
"ATTENTION ON DECK" when night watch came in from the hallway....
at 3am.
The saying was,.... "BLACKWELL?!.....  drop"
Once Chief Blackwell and my CC carried on an entire conversation as
I counted off ...  embarrassed because it was in front of our brother company
who was a bit ...  um...  happy we wailed on them in every way.

I was at "150 Ma'am" when I finally stopped and requested permission to recover.
....laughing my ass off because I could have asked at #30.

Some bitch in Tigard Oregon is reading some of those letters right about nowish...
or she wiped her ass with them for being WRONG to have done what she did when the government shut down.  They moved Rose Morrison of PRINCETON apartments in Tigard Oregon.  It also has a label "GEORGETOWN SQUARE" on it.

Oh yes, he'd been groomed just for me....  but it wasn't by GOD.
This is what I told my Dad when I was 14 about his wife.
  The REAL anti-christs are being outted as
I ramble ....on another 9-11.
Retro-vertigo to where I just learned what we called "sections" in that Levittown were actually called, "QUADRANTS", not Trek at all..  I'm not sure who started calling Sci Fi space coordinates, "sectors"
but mincing words doesn't negate the FACT that HAMSTER BITE!
and they're not DOGS.

and dogs sure as hell aren't horses.

We saw this coming.  When I talked to Dad about the Bible Code and Remote Viewing,
and they said it wouldn't work anymore, we had a GREAT talk about that.
And I couldn't believe he actually quoted the AMAZING Jamaican PROPHET, Gil Scott Heron.

We were stunned to be finally connect on that level.
Nothing made him happier than when my light came ON.

He said, "What's the first thing you do when your code is broken?"
I'm like..  "Duh..  change the code.. or the codex... or the key....."
and we went ..  "woah"

War economies are EVIL, PERIOD!
I doubt seriously that Steve Case didn't have our rants about Kennedy's crash in 1999.

fascism negates that deep inside we're all the same crap.
The call center got the news on Weatherbug.  People said, "accident".
I said, "Accident my ass... BIN LADEN!"
and when the "music died" (phones went dead)
We, the people IN THE KNOW...  contacted all our friends on AOL and Yahoo messengers getting our friends out of their offices around the Beltway.
I was online with my BFF at FAA.
"Hey, did you know they're talking about THREE PLANES?"
She said, "THREE?"

Yes THREE, it's ON!
Due to the FASCIST,  TRUMPIST, hiring freeze, there was NO FAA CHIEF that day.
yeah yeah, we knew, we knew...   we just didn't figure on getting LAID OFF after pulling through stuff like that while we were being LAUDED for our TEAMWORK!
and after SHE did the 9-11 report, they put some blonde with really thick kneepads in HER office!

APPRECIATE IT, because there's NO WAY IN HELL you earned IT!

The next day, since UNIX Networking wasn't getting called until power was restored, I attended my first and ONLY trade convention.
....and was INSULTED by a little table in the corner with a MORON from CHINA at the table.

Why was he a MORON?
Because the 100$ WiFi kit was sold expecting an INSTALLATION charge of 150$ or so.
and he got PISSED AS HELL for what is now OBVIOUS.
It was INCONCEIVABLE that a BLACK Maylasian WOMAN could EVER have been EDUCATED enough to know such a thing.   Boy I let that PoS have it!  And I don't EVEN think I got loud, but I told EVERY OTHER BOOTH until I got my cool back to where it belonged.
AKA "Flashing One's Crow"
Man, you never seen the color of my eyes when my blood boils.
It even shows through colored contacts.

In the case of hazel eyes, no optometrist has admitted the FACT that hazel eyes do that.
In that case green means GO......FAST......while you still can!
I doubt that little bitch in the little booth with the OLD TECHNOLOGY
Ever saw a woman who'd nearly gave three Chinese Offier's a coronary.
"No..  BABY, not BUDWEISER!"
I had to pull the pickup over to ROFLMAO
I delivered a bout 7 weeks later.

And Ra Ra Rasputin's lyrics aren't quite right.  

I think it was the guy with the SOLID STATE  TERABYTE chip for 1000 bucks who heard the full bitch of it.

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