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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Friday, August 4, 2017


Of course I grew up on this stuff....  figured reality had a story....  but wow.

VERMONT? Now the stepmom makes .... sense? nope, not even a little. Blackwell's Island was ILLEGALLY seized by NYC, erased the "Hidden Figures" and sucked up all our land in the MIDWEST by the end of Dessert Storm/Desert Shield. My stepmom is part Dutch, Black, Native, raised in HackenSACK. Our mother from KCKS passed in 1969 when Dad was building the backbone for DARPANet. and they pulled a Nellie Bly because the VA can't stand educated brown BLACKWELLs? Who aren't interested in CALVINIST men! Like my ex from McCain's Navy. I separated after a USNavy issued miscarriage while my ex was out to sea. The shop supervisor's wife was SIX MONTHS PREGNANT when I learned we'd conceived when ship's departure was delayed by a fire. I wouldn't follow that goldigger, so he badmouthed me during a "friendly divorce" and lives happily now with a wife I gave him... instead of dropping him on his mother's doorstep in a bloody mess. My blood relatives from Germany are Blackwell (Carlysle Jr and Sr) had Dad a shutterbug, until his Queen Armenta Marie Brassfield.......of Orison Grand passed in DC from an unnecessary procedure during the "Lime and a Coconut" days. He was mostly Shell of a Sheldon by then. and passed in 2010, during the witch-hunts. We were raised Roman Catholic at Sacred Heart in Bowie, MD's Levittown. Upon retirement a year after his father Robert Samuel Blackwell Sr passed, he became Grand Knight Chapter #3303. St. Paul's Parish loved and respected him DEEPLY. I'm the digital architect Rev. Andrea Maria Monica (after DaVinci's teacher) If I looked as much like Eartha Kitt at My mother, the other AWS Aviation Anti-submarine Warfare Technician was a dead-ringer for Shirley Temple Black! Most of the others in Company K108 were Corpsmen under Admiral Keonig. At 22 (after Reagan revoked survival benefits) I was RPO for the LAST BATCH for our company comanders, Boudreaux and Keiffer. We were North Carolina Blackwells (Greyhound) during the Bull Durham days. until they started poisoning the tobacco for profit.

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