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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Godfrey's "The Village Idiot" - Smile! You're Poor

Who didn't know that,
when POTUS Obama was running,
the man in siome charity commercials were dead YEARS before 1984...
Left Behind Series?

Charmed , etc..

I mean, before I joined the Navy in the 80s. He was gone by 1984 I think. Gulf Mess Part I...
They ERASED me because they thought I had an "unfair advantage" when I was born 4 years AFTER Hidden Figures days and it was my own Dad busting code to put down the backbone

They gave him a "Seiko" watch after he retired... (rhymes with Psycho in Japanese) Peace Ninja.
So, DAD got a MASTERS degree before he married my mother where she was presumed passing or Italian when we moved to Trumps Yatching buddy STALAG LEVITTOWN and he's from SOUTH AFRICA?! We just thought he was JEWISH.
I didn't know if the street behind my school was Blackwell after my Aunts, Elizabeth and Emily, or the Admirals from the R/HMS Pinafore days. NELSON class vessels. while I was trying to learn which president we were named after, kids thought we were welfare cases, not upper middle class professionals. Their medical mistake killed Mom in 1969 and you should hear how these fascists think it's funny!? oooh...sick So, for years of "Go back to Africa".. I'm like.. um.. we're Brit, stupid.. and my name doesn't start with an "N". So why are we wasting my money on a school that thinks .... etc etc etc .. and no, I never wanted to be a NUN, but I've always liked the ones on the Bus. When their Breitbart creepers aren't trolling their facebook page. So all that founding father crap.. Globalist hate. HOME OF THE BRAVE is our Scottish folks and New York doesn't know who's in Grant's tomb.

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