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Monday, April 7, 2014

Party at Ground Zero - Fishbone - Fishbone EP (HD)

Glory Adora don't spit on the floor,

Use the cuspidor, like the one before.

....or something like that.  I had an extremely awesome grandad who used one in Kansas, so it was nothing new to me.

Chewing tobacco rotted the teeth and we learned about that at the Tut exhibit.

cop took blood against my complaints and diagnosed me as stressed out,
while I had a dental issue because my white blood count was
if he were a doctor.  I told him I'd been drinking too much water and I
was alright, but he INSISTED that was impossible.  It was the same
summer the woman died after a radio show contest and the moron punished
me because he didn't know about it.

They had a nefarious plot against
NDN country I've long since figured out and never quit working.  I was
scouting the area while trying to recover from layoffs.  The realtors
refused to even SHOW my house.  tsk tsk tsk....that's a Bozo no-no! 
Since they didn't bother helping me, I leased the house and they trashed
me while I was gone and they stopped payment.  Yeah, I still have the
paperwork but yeah, bigots SUCK! 

There is something deeply wrong
with those people and I believe the jig is absolutely up....  yes, they
cheated, cheated and cheated. 

Honestly, who in the DC area didn't relate to this song?

BTW, Ive always had to think like a pirate and I have a really big thumb!

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