OneBigSoup cashtag

OneBigSoup cashtag
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Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Best National Anthem Performance

She was singing Beyonce, NOT Whitney. Prince = Prince Rogers Nelson Slash = Saul Hudson (kissin' cousin?) Hendricks = Hendricks John Blackwell = John Blackwell and John Blackwell Jr = John Blackwell Jr and I was a mezzo-soprano Trump got HMS Pinafore'd (1948 Wichita version) Board of Trade = Board of Trade New York Stock Exchange = New York Stock Exchange and I am not public domain. by the R/HMS Cosmo, RMS Titanic on NELSON Class Vessels and what am I doing finding out just last week my BLACKWELLs are from NORTH CAROLINA? Illiterati cheated, must pay back taxes to the Foundry. Simple math = Game recognize Game The song is hard to sing (If this POTUS doesn't want to do overtime and no, the Board of Trade is NOT the New York Stock Exchange) And this STILL IS NOT the Kobayshi Maru It's not... ....tubular bells? rly boom Schrodinger's Artist

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