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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Paying it Forward.... is happening... for real. Really?

Wow, Erykah.... What a day, What a day! (and this was in my drafts, so I lost track.) First, an annoyance and I stood a little ground. Results happened....after much ado....and I was calm, cool and collected. I gave a little lecture about how I won't be bullied by someone who should know better. Someone tried to accuse me of that in Fargo and no, I didn't want to stay in Fargo, I wanted to GO, FAR, FAR, AWAY, the sooner the better. I was a good 3/4 dead when I got here and I'm still exhausted, in a good way?....for the first time in my 20-28 years as far as I know, this time around. You can call it literal, or embrace the fact we completely rejuvenate every 7 years, or whatever the kewl kids are saying these days. The metric system was meant for simple calculations so that all the math you need would be easily counted on your fingers and toes. I forgot how I learned the abacus but when dad showed me how to use the joints on my hand to count in base 10. I forgot how much it resembles playing a musical instrument. Recently I caught myself at it while thinking about how to journal today, er yesterday. If I were to guess, the wobble and February finally turned the world right side up and true north is where it's supposed to be? We talked about it long ago in chat when AOL lost its mission. I've spent my entire life learning and educating and I am not alone by a very long shot. The greater good has not been served, and I kept missing the parties at ground zero. Then I turned to my usual art therapy. Go look at something prettiful. The Celestine Prophecy was common sense to me, but everyone isn't aware of it. It's easy to find beauty or make it where you can. Where the FDA has failed miserably, betrayed the national trust, we have been left to our own devices in order to heal ourselves and each other. ============================== I'd left my avatar online in a lovely FLW-style home. It was rather like the one we visited in J.A. the first time I remember answering "42" after eating too much of that good fruit growing along the railing. I ate to much and there was hell paid in full. I was yelled at for using a whole roll of toilet paper. and there was other stuff I meant to add, but forgot....again. I'm torn in a million different directions. But the answer to how I can help myself and live in peace remains, a catch 22. "I don't know what to tell ya" Well, I simply don't know where I belong anymore. I needed to catch up on "real life" stuff. I'm getting better all the time, but leave it to the weak and fearful to try and break my stride again. ===================== So, a lovely gift of 9 regions, had a ship bearing two flags. Let me guess... The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Yeah, I loved steam punk and yes, we understood they were lowering the bar on comfort and quality for soon as they realized the only real difference between human beings is between the ears and culture has everything to do with how we are raised. You can't buy me love or tell me how, when or whom to love. What I have in abundance, is not for sale, but nobody really appreciates anything they get for free. Barter is awesome because we usually get more than we expected. Pobody's Nerfect amen

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