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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prince In The 1980's - Full Movie

The hazards of being aware.....and talented.
It always irked me how people compare apples to kumquats and miss the point completely.
The bitch about being a prodigy is the dealing with the greed or the Ayn Rand thing.  Ego has a great fear of death.
is a fact that has no ego, just a message and a goal resistant to being
jacked with before we're done with the idea...especially by people who
can't see beyond the $$$.
For example, if you take Batdance out of
context, you don't know that geeknation has a long running debate since
the dawn of pop-culture, who was a greater hero, the one with
superpowers, or the 100% mortal with the money and passion to use
his/her power for good or evil.,,,where true power is in the ability to
uplift another.
Genius types have said for as much as I can remember, "Wow that's great SEX!", when debating or brainstorming a brilliant idea.
Sells" is clearly used to prove a point real roadside
philosophers/artists/Bohemians have discussed since the dawn of
forever.....and war economies still suck.  
And yeah...God rulez....your mileage may vary, but don't try to change my mind.
Pobody's Nerfect
and a million applicable platitudes.
I wish Prince lived in the Levittown I grew up in.  
Somebody's garage would have been a shrine considering all the talent we had laying around doing nothing good.


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