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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Travel log...Steam Punk RAWKS!

-=-===-==-=-=-=-=---=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- blink, blink, blink Andrea here, empathizing and not correcting any spelling. Some mistakes aren't really mistakes. I was taught to let the words flow and leave well-enough alone. I still believe the 5th element is AI = LOVE in several languages and followed in our telecommunications. The three laws of robotics is a truth built on a great wisdom. Deal with the irony and the paradox. Moving right along... I've joked that Jesus was a great hippie who lived outside of Cairo and Jerusalem was it's suburb. If GOD says her heart is pure, who is to question that? I spent quite a bit of time learning from my "betters". I spent a LOT of time listening to my child and paying attention to her needs. SHE chose ME to raise her and many great evils have been committed out of ignorance and greed for the love we shared. Why not just learn how to talk with your kids for comprehension? Interact! Find out what tickles them and NEVER force the issue! "Where you there when they crucified my lord?" I've seen it many times. My Dad was insulted in front of my face, more times than I can count. He was bound by his vows to break the promises he made to us. But he was cheated long before that. There is no honor in perpetuating lies upon lies. This place is AMAZING! There's so much love in it. And I agree, music/art communicate where words and methods fail. I've much experience in Quality Assurance and it apparently goes back to recognizing what that is. The Steampunk age showed us how different cultures got together and gave their best efforts in style and function, making it a joy to live, work and play. It is a well-known fact. Lowering the bar on intelligence blows it for us all, when our natural instinct is to do our best for our families and communities by extension. One does not monopolize the infinite And it is a HUGE mistake to judge a book by its cover. It's not an issue until one "makes it so". The stupid question..... well, stupid is as stupid does and whatnot... Ask me no questions, I'll tell you know lies, most certainly applies. in the face of a cheater. And I have a REALLY big thumb, it seems. People have said "I'm doing it wrong" so many times I could scream. The primal "yelp" has its benefits, but in my experience, people have entirely too much intolerance over the many natural processes people go through in order to comfort themselves and the cures this country forces us to use is WORSE than the CURE! This is not news by a very long shot! To my knowledge, I've not met this person, but I certainly can empathize and yeah, we're not real impressed with grammar nutzis. I do hope I meet Vbinnia Radek because this place is FANTABULOUS! "You are what you do", most certainly applies. The following comes from notes at the landing on a virtual world grid simply called "STEAM" It's FAB! =-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ================== ~ Welcome Traveler ~ ================== I am Vbinnia Radek, and you have arrived on the region Steam. To the North lies Steam Sea, and South, Steam Docks. To the east lie Hammer and Rivet, also Anvil which is empty and under water . Can you tell I'm attracted to steampunk? :) The latter three are very unfinished at this moment in time, but please look around. Have a prod and poke at things, don't just cam around, as a an awful lot of things you have to explore to find, also some things actually work, Increase your view distance up to 256m or 512m if you can, I have a lot of stuff high up in the sky especially in Rivet region and Seam Sea. You will find THREE Emporia spread about in the regions with free boxed and loose things, however a lot of things here are copyable, If you don't explore all the regions you won't find those. It is not safe to go on the creators name of anything, it can be altered for many reasons. I try to name the creator if I know who they are. My own creations are dotted all over the place and will have boxes that say, 'Vbinnia's (something)' and have file names beginning with 'Vbinnia, Vb, or vb', and should, on the whole, be full perms. ============== Do's and Dont's ============== Ask Questions, it's the only way we learn. OPENSIM and Specifically OSGrid IS NOT SECOND LIFE so don't treat it like it is! Your blunders may loose you potential new friends very quickly. We were all noobs once so by all means ask questions, I don't know anyone that refuse and answer here? USE A SANDBOX TO TRY OUT VEHICLES, it's what they are for. Due to my warnings being repeatedly ignored regarding trying out vehicles and crossing region boundaries, I have had to block rezzing anything to stop abuse and just plain noob silliness in these regions. My apologies to those with a modicum of common sense for this move. I can always turn back on temporarily if asked properly for a good reason. Even though you can see yourself it doesn't always mean that others can also see you, they may be looking at a cloud; so don't be offended if asked to rebake. I have Xbake enabled in these regions so hopefully this won't be such a problem, or less of one, as time goes on. I don't use voice. See other Notecard 'Virtuals Worlds Most Stupid Question'. I could write a book on why I don't, so please accept the situation. Don't offer friendship for the sake of it. I cull my friends list periodically to keep the dross down. Any box without my name was not created by me. Others work may not be full perm, unless that was the intent? In reality I can't stop anyone , but all I ask is please do not attempt to sell any of MY creations; modify or pass them on by all means, pointing people back here would be a nice gesture. ===================================================== Some suggested viewer settings to get the most out of your visit. ===================================================== Don't expect OSGrid to be SecondLife. It's a test grid for Opensim not a normal production grid, things can change very frequently for better or for worse. I also run these regions from my own server on an old PC in my home, so don't expect SL server performance either. What you experience will obviously be affected by your own connection speed, hardware, and viewer capabilities, and whether you pick your nose or scratch your bottom etc.,, but in general apply to everything not just here. If you experience a lot of lag, try the following: Turnoff Advanced Lighting in the viewer Graphics - Advanced Preferences. I found that with Shadows enabled the frame rate is nearly halved on my own viewer And I have a very good graphics card and system! Also try turning down the draw distance until things move and load more smoothly. *** A word about Mesh Objects *** I produce quite a bit of mesh content theses days, so a mesh enabled viewer is needed to see them. You are not restricted to one particular viewer in Opensim worlds, look on the OSgrid website for recommended ones. I personally use Singularity as I don't like the viewer 2 or 3 interface. Plus it is being worked on constantly by dev's that actually take Opensim into account! I set my Particle Count to a 'minimum' of 2048, lower and any particle effects can be a bit anemic. Some viewers default to the maximum which is a bit of overkill. Draw distance of 256 is a nice compromise, unless you are experiencing really bad lag, then the lower the better. With Ultra graphics setting you may have to drop the draw distance quite low or things will tend stutter a lot, at the time of writing running a GTX660 card on Linux Debian wheezy stable, depending on the time and tides and how much coal I can shovel into the boiler, I'm down to 128m at bad times with shadows enabled. YMMV! Object detail should be set to high or max or some sculpts and meshes can look like they are made with a child's building blocks, blobs, or piles of matchwood from a few metres away. ================================================================= What follows are personal views on stuff that you may very well disagree with ================================================================= If you are THAT worried about copyright or copying, you shouldn't really be be on OSGrid, stay in cosy SL. By it's nature OSGrid is a bit like the wild west, that's why I like it. and also why I never sell anything I make, prefering to give it away; no one can steal it then. If you are professional enough to run a business making virtual goods, you can probably make far more with less hassle than in virtual worlds. Copyright theft and theft in general are not morally right, but are facts of life, not just in virtual. If you produce 'anything' in RL, someone is capable of copying it or stealing it. The fact that you go though most of your life pocketing other peoples writing implements without a care in the world, and still have a home and contents to go home to, is testament to most peoples hypocrisy and or self denial when it comes to such things, plus the innate honesty of 99% of the worlds population. So I do find a lot of the constant bleating about it in virtual a bit wearisome at times; either live with it or go do somewhere else. I don't consider myself skilled at anything, I dabble at everything and find it all hard, from running my own Linux server (I have the dual effort of keeping up with Linux and virtual) and trying and teach myself to use Blender and Gimp properly; but what I do gain is freedom at a financial cost I can afford. To put things in perspective, NOT owning a region in SL pays for the server electricity, 120Mb broadband, and leaves cash to spare for some nice bits of hardware, it even leaves enough to donate a small regular amount to OSGrid every month. I may be old tech but using tower PC's makes things cheap and powerful. I do owe a lot to FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) and do donate back financially when I can. I would urge anyone that is resident in OSGrid to donate money occasionally ( there is a big button on the OSGrid web page ) or even set up a standing order for what you think is appropriate ( I do ). Treating this place as some sort of divine right is a bit stupid, selfish, and very short sighted to say the least. Even if you are not a resident here or run a server as part of OSGrid, and only come here to plunder other peoples work, think how much you would be paying at 10L$ an item in SL or any other commercial grid and give something back once in a while. The development of the OSGrid server software benefits every Opensim world, even your standalone if you have one, so please think about this seriously. I started in Second Life in February 2008, then changed to Third Rock Grid two years later before setting up here on OSGrid mid 2012 running my own server., so I'm not exactly a freshly hatched noob, Over time I came to the conclusion that SL is just a money making machine that hypes up a product to excess and cares little for it's users. It's a closed echo system that makes it's money from renting server space, and moneterising every microscopic thing they can, regardless of the impression the advertising gives. SL is selling an illusion that doesn't even come close to elevated expectations. In comparison and contrary to the views of a lot of the, must make money brigade, OSGrid is a very honest place; it doesn't promise anything, it's only down to the the effort you are prepared to put in and what you can reasonably expect from it . In some respects SL also seems have no clue how to handle virtual in general. When I first went to SL it was a fun no holds barred warts and all experience, then it slowly got worse as the profit maximizing moved in along with a constant flow of business decisions that seemed hell bent on alienating just about everyone. With all that came some really offensive to me personally, moral minority imposed restraints, the legacy of which still echoes around virtual in general with people left being afraid of their own shadows, Now, occasional visits to SL are bit like wandering around a post apocalyptic desert stuffed full of hyper markets with enormous amounts of content but only a few isolated poseurs wandering about. The future is not closed grids, independent ones suffer from similar restraints as SL does, with restrictive TOS's or I'm the king of the castle outlook, etc.; but I have no idea what it will be eventually, or whether open or closed the whole thing will wither on the vine? In the mean time, Please! Please! Please! .......... Someone develop a viewer specifically for Opensim !!!! And if you do, please design a sensible user interface. After all this time I still can't handle viewer2/3 restrictions and baffling layout (Blender is joy to use in comparison) Hence my use of Singularity. The Opensim experience has cost me a lot in time and effort (and still is) to get my place to the state it's in here. Not money! a lot of that is is locked up in my inventory in SL. I ask you? What other business in the world, would be allowed to sell a product in a store, then when you try to leave by the door say, "You can only use that in the store, you can't take it home." The urge to kill someone would be overwhelming! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the effort of it all, I'm not young or particularly clever or intelligent, have no background in IT or have any artistic talent, all I know is self taught the hard way (usually after days of Googling and still being completely baffled?). But for now I can do what I like, in any way I like, and what's my inventory stays mine., ***and that is priceless***. Vbinnia Radek Airship Pirate Extraordinaire Last edited March 2014 P.S. The real me lives in the UK. I can always be contacted on Please don't ask that most stupid question in the universe! "Are you a man or woman in real life?" Why shouldn't you ask? A) If the person behind screen is female, she will almost certainly feel offended that you are questioning her gender. B) If the person behind screen is male, he can lie and say female; so you will be none the wiser. C) If the person behind screen is female or male, they will probably label you as male homophobic! Why else would you place such importance on that lame question? D) If the person behind screen is female or male they may also regard you as a bit of an idiot for not engaging your brain before hitting the keyboard; if they happen to used a horse, robot or dragon as an avatar, would you ask the same question? In real life, people that are sure of who they are, don't need to ask that question. Everyone is curious, I count my self in that group, but most of us have the common grace to reserve judgment until the person concerned decides to provide enlightenment, or not, as the case may be. In virtual worlds, meeting a stranger is no different from meeting one in real life, except that it RL you will be acutely aware of of your faux pas if you ask the wrong questions. Here in virtual, hiding behind a screen doesn't give you carte blanche to be offensive to others; infact by it's nature it requires a certain amount of tolerance and open mindedness to enjoy it at all; that in some ways makes it slightly better than RL in that anyone can, be, anything! So show some respect to other human beings whilst you are here. There is another type of person, scared to death they might be what they protest loudly to be wrong with others. Those I don't want anything to do with. People who never look inside themselves with honesty and can't accept others as they are, not how they want them to be, can be extremely dangerous. Vbinnia Radek

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