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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Americans and Australians Trying To Understand A Scottish Accent - The G...

I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE this woman!

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exhausted and recovering years of work since my shit has been in
STORAGE most of the past TEN YEARS!

good enuff for gommint work?

Drunk History ...   the best way to research your genealogy.

Doing Lily's voice was a tech support skill I should have on my resume. You know how you sound really weird to yourself? it's a drag. I understood him.. and wow that's jacked up..LOL Outside the Beltway is like London's Green wall since we NIMBY'd it in the 60s. where I don't think anyone spoke with a brogue... unless I DID without knowing. ....records are in... and somebody broke The Charter! all of them. finding this was fun I'd been singing The Brave, and watching Dirk Gently's episode "Two San Guys Doing Normal Things" I got HMS Pinafore'd last year, when Prince passed in the middle of my belated eulogy to Dad who'd passed in 2010. I'd been joking through the show about doing white things while brown when BOOM. and then my cousin John B, during the next Victorian show Portland knows who kicked their butt in the 1948 Wichita version. And yeah, I'm a freakin' LADY and none of my names start with an "n". .....except NELSON.

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