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Saturday, April 19, 2014

I'm really quite busy, get off of my cloud!

I seriously need your help writing a defense to the gross invasion of my privacy and harassment evident in that complaint. The complaint in itself proves criminal activity and distortions that lead to an alcoholic boyfriend who tried to lure me into a fear-based sex/acid trip cult in the fields. I thought the discussion was over when he said, "I give up, you have too much faith". It can't be considered a professional consultation when she asked me to talk to him. My last teaching gig paid 40$/hour and I didn't receive a dime! They keep looking at me funny because I'm not ranting like the loony I have every right to be. Zen master? Yeah, a little. I've not been tested for that. I'm a Reiki-do master. Baptized once in the Roman Catholic Church and that's all it took. I'm mundane like that. What pisses me off is not what they do to me, it's how they inflict this evil on people who have no idea they're being victimized. I ask around for answers and people tell me, "Oh yeah, it sux, but that's how they do" I'd explained things repeatedly and gave it my best effort to get along with morons who can't see the real pain we endure on the regular...and they call it weird we don't give them the pleasure of seeing the pain. Yes....if you see me, I am in a LOT of pain...but without their little lame cult of profound ignorance, I've gotten strong enough to walk....on my own. It was so outlandish, I thought it was related to my very public work / holiday snipe hunt I posted awhile back. They knew I wanted to bring my daughter here and I can't believe they would go this far after the hell they tried to put me through....and failed miserably to shake my faith. I'm a Reiki master who was raised and educated in the Roman Catholic Church. Sacred Heart, just like Lady Ga-Ga. Dad was a Grand Knight and I was raised on the Douahy Rheims version. As a Reiki master, I'm actually legally entitled to identify myself as "Reverend Andrea Maria Monica Blackwell" and have educational legacy of achievements in the family to add "esquire" to the end of it. And if Dad was the "Senior Systems Analyst Manager" at NSA from when he was in the Air Force after being a corpsman who didn't want to birth no mo' babies.... and watched me like a hawk while I chewed up every computer I got my hands on.... and phished him for phishing me on the high school network, you get the idea why I like to shut up about being the first at things until it's to my advantage to do so. I'm an artist, I'm no threat to anybody just because I'm a little weird...and talented.....agnostic...roadside philosopher. I'm really quite happy being Nobody N. Particular...but I'm a bit pissed to know how long we've been piddled on from a very high height. How high? Pretty darned! Yeah, so your next door neighbor is some kind of bona-fide Einstein uber genius, trying to rebuild a life after decades of so much STooPID! For this I must have a sense of humor, but this is went too far. In trying to intimidate me, they've racked up quite a list of federal offenses, if I'm not mistaken. The bogglement is how to pursue it with the least amount of damage ...this flaming cascade set my work back ......over a year because the big even I was working towards was the VWBPE conference. All I needed was some kind of assistant to help me keep my bills and stuff while I regained my strength. I've been rebuilding my life on what people dismissed as a game or worse, for pron. I received no pay for the counseling time I offered for Rachel's alcoholic boyfriend. Somewhere along the day, he forgot he was on an interview to help her re-arrange my apartment and tried to dismiss my life's work as nothing due to his profound ignorance and fear-based conspiracy beliefs that I should join his no-faith cult on some field and be his "family". He sounded just like some wanna be Manson...worse than I'd seen in a very long while, but have smacked around on the social networks. He's not online, so he knows nothing about how we laugh our asses off at ignorant cowards like him. Time has always been the enemy of brilliant minds simply because people lack the dedication to work out a serious problem to it's actual beneficial conclusion. Don't ask me to fix a problem if you don't want it fixed. Lying about the problem when too many are still around to dispute it is another lose-lose game because every generation is the "I told you so", generation. How is this MY fault we break down because people allow themselves to repeat the same stupid mistakes or implement temporary fixes to cash in on re-fixing later? In other words, if you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to fix it later? I've heard that load of crap from "anarchists" before. And he wasted most of my day trying to push his jacked up beliefs and I told him to go stick it on his skateboard, I have no interest and no I don't want people who hate what I'm all about in my home when they quit without hardly trying. I had a home in Georgia and lost it after getting laid off from HP UNIX Networking. My immediate family have cut me out of everything because they've got theirs, and lied about everything they promised to save for me. They've left nothing from the family estate as they promised....they keep saying, "aim HIGHER!" and they won't even open a door to me....a safe place to think and study. I'm told to "get over it". This is nothing new to the war economy, baby boom, baby bust cycle of stupid the country has been running on, while dropping the bar on everything we need to truly thrive. You were there when they argued "quality over quantity.", and "tangible intangibles". Who are they, who gave up and crawled into a beer can to put themselves above me or what I'm trying to accomplish when I'm doing the best I can to adjust to this new town? It took me 30 years to get to the west coast and see people who really have the mind for this work. I've actually been told to use my gifts for politics! NO! I'm happy being support team. I got very photogenic relatives who want that kind of life and I fully enjoy doing my part to help them as a scout, observer and political wonk. They were separated from me because I'm a loser. It's been a painfully stressful to think all of this goes back to retaliation for not hiring people to arrange my personal space because they decided I was into dark magic for the colors and wood in my apartment! She was upset because I told her his ignorance was dangerous to her and the email exchange was copied to Richard Marcus who helps suicidal people. He mistook me for that, but believe me, I'm NOT in that category. I've been through all of that with the VA and my disability is PTSD from so many unfair crashes in my life. Now that I'm here where my work is appreciated, I have everything to live for! Genius is a fact, not an opinion. I couldn't do this work without the foundation you nerds laid out before me and I say that with great respect as a geek who uses it to learn and teach. Talking to you made me realize how much you suffer and understand more than you probably realize. No, I'm not saying I understand exactly what you've been through as that would be arrogant. I'm saying that we have a way of analytical thinking that isn't understood by those trying to cure us of things they don't understand. The downshift is excruciatingly stressful. Add our customer service training and we are prone to empathy and doing what we can to work things out. It comes from very deep roots, built on the philosophy of a global truth. I come from a culture of excellence. How is it my fault ignorant people can't see that I have an extremely high threshold for pain? This is not new to me, but it is a profound absurdity that I have to defend myself from it again and again and yet again. My notes are brainstorm dumps and snarks people seem to connect with. So if you're still not put off by my ramblings, (oddly, the name of the Levittown home I grew up in...oh the irony) I hope your friend at the VA can help while I go through the BS I have to go through to fight this stupid thing. I'm used to people turning up their TVs to drown out noises from very thin walls and floors. Most of the complaints were redacted and twisted accounts of when I was talking to Rose about how to NOT bother the neighbors and what rights I have in the matter. Also, about safety regulations we've discussed that are actually worse or not really up to par when it comes to kids in a school/family environment. Recently, I was out back taking pictures as we did in girl scouts...and wrote or drew stories about what we saw in nature. As I was doing so, I picked up some sharp screws and followed the path where it cuts through to the mall. It crossed the "common area" mark. Someone called the office because they saw me taking a picture of a bluebird and complained it appeared I was up to something weird. Good Grief! I was thinking about activities kids could enjoy with their folks and this is how twisted minds translate it? Are other neighbors responding to the crazy notes they've been hanging on the door for days without my notice? Since I only left for supplies while I recovered from what the Golden Girls called "Chronic fatigue syndrome"? Now it's rolled into the blanket category "Fibro". I also have arthritis, edema issues and it's taken a very long time to get the legal prescription to treat it. As you see, I can walk again. I couldn't manage my own groceries last year and this mess has my fibro and tinnitus and yanking my chain while I'm getting so much done. To edit later or never, I'm sick of it....

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