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OneBigSoup cashtag
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Muse - Knights Of Cydonia [Subtitulos Español e Ingles]


Now for the AUDIT!

oh, uh...  buh-bye BANNON!

But he was just a cold-war cannon.

Who remember the WAR on PINBALL by LaGuardia in 1976?
Japan had Pachinko

They had nothing better to do than throw all that steel in the HUDSON RIVER?
tsk tsk tsk

I think I rolled the one at Tasker's Teen-Club 3 times
It was one of the first multi-ball formats they still use
in video pinball....with different skins.

There was a Latin Club in Milwaukee where an old rocker
from the 70s used to play.  Maybe it was
The Stroll Inn"
  He looked familiar, but I was in "The Zone" and wore the him out.

Who was that guy?  
In Bowie, GALAGA and Cyrus were my faves, but PGCC's Student Union played "Woodstock" concert videos and had "Dragon's Lair" for 25 cents.
Sometimes I let the dragon win, after mocking the princess.
It was filarious!

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