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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hidden Figures Bathroom Speech Scene

I'm gonna check in on Jim Parsons and Wil Wheaton I don't think they truly realize that knowing just the SCRIPTS behind the science is what we Scienced it for in the FIRST place! Grandma graduated from North Carolina. and when WE stepped up Reagan said.. "OMG, they're KIDS are freaking SHARP!" and Nixon was.. "Oh, yah... and they don't sit around PLOTTING to get WHITEY" like we told WashPo! OMG Better Shut down the little Android, SHE get's "fuzzy Logic" because she IS Fuzzy Logic. She's got her business plan setup in KINDERGARTEN By First Grade, the chunky little brat solved for TAO n shit! ...for the Peace Ninjas... and THAT is how they TREAT BROWN BLACKWELLIANS
in Red States and in the so-called "republics"
It only takes ONE really good RELAY Station over Tibet to free it.
The PERFECT Home Base would be
ALL SOULS in Scotland!

If you find MY Pot o GOLD
you let me KNOW,


By 1979, I'd already been to Camp David, I SURE AS SHIT didn't want to spend the last
summer I'd have with MY COUSIN

NOT the LAST summer we had
before she went to college with class of '82!

Dad was a US Navy MEDIC.. and I had NO idea
Elizabeth didn't want to be a doctor either!
So the big guidance counselor and I built a plan
we couldn't AFFORD!

I think I HURLED when I saw the Mt. Holyoke brochure

It was not long after a stomach flu triggered my first period.
I was sick as a DOG for a month with fevers like 101 and 105 for a month.
THIS would have been my entry for a science Project if

(MINI-ME, who got me re-engaged with Japanese pop-culture knew HTML, so if this doesn't post right...
deal with it
I NEVER got help with the hair I needed
while SL Millionaires, sunk Linden Labs.

I'm NOT that kind of a geek, yo)
After debunking or funning about casino security,
then seeing a real one...

I ROFL at what nerds think is new.
AFTER Military service,
Many turn to CATHOLICISM because the holy rollers
cause PTSD attacks, aggravate tinnitus, and REAL WORLD BS
we don't really want to hear a preacher BRAGGING about
wrong he done when WE were busthing ass serving the country.

Gregorian scales add VALUE
and if you CALL for the Valkyries, the Amazons,

Newton takes over when aggressive passiveness demands it's

Welcome to #BlackTwitter
out of huffpo

and Wiki is BUSTED for not correcting or helping me correct
a SNAFU in my family tree, while they CASHED in on it's True Legacies.

OBAMACRATS are working....
The hum is not helping, but it's cool to drown it out I think.
But NO..  they've shredded my progress AGAIN and out of petty spite and jealousy
because they don't think they have to know what DIVERGENT thinkers
think and feel when a MORON decides a MORON should be in charge of
The Arts, The SCIENCES and ALL THE MUSES....

and ALL
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